Tanzanian Drug Lords will be re-incarnated as toilet paper

Fr John Wotherspoon

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Aug 3, 2013
There are about 200 African drug mules in prison in Hong Kong.
Most of them are from Tanzania.
Many of them are women.

When I hear their stories ....most of them desperately trying to get money for their poor families ...most of them unaware of long prison sentences in HK ....most of them deceived by Drug Lords ....I have a very uncharitable wish that the Drug Lords will be re-incarnated as toilet paper.

Speaking of sh-t, a new letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison says that Mr Jannu, a right hand toilet roll of Tanzania-China Drug Lord Omari, was recently arrested in China. Letter is here: 2014

Dear Drug Lords, when you look in a mirror, I hope you see a roll of toilet paper ....used toilet paper.
When you go to sleep at night, I hope you dream of toilet paper ....used toilet paper ....being stuffed into your mouth...until you wake up choking.

And may African authorities continue to improve security at all airports to make it ever more difficult for people to leave Africa with drugs ....this will help stop poor naive people from being tricked into being drug mules ....and spending long years in prison

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