Tanzania's Foreign Policy

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Sep 5, 2006
This question on the surface appears ridiculous. However, anyone who has followed Tanzania's foreign policy since 1960s will tell you that the question is worth asking. I for one genuinely think we do not have a distinctly Tanzanian foreign policy niche.

Our foreign policy since 1960's is at best ‘follow the crowd' type, and at worst, ‘no foreign policy' stance at all. I used the two phrases, that is, ‘follow the crowd' and ‘no foreign policy' to mean a foreign policy that has no coherent and distinctive doctrinal orientation and niche. The distinctive markers of such a foreign policy are, first, government officials are reactionary rather than proactive, second, official stated foreign policy goals are usually vague and foreign minister frequently flip floppers , and third, the executive rather than well trained professionals becomes the implementer of the policy.

Tanzania's foreign policy since our first President Jk Nyerere exhibits the above tendencies. Many Tanzanians were unhappy at the frequent tricking of the President during his first term. But as many foreign policy experts will tell you frequent trips of Presidents are typical of states without any well established foreign policy niche.

Unlike states with established niche whose leaders travel primarily to seal deals already worked out or to engage in diplomatic niceties, leaders of countries without well established stance do the diplomacy themselves. Talk to Kenyans,Ethiopians etc experts on foreign policy and they will tell you the same story. In such states, foreign policy orientation is based on the whims of who ever is in power.

The President views on international affairs constitute the foreign policy stance of the country. You hardly find these in countries such as South Africa, Botswana, and of course, many advanced countries.

I was one of those people who thought the CCM will solve our lack of clear foreign policy stance by developing a long term and well fashioned foreign policy niche that is grounded in economic imperatives. If I were disappointed at the CCM's inability to issue a major foreign policy document in the first four years, the extent of my dissatisfaction reached an unbearable height when our then Minister of Foreign Affairs suggested that there will be no major overhaul of our foreign policy.

Maybe, Mrs Migiro needed to be reminded that our missions abroad are not attracting the necessary investment and other returns. Perhaps, Mrs Migiro wanted to be told that you get to know we have people manning some of our critical missions only during festive occasions. Neither do we have the technical and analytical resources to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the international trading system and bilateral relations, nor do we have what it takes to woo good foreign investors.

There is a famous saying in places like Geneva that some missions have staffs that are there only "to eat good food." I am not suggesting that we belong to the "eat good food" group but we may not be far from it. Our missions have become places for big parties and ‘arenas for enjoyment.' There are no serious efforts to get value for the huge dollars we spend in maintaining them.

I am not making just speculative claims. Only two examples will do for now. First, couple of years ago I once recommended to a friend who was writing a major policy document on Africa for one of the Northern countries to add concerns of Tanzania and s/he was treated as if s/he was soliciting money from the mission staff. This mission opens at 9:30am and closes at 16:hrs. It was therefore unsurprising that the mission officials could not find 30 minutes to add Tanzania's concerns to the report which was read by the very people we expect goodies.

In another case, a friend offered to upgrade and update for free a webpage in one of our missions which was in a deplorable condition. This is a mission that should bring lots of investment and yet the information we put up there was outdated, translation of our message to the language of the host country was terrible and a whole lots of other unprofessional stuffs.

Anyway, after almost a year and half the only thing this friend received from the mission was acknowledgement of receipt of the offer and a promise to get in touch over the phone. The webpage still remains in that terrible condition and this friend is still waiting for the gracious call. The idea of professionalism and skills (I mean real skills and not the simplistic equation of rhetorical ability with talent) are gradually disappearing from our missions.

There may well be some remnants of the skilled individuals we once had, but the number is just dwindling at an alarming rate. Yet this is a country that has an academic center, staffed with people who take dollars, purportedly to nurture skilled foreign policy officers. The centre is also supposed to help us develop a coherent foreign policy.

Are we getting value for these money? Of course, they will find easy scapegoats if you did talk to the powers that be at the center. What they will not tell you is that the instructors at the center trick to town and in courtrooms in droves in search of more money instead of reading current materials or updating their course materials.
What skills do you expect from the trainees when they are only exposed to out of date works such as Organski/Morgenthau's books? Surely, such individuals cannot compete with trainees who are abreast with current information in leading scientific journals such as International Organization, International Negotiation just to mention a few.

