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Tanzania the sleeping economic giant

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by CCMAsili, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Tanzania, A Slumbering Economic Giant, When Are You Going To Wake up?

    IS TANZANIA, REALLY A SLEEPING GIANT....................

    Tanzania is, without a doubt one of the Africa’s Sleeping Economic Giants, yet is known as one of the global poorest nations. The country is rich in every aspect; it has natural resources that can perhaps push her into the front line of Africa’s economically elite nations, and that is possible if only her leadership could properly manage, and evenly distribute her wealth amongst her people, while her citizenry is adopting what is known as sacrifice for a better tomorrow.

    For three years in a row, I have been touring our country; I have visited most of the Northern provinces, Kilimanjaro, Mara, Mwanza and Arusha. I have also visited Tanga, Coastal, Iringa and Morogoro provinces to see the beauty of our country, and must admit that, the beauty and richness of Tanzania is breathtaking.

    Less than two weeks ago, along with a friend, while touring Morogoro region, we stood on mountain slope, and looked down the hill and saw a green, fertile, idle and arable land, which drew tears of joy from my eyes, and pocked my heart with hope, that one day, our country will rise up from her long economic slumber, to the frontline of economic might.

    Looking at the river Mara, Ruaha and Wami flow, made me ask myself, why do we even enter into bogus contracts with Richmond and Dowans in the first place? If Tennessee Valley Authority is man man-made project, with more than 300 million dollar annual revenue, how come the likes can’t be in our country?

    Standing on a cliff of the historic Ngorongoro crater, watching the landscape, and animals roving inside the crater looked wondrous. Crossing the plains of Serengeti in 2008 into Nyamongo Gold mines, where heavy, state of the art machinery worked the earth, made me feel that Tanzania was on the right economic track. Unfortunately, less than a mile from the mines, were humans living in wretchedness; women and children fetching stagnant water, kilometers away, while their land is producing gold for people thousands of miles away; A puzzle for your to un-puzzle

    While in Israel in 2007, I managed to visit the sparsely populated Negev region, and witnessed how the northern part of the desert has been transformed into a wonder; from the sky, Negev is Greenland in a desert. Humans are drawing water almost one thousand feet from the ground to irrigate their farms, water their flowers and tomatoes. Israelis are using sophisticated technological innovation of their own, to carry aquaculture or other fish farming in the desert, and this shows how determination can drive men into higher heights.

    Considering Israelis many survival wars with her Arab neighbors, they would have been history by now if it was not for their determination. This tiny nation of six million people is standing as one of the world most resilient, most development, economically prospered, technologically and militarily intimidating. Israel depends on her human capital for her survival. Her citizens and leaders are sacrificial; they are fronting their country’s interest –survival- ahead of their own lust.

    Tanzania is far richer than Israel. She has huge gold reserves, plenty of diamonds and tanzanite just to name a few. Tanzania has large deposits of natural gas, huge arable and fertile land. She has many water bodies, including the strategic Indian Ocean, yet ranks almost at the bottom of world poorest nations. Tanzanians do not know what to do with their wealth, despite the availability of many capable minds. It is sad to say that the country cannot do anything on its own without the help of foreigners, who in most cases are handed free reign on country’s wealth

    The misery that is upon her people is UNQESTIONABLY, the driving force behind the embarrassing downing of copters as in the case of Nyamongo, in which the locals downed a mining company’s helicopter. It is the poverty, despair and feeling of betrayal, that has led to the frequent embarrassing behavior of stoning of her leaders. People are desperately trying to find ways out of the quandary of destitution. People are angry and tired of seeing foreigners loot their wealth unabated

    It is the hopelessness and despair that has led thousands of young men across the country, to engage in banditry. It is for this reason, why many of young people have resorted into preying on motorists along the city streets, and country’s highways, in order to win their daily bread, yet their country is exempting almost all foreign multinational from paying taxes, and cannot guarantee medical care to her poorest of the poor. Poverty is the root cause of the senseless, and mind boggling brutal murder of the albinos, in which some parents sell their beloved innocent children. People are fed up with suffering, and their patience is running out

    It is quite logical to blame our leadership for their mismanagement of the country, as well as their economic crimes. But on the other hand, we must be realistic with ourselves. Leaders are meant to lead the people into finding new paths, not to solve all problems for the people. Our leadership has led us astray, and that should not be an excuse for us to end our journey. We must find other paths, and the task to do so lies in the hands of the people.

