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Tanzania relaxes residency rules

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Njimba Nsalilwe, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Njimba Nsalilwe JF-Expert Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    Source: Daily Nation, Tuesday 30 September 08

    By ZEPHANIA UBWANI in Arusha (email the author)

    Posted Monday, September 29 2008 at 20:40

    Non-Tanzanians of the East African Community states can now settle in the country as long as they are engaged in meaningful economic activities or employment.

    This follows the decision by Tanzania to lift its objections to the right of residency by nationals from other partner states.

    The decision was made at the just-ended third round of negotiations for the EAC Common Market Protocol in Bujumbura, Burundi.

    It was reached following pressure from other EAC states, especially Kenya and Rwanda, which have consistently advocated for “open borders” to enhance full economic integration in the region.

    EAC spokesperson Magaga Alot said the right of residence shall include the right to enter and reside in any host partner state.

    Tanzania had objected to the right of residence alongside other terms, preferring further negotiations.

    Several Kenyans have been thrown out of Tanzania in the past over work permits even when they were working for Kenyan firms with investments in Dar es Salaam.

    The eight-day negotiations for the Common Market in the Burundi capital were attended by members of the High Level Task Force (HLTF) from the five partner states.

    However, Mr Alot said that Tanzania still had its reservations on access or acquisition of land by nationals of the sister EAC states.

    Tanzania, the largest country in the region, insisted during the talks in Bujumbura that land was and should not be a Common Market issue.

    Serious investors

    The draft protocol suggests that a national of a partner state shall be enabled to acquire or access and use land and buildings situated in the territory of another partner state for purposes of establishment.

    The Tanzanian government has maintained that the country’s land was only accessible to serious investors and not landless people from other countries.

    Also agreed on was that partner states abolish all restrictions on the right of establishment based on nationalities of companies, firms and citizens of the partner states.

    On free movement of people, it was resolved that partner states “progressively remove existing restrictions and shall not introduce any new restrictions that will impede trade in services among the partner states.”

    Uganda is the other EAC member.
  2. P

    Paullih Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    This is very serious.. I don't know why they have relaxed this principle. Now lets wait for bogus (sorry to use this word) immigrants who will invade and eat our Cake... english language is the only distinguishing factor that gives our neighbors the advantage of winning lucrative jobs in Tanzania. Frankly speaking... wabongo are better than these guys when it comes to delivery and productivity.
  3. u

    uporoto01 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    I think we are entering the federation through the back door.We as Tanzanians refused the federation so now we are being pulled in slowly.Note the ones pushing for this are Kenya who want our jobs and Rwanda who want grazing land.The government promised a million jobs by 2010[a tall order]but this may mean we share the little available with our more agressive and fake documented neighbours.
  4. Black Jesus

    Black Jesus JF-Expert Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    Hao ni ndugu zetu kwa hiyo tuwakaribishe nyumbani tujenge bara letu la afrika umoja ni nguvu pia tukizangatia kuwa TANZANIA tuna Ardhi ya kutosha na bado haijafanyiwa kazi
  5. Kang

    Kang JF-Expert Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    So much for the peoples will, oh nothing surprises me anymore about this government.
  6. N

    Njimba Nsalilwe JF-Expert Member

    Sep 30, 2008
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    Mkuu Black Jesus!

    Vipi upo tayari kugawana nao lile shamba uliloachiwa na babu yako? Vipi watoto na wajukuu zako? Utawaachia nini?

    Cha pili si unawajua tabia zao hawa ndugu zetu lakini?

  7. PatPending

    PatPending JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    I have scoured the forum for a more insightful and vibrant discussion on this issue lakini bado sijapata chochote. Honourable members, kuna mtu mwenye data na taarifa zaidi kuhusiana na hili suala? In danger being labelled a nationalist xenophobe, I am totally against this move. All I want from these so called neighbours is a customs union, PERIOD.
  8. N

    Njimba Nsalilwe JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2008
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    Mkuu PatPending

    Read this for more infomation!


    Dar will dismiss redundant labour from partner EAC states

    2008-10-03 12:15:41
    By Perege Gumbo

    Fresh details about Tanzania recent submission to free movement of labour and right of residence set of rule as a step towards establishment of East African Common Market (EACM) say redundant labour will be restricted.

    The protocol on free movement of people and right of residence is a long drawn controversy, but now looks as if easing for the first time, and remains key rule on the formation and functioning of the much awaited East African Common Market.

    By sealing deals on a number of previously controversial protocols economic integration in the region means there is neither going back again nor dilly-dallying on attaining this highest level of regional economic cooperation, according to Research and Policy Director at the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) Hussein Kamote.

    Hussein attended the most recent negotiations on establishing EACM at a meeting held in Burundi capital Bujumbura where a number of pertinent economic cooperation issues were thrashed out, including thorny free movement of labour.

    One of the areas which Tanzania had preferred amendments was Article 27 of the protocol which states that: 쐡rtner states shall grant citizens of the community who are nationals of other partner states the right of residence in their territory for the purpose of seeking and carrying out income earning employment.

    Kamote says Tanzania favoured inclusion of a requirement that immigrants feely moving across the region to have genuine economic activities, capital or goods for trading.

    That provision was insisted by Tanzania as a mechanism for controlling redundant residents masquerading as job seekers.

    Closely and immediately related to the labour question was the size of family members an employee of on one partner state has to move with and when shifting to reside to another state.

    Likewise, other hurdles cleared during the negotiations include movement of goods, free movement of capital and rights of establishment and residence.

    However, some of what looked as being sensitive issues were left aside for states higher level authorities to decide on their fate.

    During the meeting, Tanzania also pushed for an amendment on the common market protocol to include a clear definition of what takes in a family for the purpose of residence in another state.

    The envisaged move intends to lead to a common market similar to that of the European Union by the year 2010.

    The controversial issue of land acquisition and ownership has been deferred for consultations by higher authorities of the five partner states.

    At the high level task force meeting, Tanzania and Uganda jointly stated that land issue should not be a common market stuff Kamote hinted.

    SOURCE: Guardian