Thus, we should not blame only the politician- we are good at making them scapegoats all the time- for Tanzania's lack of a good foreign policy and the terrible condition of our missions. We should also question our academics. Not only have they failed to produce the skilled and professional officers we need, but also they have even failed to initiative national debate aimed at helping Tanzania develop a proper foreign policy orientation.

A PhD candidate in mathematics from one of the Ivy League schools in the U.K once told me a time will come when Tanzanian farmers will be on the street demanding to know the value for their money that government gives to the universities as subversions. I thought he will soon graduate not in mathematics but in lunaticism; I did not tell him though but only told him to take a break from studies.

But with the names of our academics absent in leading scientific journals, their voices unheard in major public discourses and debates, their notes out of date, their inputs in national policy documents absent and their influence on national development questionable, I am tempted to think that the hypothesis of my supposedly lunatic friend may one day have empirical support. It is about time our academics begin to initiative and direct national debate. They should not leave public discourse and important national debate to radio presenters and newspaper editors. Tanzania's foreign policy may be a good starting point.
JK: Record gave us UN job
Daily News; Tuesday,January 09, 2007

PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete yesterday decribed the appointment of Dr Asha-Rose Migiro as the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations as the outcome of Tanzania's reputable foreign policy...

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Non-alignment...well,alligned to whom.That's dead after the end of the Cold War.Liberation of southern african countries...well,all are independent now.Nadhani foreign policy ya TZ haina tofauti na policies nyingine za Bongo.Kuna watu wanazungumzia Ujamaa na Kujitegemea (siasa za ndani kwa kiasi kikubwa ndio zinashape foreign policy),kuna wengine wanasema ujamaa na kujitegemea ulizikwa na Azimio la Zanzibar (sijawahi kuona document yenye kubainisha hilo Azimio linasemaje).

Nadhani sie tupotupo tu.JK can say anything kuhusu Migiro just like some corrupt politicians wanavyoweza "kujipongeza kwa kutatua tatizo la mgao wa umeme" baada ya mvua kujaza mabwawa husika.

Good news is hata Big Brothers like Bush na Blair wanalaumiwa ktk ubabaishaji wao kwenye maeneo flani ya foreign policies.

Ni mtazamo wangu tu...
Nimetanaibisha na kunyambulisha udhaifu wa siasa yetu ya nje hususan bara la Afrika linapohusika. Sera ya "Kidiplomasia ya Kiuchumi" haina maana hasa kama umezungukwa na watu wanaopigana. Wakati wa harakati za ukombozi tulizoea kusema kuwa "Tanzania haitakuwa huru, mpaka pale Afrika yote itakapokombolewa"! Kwa maoni yangu ni lazima tujenge diplomasia ya Amani ambayo itatujengea mazingira mazuri ya mafanikio ya kiuchumi! Kuna maana gani kwenda kutafuta walaji Marekani, China, Uarabuni wakati una mamilioni ya watu wanaokuzunguka wakiwa vitani!? Tanzania haitakuwa na Amani hadi Afrika yote iwe na Amani!

Nisikilize nikifafanua kwa kirefu hoja na nini viongozi wa Tanzania wajifunze kutokana na kunyongwa kwa Saddam Hussein. http://mwanakijiji.podomatic.com
Lakini kwa ini FOREIGN hawawi open na hili la FOREIGN POLICY yetu?

kuna taarifa kuwa tunapeleka wanajeshi wetu 80 LEBANON bila approval ya Bunge au mjadala wowote kuhusu hili

sasa kwa nini FOREIGN POLICY yetu inaendeshwa GIZANI?

nadhani inabidi jamaa wawe open na watu waliowaweka madarakani kwani haya ni maisha ya waTanzania na sidhani its in our national interest to be in LEBANON japo FOREIGN POLICY yetu inaweza ikatutaka kutumize wajibu wetu na Transnational Organisation kama UN au AU lakini at what cost?
Unajua nilikuwa nina imani sana na huyu mheshimiwa na yeye anona kaingia katika BANDWAGONING ya waziri mkuu

Hivi jukumu la kuhakikisha wawekezaji wanakuja Tanzania ni la mabalozi au WIZARA YA BIASHARA na TANZANIA INVESTMENT CENTRE na ushirikiano wa karibu na TCCIA na TRA

sasa huyu waziri kwa nini anakurupuka tuu na kutoa amri zisizo kuwa na logic?