    We the people must bear the responsibility for our social problems; we have failed ourselves because some of us collude with the misguided leaders to rape our nation. Fisadis do what they please, because we lack the courage, and cohesiveness amongst ourselves to say NO to their social ills and economic crimes.

    We must understand that, country’s leadership is a small percentage of the almost 40 million Tanzanians. We must be realistic. We must bear responsibility for voting in, time after time those who have driven our country into the current situation and abused our trust. The Fisadis do not operate in the vacuum, they are elected by us. You and I have the voice and power to strip them of their positions and even jail them, and the lacking tool is courage, cohesion, and unity. We must be united, and shun all the elements that divides us while embracing the forces that unites us. We must embark on the wagon that promotes unity for us to make progress

    We are lacking what is called self sacrifice; we must be sacrificial, and be ready to place the interest of the country ahead of our own, in order to pull away from the list of poorest nations. This is not a work of one man, or a group of people, it is everybody’s duty. The president can’t do it alone, he is not a superman; he needs your support. Neither can a minister, but the people can; me and you.

    Just like Dr.Hildebrand Shayo pointed out that, it is hypocritical on the part of the world’s economic powers to try to impose on the weak countries a free trade doctrine that they themselves cannot practice” well, this is true due to the fact that, we have created an environment for the big powers to exercise their hypocrisy. We are lacking focus and unity needed to alleviate the continent out of economic despair , and will always remain to be treated as panhandlers as long as we keep on sleeping on gold, whilst stretching our hands for handouts!

    We cannot realize our full potential if every evening, is an evening at the bar. We cannot prosper, and will never prosper if our government keeps on licensing bars after every hundred meters in the middle of residential areas. No room for economic prosperity as long as many of us, see each day as a day of celebration. We must take some days as days of sacrifice for the sake of tomorrow. Government do what people allows them to do; there can never be a bar in a residential area pumping uncontrolled music, when we the people, say NO

    We can never realize security or economic progress, as long as some of us are feeling insecure and helpless in their own country. There can never be hope, as long as we remain divided on the issue of senseless and barbaric killing of the albinos. We must be united, and must speak with one voice as a nation in order to tackle matters of national concern. It is we, the people with the key to unlock the mystery of terror that is tearing our country apart; mystery being perpetrated upon our innocent brothers and sisters with skin handicap.

    We cannot expect the government, or other the law enforcement, to work magic if we don’t cooperate with them on how to apprehend the perpetrators who are living amongst us. It is we, the people, with powers to create a conducive and secure environment, which will foster positive economic progress in the country. It is we the people, who must sacrifice for a better tomorrow.

    We can never prosper as long as our domestic innovation and productivity is stifled by unfair competition; flooding of the domestic market by cheaper, substandard and dangerous goods, which are freely passing into the country through legally established channels- watchdogs- which in turn suffocates our domestic productivity, and endangers the lives of our people. This is nothing short of treason, and should be treated as such, for under the umbrella of patriotism, love for the country supersede short term monetary gains

    There can never be prosperity, as long as the mighty and the powerful economic rapists -people entrusted with country’s leadership- continue to design, and dig tunnels they need to smuggle the country’s wealth into heir offshore accounts, yet leaving deserving students without means to secure their right to education.

