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Tanzanian Youth Should Match Words With Action

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Yona F. Maro, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Yona F. Maro

    Yona F. Maro R I P

    Apr 16, 2009
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    Tanzanian Youth Should Match Words With Action

    Over 3 years ago, I wrote the article "When talk alone is cheap" the issues that I espoused have not changed significantly since then, what has changed though is the growth of the Tanzania blogosphere, from uhurumaoni.org to the nifahamishe.com, you will agree with me that the power brokers are paying some attention to what Tanzanians have to say, sadly, that is where it ends, except for a few charitable acts here and there, the EPA SCANDALS , DOWANS , TRL , etc, the Tanzanian blogosphere in my opinion has not effectively utilized its medium to demand for and get the change it desires. With hundreds and possibly thousands of active, well informed bloggers, the Tanzanian blogosphere ought to retool and harness its human capital in the fight to take Tanzania back.

    It is refreshing to read SIMBAKALIA and MAHANGA narrative on his attempt to take Tanzanian back one village at a time, this is a good start but we all need to join in this effort. We can start from our wards, villages and Regions.

    While on the subject of taking Tanzania back, I want to call our attention to an assumption that I have noticed within the Tanzanian blogosphere, its what I call an acute distrust of anyone or any ideal that does not come to our self proclaimed idea of political puritanism. In this case, you will find the most vicious critic of Mwanakijiji , Ndesanjo Macha, Ngurumo, and a host of other promising progressive Tanzanians. While I am not suggesting that criticism is not appropriate, infact it is necessary, I do however believe that our criticism should be couched in political reality. These group of men and women may not have lived up to our best ideals all the time but they are certainly and I say this without any equivocation, they are a far cry from what Tanzania has lived through within the last three decades.

    What is needed here is a collaborative effort between the Tanzanian blogosphere and those who are on the ground in Tanzania, the ones that are showing signs of promise, we need to encourage them, correct them constructively when we think they are wrong and work in partnership with them to usher in the Tanzania of our dreams. I have reposted "When talk alone is cheap" in its entirety. I believe it is as poignant then as it is now.

    "When talk alone is cheap"
    Am not going to bore you all with the same over flogged rhetoric, that Tanzania doesnt have reliable energy, that most of our infrastructures are in dilapidated regions , that our healthcare delivery is in shambles, our security agencies ram shackled, that even though our constitution calls for a system of government, we are in fact a unitary state and that with the rest of the woes facing this nation, the Tanzanian people have been greatly traumatized in the process.

    The issue now is, since we have identified most of the ills facing our nation and in most cases also offered solutions, what do we do next? Are we just going to be armchair commentators or soldiers in the battlefield of freedom?

    I declare that talk is cheap when it is not backed by action, Tanzanians in the Diaspora have a great opportunity to live and work in an environment where their labor is rewarded handsomely, they should use whatever leverage they have to press home to the Tanzanian government that good living ought not to be a preserve of the rich and mighty in Tanzania alone but that the governments primary responsibility is in creating an enabling environment for prosperity to thrive for all.

    We have to note that there has been a pattern amongst past and present Tanzanian leadership. More often than not, they are anti people, morbidly corrupt, oppressive and utterly totalitarian. The result has been the continued deterioration of every facet of life of the Tanzanian people. As you read this, the average life span of a Tanzanian is at 47 years! How pathetic!!

    Because of this kind of leadership, we as a people have been tuned to forever criticize and compare one bad government to another. Now it is my humble opinion that we need to do more. The Slaas , Mwakyembes et al have done their part, the torch should pass on to younger Tanzanians both in the Diaspora and in the motherland, all hands must be on deck to wrestle Tanzania out of the hands of the thieving class that has become its albatross.

    The following are ways that I think we can do this:

    The formation of a strong multi ethnic coalition with card carrying members both in the Diaspora and in the motherland They should have a constitution that would not be ambiguous and one that will be ratified by all founding members. ( THAT’S WHY I STARTED BIDII Bidii - Afrika Mashariki | Google Groups )

    A standing committee with clearly defined tenure that will carry out the day to day activity of the organizations should be put in place.

    Their agendas should be clearly spelt out, its primary goal should be to promote good governance in Tanzania using legitimate channels to achieve this.

    In the Diaspora, these organizations will be saddled with carrying out seminars, workshops etc and protest marches whenever any high ranking government official is visiting. Its standing committees will provide the logistics for these.

    The standing committees will also be responsible for lobbying members of the United States congress and other European parliaments.

    Besides the annual stipends that will be contributed by card-carrying members, the committees will also have the mandate to seek for funds from individuals, foreign governments and multi national corporations.

    All affairs of these organizations must be transparent and democratic in order for it to be credible.

    With well coordinated efforts, these organizations will have favorable legislation passed on its behalf demanding good government accountability from Tanzania.

    They can also participate in the Tanzanian national assembly by sending forth pro-growth bills to the body, the issue of our Union and the workability or otherwise of the present constitution should take front and center.

    Finally, after careful consultation within its members and with some financial stability, these organizations can metamorphose into a political party and continue to set agenda for the nation.

    I submit that if we as a people can fight for what rightfully belongs to us instead of just talking about it, we can indeed move a long way towards the free and prosperous Tanzania that we dream of. If you agree that yesterday was too late a day to have started this, then lets get it started now.

    For more options, visit this group at
    Bidii - Afrika Mashariki | Google Groups
  2. Steve Dii

    Steve Dii JF-Expert Member

    Apr 16, 2009
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    ...and the first action could be the understanding of the fact that this is not breaking news!!
  3. Bluray

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    That sage of olden, Gautama Sakyamuni, was approached to give advice on how to sensibly and sensitively admonish.

    "Tell not another" said he "that your cup is full of dirty water, but show the other, a cupful of clean water".

    Talk is surely cheap. But combating talk by mere talk about "Talk is cheap" is cheaper than the original talk, for it is an informed cheapness contrary to that original cheapness which might quite plausibly spring out of ignorance.

    So the best way to say "Talk is cheap" is not by mere talk, it is by action or talk that is rooted in evidencing action.

    I hardly see that in the above piece. The author, in criticizing empty talk by using empty talk, is criticizing himself.