I am sorry wawekezaji hawawezi kwenda katika nchi ambayo haina mazingira mazuri ya hao jamaa kuja

Hivi kwanini hawajuilizi kwa nini wawekezaji wanakuja wengi lakini wachache wanabaki?

Kuhusu wataliii mimi ninapata wasi wasi mkubwa wa serikali ya Tanzania kuingia katika MKUMBO wa kuwafuata wakenya kwa kila wanachokifanya

Hivi kama hakuna kampeni za kuadvertise nchi nani atakwenda? na siongelei vijitangazo vya hapa na pale kwenye balck cabs ila nazungumzia matangazo ya maana kwa targeted tourists .. mnajua kama strategy walizotumia akina MWENGUO ni za kushangaza sana kila kukicha anakuja London kwenye maonyesho ambayo hayana impact yoyte ya maana matokeo yake nchi imejaa wale wataliii kule unguja waitwa VISHOKA wanazurura kutwa nzima na chupa za MINERAL WATER halafu hawanunui kitu

Wakenya wanaona raha kuona wazungu wengi kila kona lakini nadhani its time TTB wakatarget WATALII MATAJIRI ambao hawatojaa kila kona lakini wakija wachache watatumia mapesa zaidi

Na sidhani kama kuwaambia mabalozi watakosa kazi eti kwa sababu hakuna ma investors ni sawa

hapa waziri katereza na inaonyesha jinsi gani ma policy makers kule FOREIGN walivyokuwa nyuma katika kuweka mambo yao sawa

Membe kwanza aanze na kuwaambia wafanyakazi wake waweke WEBSITE YA WIZARA kisha ndio nitamwona yuko serious


I am sorry DR WHO lakini nadhani haupo right on this.

Sera ya tanzania hivi sasa ni tofauti na ile tuliyokuwa nayo before 1985 manake wakati huo sera yetu ilikuwa ni kuhakikisha tunakomboa nchi za wenzetu nk hivi sasa sera yetu ni economic diplomacy yaani diplomacia kutumika kuimarisha uchumi wa nchi.

This is the policy ambayo pale wizarani iliendelezwa sana na Balozi Patrick Chokala ambae wakati tukiadopt sera hiyo yeye alikuwa ni mkuu wa kitengo cha INFORMATION POLICY AND PLANNING pale wizarani.

Sasa huwezi kuwa na sera ya uchumi bila kuwa na vigezo vya kiuchumi ambavyo utapima mafanikio au matatizo ya utekelezaji wa sera hiyo. Na hii ni pamoja na pia kuangalia namna watendaji tuliowaamini katika sera hizi wameweza kusimamia kazi hiyo.

Rais amekuwa akisafiri katika maeneo kadhaa duniani kwa lengo la kuwavutia wawekezaji na hata watalii kwenda nchini mwetu kusaidia uwekezaji ambao utatoa ajira na mengineyo.

Sio kweli kwamba watalii tulionao ni wabeba chupa wasiotumia chochote, ukumbuke ili wafike pale inabidi walipie ada ya kuingia, wanakaa kwenye mahoteli ambayo yamesaidia kutoa ajira kwa watu wetu, wanakula bidhaa za kwetu /za nje zilizolipiwa kodi, wanatumia vyombo vya usafiri katika ardhi yetu, binafsi nimeshakuwa involved na makundi kadhaa ya watalii na najua spending powers zao katika visiwa vya zanzibar.... Kuna kampuni kadhaa za tours pale simply because watalii ni wengi visiwani...hapa ume-undestimate the contribution ya watalii visiwani na nchi nzima kwa ujumla lakini pia niseme insult ya wasomaji hapa.

Kuhusu kazi ya idara ya utalii, yes their job is to sell the good image of the country lakini hiyo haimanishi kwamba ubalozi usifanye hivyo.

Kumlaumu waziri kuhimiza maofisa wake kutekeleza sera ya wizara/ nchi ni kutokuelewa sera ya diplomasia ya uchumi.

