Tanzania: Kilwa strikes another gas field (Songo Songo)


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Feb 11, 2007
Kilwa strikes another gas field
Daily News; Wednesday,March 26, 2008 @19:01

THE government has announced the discovery of a new natural gas field at Nyuni, east of SongoSongo Island in Kilwa district. The Minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr William Ngeleja, said in Dar es Salaam today that the discovery was a result of successful exploration and drilling of three wells conducted by an Australian company, Ndovu Resources Ltd.

“The company was contracted by the government to prospect for petroleum and gas in 1999 and has thus far drilled three wells namely Nyuni No1, Kiliwani No1 and Kiliwani North No 1”, he said. Mr Ngeleja said that the discovery brings to four the number of areas where natural gas is available in Tanzania, the others being SongoSongo, Mnazi Bay and Mkuranga.

He said that the company started drilling at Kiliwani North No1 near Kiliwani No 1 in February this year and the well has shown prospects of adequate reserves of natural gas. “According to a geological report, the gas at the well is 30 metres deeper than that at SongoSongo”, he said.

Mr Ngeleja said that the drilling company which is owned by Aminex PLc of UK had ordered test production equipment. He said the testing will furnish the government with some statistics of the rate of production and indicate the total capacity of the wells.

“The company will continue to drill more wells in a bid to evaluate the extent of the gas available in the area”, he said. Ndovu Resources Ltd has also been contracted by the government to explore for petroleum and gas in Ruvuma in conjunction with Tullow since 2006 and they are expected to start drilling wells in 2009.
If only these resources could benefit this country. Sioni haja ya kuwajulisha wananchi resources gani zimepatikana wakati hazitumiki kwa manufaa ya nchi hii.

Nina hakika tutaanza kununua hii gas tena kwa mafedha ya ajabu just because waliotengeneza hii mikataba ya exploration hawakukumbuka nchi ya Tanzania.
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