Tanzanians are Lazy ???


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Oct 27, 2007
I have been reading some of the threads Ndugu zetu kutoka bongo wamekuwa wakipost and looking at them you are left wondering whether the words HOPE,OPTIMISM ever exists in their vocabulary .Be it issues to do with politics,economy,education,and the general state of affairs they are always whining and when they offer solutions the solutions they offer are even worse.
Now my questions is has this always been your modus operandi or i am jus seeing my own things.

Najua mtajaribu kuniita majina but tell u what this will only confirm my worries.
Well Hellfire
No one will call you names, although you have started youself calling us names. I wonder why you would ask such a question. Have you been to Tanzania and see by yourself how things are going on down here and compare with the way they do in Kenya(i suppose you are Kenyan?
Inakatisha tamaa sana. We have been hopeful but hope have brought us nothing, it seems that we will be better of without that word in our vocabulary. Most of the Tanzanias i would say seems to be pessmistic fro genuine reasons. I am sure others JF members will contribute more on this.
We Tanzanians have been brought up in Nyerere's socialist policies for more than 25 years.We are still living in the old dreams,afraid to think positively and are lazy in thinking and in doing things.
However,amongst us there are active people like Chaggas but most of us don't know comprehend many things and don't give a damn about anything!
In politics,Kenyans had gone as far as demanding the new constitution (BOMAS) and continue to fight for their rights as citizens.Something like that never happened in Tanzania and will probably not happen for another twenty years.
In working habits Tanzanians are lazy and some institutions prefer to employ foreigners to get them operate efficiently.
I know of one school which has about 80% of their teachers coming from Kenya and these people are really working hard.So unless some miracle happens we still have a long way to go before change our atitude.
We are fast in blaming others for our own weaknesses.The change of atitude does not come overnight...and thus I think we still have to come up with something to arouse some senses and start living in the real world.
Tanzanians are lazy? The answer is no. Ask many companies as well as government agencies in Western Hemisphere where some Tanzanians are employed. They are very dedicated to their jobs, hard working, reliable and well qualified in their positions.

When it comes to confrontation with the so called leaders ala mafisadi that is another story, but we're getting there.
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