Kina mwenguo wana-attend mikutano ambayo kila nchi inahudhuria and ooh dear huelewi the positive effect mikutano inavyosaidia kama unajua mikutano hii nakushauri uwaulize washiriki namna wanavyonufaika.

Nadhani DRWHO you have to reframe your arguments lakini kwa sasa huna hoja, then Membe ni mwanasiasa ambae amepelekwa katika wizara ambayo ana professional qualifications nayo. Ana MA katika international relations, he has had a successfull career as a diplomat na intelligence officer, ideal work experience for a successful diplomat, he will make the tanzanian flag fly higher...

Yes kuhusu website nakubaliana nawe na nimesikia from good authority kuwa inashughulikiwa...STAY TUNED!!

nilijua utakuja tu kujibu hii topic nami nimefurahi kwa hilo

in the meantime nina kijishughuli nitarudi kuweka sawa hoja yangu
Mabalozi sasa kupimwa kwa uletaji watalii, wawekezaji
Watakaoshindwa kufikia kigezo kurudishwa nchini

SERIKALI imesema kuanzia sasa mabalozi watapimwa kwa kuangalia idadi ya watalii na wawekezaji watakaokuja nchini na watakaoshindwa kufikia kigezo hicho watarudishwa nyumbani.

Hayo yalisemwa na Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Bernard Membe, mjini Dar es Salaam jana, wakati akizungumza na wafanyakazi wa wizara hiyo.

Alisema kuanzia sasa ofisi zote za balozi nje, zitapimwa kwa jinsi zinavyotekeleza kwa vitendo sera ya diplomasia ya uchumi kwa kuangalia taarifa mbalimbali za idadi ya watalii watakaokuja nchini, wawekezaji na taarifa gani zimeletwa kwa manufaa ya wananchi.
"Kigezo hiki kitatumika kuwarudisha nyumbani au kuwabakiza watendaji katika balozi zetu," alisisitiza.

Alisema katika kutumiza malengo na majukumu ya wizara, ikiwemo utekelezaji wa sera ni muhimu kwa wafanyakazi wa wizara hiyo kufanya kazi kwa bidii na ushirikiano na pia kujiendeleza kielimu katika fani mbalimbali.
Membe alisema jukumu kubwa la wafanyakazi wa wizara hiyo ni kutengeneza mazingira mazuri kwa kulinda na kutetea maslahi ya Watanzania walioko nje na ndani ya nchi kwa kuwawezesha kujenga mahusiano mazuri na serikali na balozi zilizo nje ili kuleta maendeleo nchini.

" Changamoto ya serikali ya awamu ya nne kwa wizara hii ni utekelezaji wa sera ya diplomasia ya uchumi katika kuwavutia wawekezaji, kukuza biashara, kutangaza vivutio vya utalii na kuwawezesha Watanzania kujua nafasi za masoko na biashara zilizopo nje kwa maslahi ya nchi," alisema.
Alisema katika kutekeleza sera hiyo, wizara kwa kupitia balozi zake itakuwa ni kiungo muhimu ikishirikiana na wizara nyingine katika kukuza biashara, kutangaza utalii na kuvutia wawekezaji.

Membe pia alisema wizara hiyo itaendelea na jukumu la kutatua migogoro na kulinda amani katika nchi za eneo la Maziwa Makuu na duniani kwa ujumla.



then Membe ni mwanasiasa ambae amepelekwa katika wizara ambayo ana professional qualifications nayo. Ana MA katika international relations, he has had a successfull career as a diplomat na intelligence officer, ideal work experience for a successful diplomat, he will make the tanzanian flag fly higher...

Hapa waziri anaonyesha jinsi alivyopotoka, yaani kama hakuna wageni kutoka nchi fulani basi huyo balozi hafai? Hata sielewi kabisa huu ni ulimbukeni kiasi gani. Hivi haya maamuzi yanahitaji hiyo MA katika International relations etc.