    We must be united in order to defeat our economic and social enemies. We must be united as a nation in order to defeat poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, insecurity and hopelessness. We must desist from tearing each other apart; we must work towards encouraging and supporting one another. Let’s find consensus on matters of national importance, through dialogue and reason as opposed to bickering. It is of monumental importance for us to set aside personal interests at the expense of country’s progress

    My Countrymen, we must be mindful of the fact that, the foundation of human success in political, social or economic aspects leans, not on individuality, but on sacrifice for the common good. It is this philosophy of giving rather than receiving that has a cure to some of the societal ills. It is the same philosophy that will render equal justice to the poor and the rich alike. Philosophy of equitable distribution of both justice and country’s wealth

    In an environment, where expectant mothers lose their infants on daily basis due to poor healthcare, police officers serving under poor working conditions, and teachers going for months without pay, I see nothing but an intimidating cloud of a darker future. Under continued degradation, demoralization, humiliation towards one another, squabble amongst ourselves; struggle to destroy talents instead of uplifting and refining them , as long as we continue to practice vengeance, hate and sabotage towards one another, Tanzania, sleeping economic giant will never rise from her sleep, and I can only cry; my beloved country, tears of THEE.

    Mungu Ibariki Tanzania
  2. Dar_Millionaire

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Mimi namshauri kijana atafute platform ya kuongelea. Otherwise hizi zitakuwa ni rhetoric ambazo hata hapa JF na kwenye vijiwe mbali mbali huwa tunaziongelea.

    Angejiunga na chama kimojawapo cha siasa au aanzishe cha kwake. Akifanya hivyo itakuwa na maana zaidi maana atakuwa na mandate ya kiutendaji.
  3. zomba

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Unanikumbusha miaka ya nyuma, nilipata ugeni kutoka Mashariki ya kati, moja kati ya kuwa entertain wageni wangu niliamuwa kuwapeleka kuwinda Rufiji, Njiani wakati tunakwenda mmoja wao (mfanya biashara mzuri sana), akanambia ''nashangaa wa Tanzania mnasema nchi yenu maskini'' nikamuuliza kwa nini? akanambia ''hii ardhi tu jinsi ilivyo fertile, mnaweza mkawa matajiri maisha yenu, mbali ya yote mengine mliokuwa nayo'' akaendelea ''mimi naona nyinyi mmasikini wa akili lakini sio resources''.

    Nnalo la kumjibu? kimyaaa, na mpaka leo nasea sisi ni masikini wa akili! kazi yetu chuki, roho mbaya, kuoneana wivu, kuzodoana na umbea.

    Majority hatuna (akili) progressive thinking hata kidogo na wachache wenye nayo, leo tunawaita mafisadi hata kama hawajafanya huo ufisadi. OF COURSE KUNA WENGI NI MAFISADI KWELI.

    Hata humu JF, mengi zaidi ni ya kuzodowana, kulumbana, kutishana, na umbea tu. ''Miafirika hivi ndivyo tulivyo''?
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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Majority hatuna (akili) progressive thinking hata kidogo na wachache wenye nayo, leo tunawaita mafisadi hata kama hawajafanya huo ufisadi. OF COURSE KUNA WENGI NI MAFISADI KWELI.

    Hata humu JF, mengi zaidi ni ya kuzodowana, kulumbana, kutishana, na umbea tu. ''Miafirika hivi ndivyo tulivyo''?[/QUOTE]

    Tukiendelea na negative self-talk namna hii hatutaendelea kamwe. Do something and stop denigrating yourself
  5. WomanOfSubstance

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Sleeping Giant - is it a dinassour dating millions of years back that it cant wake up?
    Do we have any paleontologists here who can shed some light?.
  6. Himawari

    Himawari JF-Expert Member

    Apr 7, 2009
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    Ukiwa nje ya Tanzania ndio utayaona hayo! Rudi nyumbani uje kujenga nchi sio kutembea na kushagaa tuu! Ishi kwa kuonyesha mfano na sii kwa kusema maneno meeeengi yasiyo na faida!
  7. s

    shomary New Member

    Dec 28, 2010
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    Become part of the plan to awaken "The Sleeping Economic Giant"!!

    Enhance the quality of life in our communities by providing quality products at affordable prices for our agriculture and apparel etc... markets.

    Or start a business by providing clothing for a segment of the consumer market that is over look; plus size clothing for women.

    Let's discuss the benefits'. Our company can provide both.