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Tanzania Professionals Summit on 04/12/2011 @Mlimani city, DSM. P'se register Now to attend

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by magesa, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Tanzania Professionals Summit to Celebrate 50 Years ofIndependence,
    the Theme is 50 years of Independence, what have you done as a professional?

    TanzaniaProfessionals Network (TPN) presents the first ever summit to bring togetherprofessionals to analyse their role in bringing solutions in our country’sdevelopment.TPNis a voluntary, non-profit member-based organization seeking to enhance therole of professionals in transforming the Tanzanian society.

    Itseeks to influence DECISIONS made at different levels of both public andprivate sector THROUGH knowledge-based APPROACH.TPNCONSIDERS itself a key stakeholder of Tanzania’s development, and hassince its inception working towards mobilizing Tanzanian professionals to rallytogether in active participation in decision making and implementing andsupporting good policies while ensuring that they also support non professionalTanzanians in economic and socio development.

    TPN has decided to organize the professionals’ summit to discuss the achievementsand challenges of Tanzania since independence, and what role professionals haveplayed in this long journey. The postmortem will guide plans for TPN goingforward.

    TheSummit will bring together Professionals from different backgrounds, policymakers, politicians, and captains of industry to discuss their joint roles incritical and constructive discussions while providing solutions for moving thecountry forward.

    The summit will aim to achieve the following objectives:

    · To provide an objective analysis of whatrole professionals have or should have played in the past 50 years
    · To provide an objective analysis of whethercurrent policies and national frameworks will transform Tanzania into a middleincome country, with a special focus on MKUKUTA and vision 2025

    · To provide an objective analysis of thecountry’s education system and whether it has the quality to transform thecountry
    · To discuss the issue of “ethics &professionalism”
    · To foster closer relationships with theDiaspora and Onthe event day, the following activities shall be carried out;
    · Presentations from selectedspeakers/panellists, on Issues of Strategic nature in the development of Tanzania e.g. 1. Regional Integration, Globalisation and Land rush; 2. Interand Intraregional trade among African Countries as a means to reducing donordependence and its negative impact on Africa’s development and 3. ClimateChange and what Africa needs to do to mitigate as a continent 4. Education system in Tanzania, 5. Ethics and Professionalism, just to mention afew.

    · Recognition of Father of Nation the LateMwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere
    · Presentation from a representative fromdiaspora community on Synnergy building and Brain Gain.

    · Keynote speech from the Guest of Honour

    · Unveiling of TPN strategic plan (2012-2016)

    · Panel discussions
    · Networking session

    Wehave requested H.E. Jakaya M. Kikwete, The President of the United Republic ofTanzania to be the guest of honour. We do hope that He will have the time tograce the occasion.

    Thetotal target number of participants is 500 people. Please register NOW toreserve your seat..!!!!
    Date:Sunday 04th December 2011; Venue: Mlimani City, Time: 9am-7pm

    EntranceFee of T Shs 20,000 will be paid by Non Members and will be FREE for TPNMembers.

    Forregistration and other details contact: Ms. Janet Mbene, SecretaryGeneral-TPN, Email:
    Maorchid@gmail.com,Mobile: +255 784 596444, +255 755 067 594.

    Members please activate your membership and others please join now....!!!!!!
    For membership and payments contact TPNTreasurer Mr. Gervas Lufingo +255 (0784/0767/0658)482597 email: nasemaasante@yahoo.com

    TPN staff are Miss. Anna Machanga 0652 945 422 and Mr. AssedKipepe 0716 898 685 feel free to call and they will come at your place tocollect your contribution/ subscription fee and deliver receipts/tickets.

    For more information visit:

    Please share this infromation with others.

    YESWE CAN..!

    Thank you,

    E-mail: magesa@hotmail.com
    +255 (0784/0767/0713) 618320