Basi kama ni hivi Bongo tuna kazi kubwa ya kuuza kila tulichonacho.
Mimi hapa mtu wa kale na elimu yangu ni ya madrasa lakini nitasema yanayonisumbua.
Hakuna cha digrii ya MA wala Phd ikiwa digrii hiyo hifanyii kazi kulingana na mazingira yako. Hizo digrii zenu za International relations mnazo zipatia nje zinatazama mazingira ya uhusiano wa Uingereza ama Marekani nje na sio kutoka nje kuingia nchi hizo. Hizi ni Academic na lazima kuzifanyia majaribio ndani mwako ambayo unayatazama kwa mtazamo wa kutoka Tanzania kwenda nje ili ziweze kufanya kazi vizuri na sio kutazama nje ili uibadilishe Tanzania kukidhi nchi hizo.

Nitakwambieni kitu kimoja walichokifanya nchi kama China, Maleysia, India na hata Ireland kwa kipindi kifupi sana. Hawa jamaa zetu wametazama nchi zao mapungufu yake ya ndani wakayafanyia kazi kuyaweza katika mazingira bora. Mazingira ambayo ni pamoja na kuelemisha wananchi wake ktk sekta ambazo wameziwekea mikakati ya muda mfupi na mrefu, badala ya wao kutumia muda mrefu kunadi nchi zao.
Hujasikia hata siku moja viongozi wa nchi hizi wakikimbia huku na kule kutafuta soko kwa sababu walikuwa wakifagia kumbi zao kuondoa taka kwanza kwa zaidi ya miaka kumi na ushee. Na hadi kesho huwezi kuona viongozi wao wakijipendekeza ktk nchi za Magharibi isipokuwa hushusha nyanga zao mezani na kusema:- This is what my county can offer! Wakiweka imani kwamba kizuri siku zote hujiuza na kibaya hujitemmbeza!...
Ukiwa na elimu na uwezo wa kufanya kazi siku zote CV (resume) yako itasema, kinachofuata ni interview na pengine kuiapata kazi sio kuzunguka na resume mkononi kila bar kuongea na wajomba wakutafutie ajira. Something is wrong!
Tunachofanya Tanzania ni biashara ya Umalaya kusimama pale Joly na kuhamia viwanja vya Maggot, Skyway, Kwa macheni na Kinondoni Block... kwa hiyo hata kama una digrii gani ukiwa malaya wewe malaya tuu!...na hiyo digrii ittakusaidia zaidi ktk kutafuta soko la Umalaya, sana sana advantage yako kubwa itakuwa lugha. usichokifahamu ni kwamba huyo mzungu mtalii anachotaka sii lugha yako ila mwili wako ambao hauna tofauti na mwanamke mwingine yeyote isipokuwa wewe ni kati ya wanawake rahisi kupatikana.

Viongozi wetu na hasa JK pleeease tengeneza kwanza nyumba yako ili upate wapangaji, watakuja tu kama walivyoweza kufanya wenzetu. Nitanukuu msemo mmoja wa rais wa maleysia akiwaambia raia wake kuwa

"Huu ni wakati mgumu sana kwenu kwa haya nitakayo waeleza!..Kuna wengi hamtaweza kunielewa lakini nakuombeni uvumilivu wenu na kesho mtakuja kunikumbuka.
Leo ni siku ambayo Maleysia imefikia Uamuzi wa kutupa magongo na wananchi kujaribu kutembea bila magongo. Malesia sio taifa lemavu lenye kilema cha uchumi ila tulipata ajari mbaya ya kiuchumi tukavunjika miguu yetu.
Kwa muda mrefu sana tumeyatumia magongo hayo, na sasa hivi ni wakati wa kujaribu kutembea wenyewe bila msaada wa magongo!..
Ukizoea kutembea kwa magongo ni rahisi kujenga imani kwamba hujapona vizuri na hautaweza kuelewa kama kweli umepona ikiwa hutajaribu kutembea bila magongo!.."

Maneno hayo ni mazuri sana na amsho kubwa kwa mataifa kama yetu kutoendelea kutegemea IMF na misaada ya nchi za magharibi ambayo ndiyo kiini cha safari zote hizi. Kuendeleza imani hizi za kuwa taifa tegemezi hata siku moja hatuwezi kwenda kokote.
Sijui kama mnalifahamu hili kuwa nafasi ya Afrika leo hii katika soko la dunia imeshuka hadi asilimia 2 kutoka aslimia 8 ambayo ilikuwa imesimama miaka ya bara hiri kupata Uhuru. sasa hii habari ya Utandawazi inatupa picha gani ikiwa nafasi yetu imepungua zaidi ktk soko hilo kuliko zamani?...

