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Nov 22, 2006
What about Tanga and Mtwara????. Richmod ilianza hivihivi na Emergency, punde si punde tutasikia tender imetoka

The Tanzania Ports Authority has announced emergency plans to decongest Dar es Salaam Port, which it says is overwhelmed by containerised cargo and ships awaiting service.

Dar es Salaam Port Manager Jason Rugaihuruza told reporters yesterday that the strategy of choice would aim at cutting the congestion to the barest minimum.

He said TPA has set up six centres away from the port to serve as inland containers depots (ICDs), which eight private firms have been licensed to run as a way of providing ``capacity relief for the hard-pressed container terminal at the por``.

Rugaihuruza explained that, under the emergency plans, customers whose containers would be moved to the centres would not be charged any transfer charges.

He added: ``The Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) will be responsible for shifting the containers to the centres. It can serve a total of 7,500 containers per day and, by February 29 this year, there were 10,144 containers lying at the port.``

The official revealed that TPA has formed a committee comprising key stakeholders he would not name, whose main task would be to create more avenues for serving containers at the port.

``TISCAN services will be moved to another location in order to create more space at the port for containers,`` he said.

According to the official, TPA is also in the process of putting up of an additional container terminal and a multi-storey car park building.

``That will create more space for storing containers,`` he said, noting further that TICTS and other stakeholders have been directed to work around the clock in an effort to reduce the congestion.

Rugaihuruza pointed out that TICTS has been ordered to ensure that more containers are moved into the Kurasini and Ubungo yards in Dar es Salaam, ``hence increasing the speed of loading, offloading and delivering containers``.

He elaborated: ``The target is to have the number of days containers lie at the port cut from 24 to 10. Since the emergency plans got going, more than 1,000 containers have been offloaded and moved to Zanzibar and another 800 to ICDs.``

He said, thanks to the plans, the number of containers lying at the port had fallen from 11,000 to 8, 900.

Dar es Salaam Port has for decades served as a crucial gateway for six neighbouring land-locked countries with a combined population of 166 million. However, it has in recent years become increasingly congested mainly as a result of poor infrastructure.
Reports began to abound that although the container terminal operations traditionally generated high profit margins, revenues started to fall under the TICTS management, prompting the then Tanzania Harbours Authority director general, Samson Luhigo, to publicly criticise TICTS’ performance.

Speaking at a function held at the Mtwara Port and also attended by then president Benjamin Mkapa, the THA boss declared:

’’A year before privatization of the container terminal in 1999/2000, profit after tax was close to 10bn/-, but a year after privatization in 2000/01, it went down to 4bn/-. The 2001/02 accounts which have been submitted to auditors point to an all-time low revenue of 0.04bn/-.’’

Nevertheless, in 2005 - when TICTS was just halfway through its contract ? it was Mkapa himself who sensationally ordered the extension of the company’s contract by a whopping 15 years.

Hardly a month before the end of his second and final term in office, the ex-president instructed the then Ministry of Communications and Transport to extend TICTS’ contract from the initial 10 years to 25 years.

Apart from authorising the contract extension, Mkapa also ordered authorities to allow TICTS to use Berth number 8 and its adjacent land at the port of Dar es Salaam, and granted the company access to the Ubungo container depot to store excess containers that cannot be accommodated in the port area itself due to constraints of storage
Najaribu kutafuta mtu mwenye kopi ya risala ya Luhigo iliyotajwa hapo juu. Naomba kama kuna yayote alibahatika kuitunza nitashukuru sana kama atanipatia.
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