Ina maana moja tu! - Hatuwezi kushindana! na utaweza vipi kushindana ikiwa wewe mwenyewe umesha kubali huwezi kuzalisha kisha unamwita mgeni ambaye anachukua mali yako na kuiweka ktk soko la dunia kwa jina lake!..

Kisha tazameni ni vitu gani nchi kama marekani inaagiza kutoka tanzania kiasi kwamba wanadai leo kuwepo na mahusiano mazuri ya kibiashara kati yetu na wao!...Nini hasa watu hawa wananunua kutoka kwetu? Utaona ni sahani, vinyago, mbachao, mananazi, fulana za t-shrit na sijui maua, hali vitu vyote vikubwa ambavyo vinaweza kujenga uchumi wetu wanavitaka wao kuvikamata kwa kutumia majina yao.
Leo mnakimbilia Ulaya kuitangaza TZ ili ipate kukamatwa zaidi ktk vitu ambavyo vinapatikana tanzania. Why hao wawekeshaji wasije jenga viwanda vya uzalishaji wa vitu ambavyo sisi hatuna i.e magari? Electonic parts na hata mazao yetu kuwa ktk finished product ndani ya nchi?
well said Mkandara

Watu wasome kile alichosema Nyerere (rip) miaka ya 70 kuhusu Ubepari na Maendeleo ya Taifa na hali ya Wananchi.

Nadhani baada ya hapo ndiyo wataweza kuelewa anachosema Mkandara.
Mkandara umenitoa shimoni, inabidi urudi ugombee ubunge!
Nilikuwa nasoma website za foreign missions za nchi mbalimbali ambazo ziko bongo wanavyo-advise watu wao kuhusu Tanzania, hii nilijua kwamba hata hizi safari za MUUNGWANA huko majuu hazina maana.
Website ya Italy hii ndiyo imenimaliza kabisa, kwanza inasema hii nchi ujambazi ni mkubwa mno, iko-prone kwa ujasusi. Sehemu ambazo wanaweza ku-visit watu wao in Dar Es Saalaam inabidi wa-avoid sehemu pamoja na Kariakoo nk. Imeelezea mambo hayo kiitaliano. Sasa pamoja ulivyosema bwana Mkandara ni wazi kuwa inabidi tuhakikishe kuwa nyumba yetu ni salama hamna mtu ambaye atakosa kuja kututembelea au ku-invest.
Sasa kumbe Balozi zinaweza kufanya kila kitu kuwakilisha nchi yake muungwana anazunguka nini? Atulie basi kwa vile balozi tu zinatosha kuwakilisha nchi Naona waziri membe anataka Muungwana apumzike kazi yake ya kuzunguka ifanywe na mabalozi...
Nimeshangaa sana . Sasa kama kweli wanadhani Tanzania is not safe at all na Muungwana yuko kiguu na njia na Membe ndiyo anaanza kuboyongoka sasa tunafanya nini ? Italia kuna Balozi wetu na watu wa Ubalozi wetu Italia wanapata nafasi ya kusoma haya na ku protest kwa uharibu Image ya tanzania ? maeneo kama Kariakoo hayana ujambazi ni wizi wa kawaida tu leo inakuwaje haya yanasema na Serikali iko kimya ? Hivi wanafanya nini Ubalozini huko waliko ?

Umeongea jambo la maana mno "Tengeneza Nyumba yako na Wapangaji watakuja tu". Hili ndilo tatizo kubwa kwa TZ.

Hata kwenye sera nzima ya uwekezaji nako ni hivyo hivyo, hawa jamaa wanazunguka kutafuta wawekezaji wa nje huku hawatengenezi mazingira mazuri ya wawekezaji wa ndani.

Ili tufanikiwe lazima tutengeneze mazingira yetu nyumbani, ikiwa ni pamoja na
kuongeza capacity kwenye tourism industry, kuimarisha suala la usalama na ulinzi, kuwawezesha Watanzania ili waweze kuanzisha hotel za bei nafuu na vivutio vingine.

Kutegemea mjomba atujengee villa letu ni wazo potofu mno na tutaendelea kusubiri villa lijengwe mpaka hili banda tulilo nalo litakapoporomoka.
Nchi kama egypt wanaingiza hela nyingi kwa sababu ya watalii ila wanamatangazo kwenye tv mbali mbali ikiwemo CNN wanatangazia tena ni makaburi ya zamani..nchi yenyewe vumbi tupu ila watalii kibao sisi tuna mbuga Na nk ukiacha vyote tuna mlima kilimanjaro huu Tu ni utajiri tosha ila sijaona hata siku moja tv za nje zinatoa matangazo ya Mlima kilimanjaro...tuko wapi sisi na dunia??
importer, consumer, receiver. that is our image. teh...teh. we need reverse those terms, especially the first two.
Kila mmoja ana uhuru wa kutoa mawazo yake na nadhani nyote mliotoa hakuna aliekosea isipokuwa tunazungumzia kitu kimoja katika perceptions tofauti. It is all part of the jigswa puzzle:

1. Kunapokuwa na habari mbaya katika image ya nchi ni jukumu la ubalozi, wizara ya mambo ya nje na hata idara nyingine mbali mbali kujaribu kubadili hilo, njia zipo nyingi na kazi kubwa ya ubalozi ni ku-redress the negative image. Hivi ndio vipimo vinavyotumika kuangalia effectiveness ya balozi husika, in fact who knows kwa kuweka ukweli bayana unaweza vutia watalii na wawekezaji....precisely Membe's point!!

2. Ziara za muungwana ni ku-capitalise jitihada za balozi, hivi jamani mnadhani Mheshimiwa Rais ataibuka tu aende ziarani, it all begins with proper co-ordination ya ubalozi, idara za itifaki, ikulu na respective departments on the host governments, akiondoka rais wanaofuatia ndio wanacapitalize on the promises, pledges nk....Wawekezaji wakisikia from the horses mouth na ubalozi ukiwa effective kufuatilia ndio matunda yanaokana... UbAlozi mzuri ndio utafuatilia vizuri...Precisely Membe's point ''Tutawapima kwa kuleta wawekezaji''

3. '' Tengeza nyumba wapangaji watakuja tu'' sounds nice Mkandara lakini I am afraid though it is a true statement but incomplete, wakati mwingine you need wapangaji ili uweze kujikwamua upate fedha ndio ukarabati, they need to go hand in hand... Tuna uwezekano wa kupata mafuta as dalili zipo, uwezo wa ku-explore hatuna hivi tusiombe misaada nje kuwaalika wawekezaji kwa vile bara bara ni mbovu? Tuna gesi nyingi sana, utaalam wa kui-convert into usable energy hatuna hivi tusitangaze tender ya kampuni za kigeni kuja kuredress this kwa vile kuna matatizo ya umeme?! Waziri akisema mabalozi watapimwa kwa kuvutia wawekezaji kuna kosa gani? Kukarabati nyumba YES mkandara lakini wapangaji tunawahitaji as well...

For the record, Sera yetu katika foreign Affairs ni ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY, diplomasia inayosupport uchumi, Waziri akisema kipimo cha uchapaji kazi wa balozi zetu kitakuwa ni how effective the mission has been in implementing this, I think it's a commendable statement which comes from a higher authority.... Kumlaumu kwa kusema hivyo ni sawa na kumlaumu waziri wa Usalama wa Raia kwa kuwaambia Polisi kuwa kipimo cha utendaji wao wa kazi ni namna watakavyokuwa wamesaidia kupunguza uhalifu....
Mkandara: Hilo darasa zito ndugu yangu; ama kweli jungu kuu halikosi ukoko. Ahsante sana!

A question to Kulikoni (Government spokesperson in this forum): Are the Governnment plans to attract more tourists aligned with the European policy to introduce green taxes that will deter people from taking more than one holiday a year? Do we know that in future, the flow of tourists will not be determined by economic diplomacy policies of host countries, but by green policies of tourists' countries.
Kulikoni bwana .Yaan unatuona sisi wajiiiiiiiiiiiiiinga kama vihiyo wenzio kule serikalini ?
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