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Tanzania is not, won't ever become a nation of animals

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Geza Ulole, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Geza Ulole

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    Tanzania is not, won`t ever become a nation of animals

    6th June 10

    A few weeks ago, President Jakaya Kikwete cautioned East African Community (EAC) members against making odious statements due to their potential to sow seeds of divisions and quarrels amongst the five countries that are currently gunning for the re-creation of the EAC as an expanded regional integrative entity.

    In a clear case of the Tanzanian leader's caution being literally thrown to the winds, some of our friends in next-door Kenya, sheltering under cover of exercising freedom of expression enshrined in the constitutions of the two countries, have branded us a nation of animals plus a heaven of lazy people and criminals.

    Why? Their twisted reasoning is that we are hosting Brazil at a very expensive cost instead of spending the money on fighting poverty. While it's not our intention to defend the scheduled Taifa Stars–Brazil friendly tie, we feel obliged to strongly challenge the rash and galling article from our Kenyan brothers.

    We strongly believe that everyone has fundamental rights to express one's opinions, but in so doing, fairness and respect should prevail above all, in order to avoid the negative consequences that those kinds of reckless views are bound to cause.

    We can confidently recall, without fear of contradiction, that one of the factors that led to the breakdown of the East African Community in 1977 was some abusive statements launched by our neighbours in Kenya against Tanzania, acting under the same umbrella of freedom of expression granted by the constitution.

    They dubbed us "a man eat nothing society", because they believed, and still do, that we are extremely poor to the extent that we can't feed our people.

    That highly insulting, dehumanising characterisation was highly publicised by the same media house that today claims to be at the forefront of promoting integration in the region, while deep into the bottom of their hearts, they have nothing to promote apart from personal hidden agenda.

    Tanzanians retaliated by describing Kenya as a "man eat man society", which was also highly publicised by our local media. Ultimately, things went out of control, in the wake of which hatred was created between the two countries.

    Since that time, it is apparent that our brothers and sisters in the neighbouring country have not buried their behaviour of undermining Tanzanians.

    To be honest, we don't know why they undermine us so much to the extent of seeing us as a sub-standard species, whereas, in reality, we are just at the same level as far as living standards are concerned. They are neither in the developed world nor in the developing group or the famous G-20. As for living standards and the popular Gross Domestic Product measurement, we are better than those who believe they are rich while their economy is controlled and enjoyed by 500 individuals, while millions are entrapped in massive poverty.

    Today, if GDP is used correctly, one might believe that Nigeria because of the booming oil revenues, is economically richer than the United Kingdom, but the reality is the extreme opposite.

    Just last year, one of the Kenya's premier daily newspaper published an article attacking Tanzanians; it was authored by a Kenyan who claimed to have been in the country for three days but was disappointed by the poor service offered by the hotel industry.

    While the message was very clear, the language and tone used by the author was purely irritating and misleading – merely echoing the same old trend of undermining Tanzanians and their country. There are so many examples that can justify the old irresponsible behaviour of our brothers and sisters in this region.

    This week, one Kenyan came up with another irritating statement when he used his constitutional rights, to express his disappointment about why Tanzanians are hosting Brazil in a friendly warm-up match, by paying what he described as ‘very expensive cost' for the poor country like ours. In his opinion, this kind of ‘misuse' of resources is what makes us very poor while Kenya is progressing in terms of economic development in the region as far as Gross Domestic Product is concerned.

    He described Tanzanians as a party animals and funniest creatures. He also claimed that Julius Nyerere wasn't Tanzanian but a Kenyan because he thought and acted bravely like millions of Kenyans.

    He went further by describing Tanzanians as very lazy, criminals with poor education background, citing an example of a fellow Tanzanian who schooled with him in UK, but decided to quit his studies and joined the ring of car thieves.

    He doesn't see the reason for the poorer Tanzania to host Brazil at what he described as ‘very expensive cost' and also offered us an advice that the money would have been used in alleviating poverty.

    We have no records in our history that bar Tanzanians from enjoying whatever they believe in just because their country is very poor. It should be noted that the 2010 World Cup wasn't just for South Africa, but also for the rest of Africa as well.

    It's for this reason that some countries have tried to use the opportunity to promote their football talents as well as marketing their country across the globe. At the end of the day, Brazil is not coming because they have been offered cash, but it's part of their plans to warm up before the kickoff of the 2010 soccer bonanza next Friday.

    For the record, it's not the taxpayers' money that has been spent on hosting Brazil, and therefore attacking the government as well as Tanzanians for not having priorities is missing the point as well as misleading the general public.

    While our friend from Kenya might be correct about our current economic situation, the tone and language used was very irritating and unacceptable especially bearing in mind the uneasiness of Tanzanians about their counterparts from the Land of Nyayo, where the EAC is concerned.

    Though there are thousands of Tanzanians who share the same abusive and irritating statement issued by our friend from Kenya, we at The Guardian on Sunday, are strongly against it, because it is in very bad taste and lacks a presence of mind and sense of responsibility.

    Calling us a nation of animals or heaven of criminals is going beyond the freedom of expression granted by the constitution of both Tanzania and Kenya.

    We have never been and will not be a nation of animals as our beloved brother wants the world to believe. Our history speaks louder about our integrity than the propaganda from our beloved Kenyan brother.

    As a media house, we believe that if not stopped, this kind of irritating comment is one of the obstacles toward having a free and equitable integration, which we are trying to build after we failed in 1977.

    While we strongly and humbly respect the fundamental rights of freedom of expression, we believe that when such opportunity is used irresponsibly, it causes more harm than the intended goodness.

    Yes, it's true that we are poor; it's correct that in terms of GDP, Kenya is better than Tanzania, though the reality on the grounds might prove the opposite; It's the truth that Kenya is at least a matured capitalist country compared to Tanzania, though we are also slowly and carelessly creating similar situation here; It's true that we shall pay high cost to attend the Taifa Stars friendly game against the world's best football team this Sunday.

    But, what we can't accept is the senseless and tasteless remarks from our brothers and sisters in one of our key partners. We understand that this is not the official stand of the government of Kenya or that of the majority of Kenyans, but in any downfall, it all starts with irresponsible acts of an individual, before it escalate to the majority.

    Just because we are poor doesn't mean we have sold our nationhood. It doesn't mean we are a nation of animals or cradle of criminals. Despite all that, millions of Tanzanians are proud of their country as well as who they are in this region as well as in Africa, considering our historical background, solidarity and unity among us.

    We would like to be corrected constructively and responsibly, because at the end of the day, the truth needs to be told. However in telling the truth or offering an advice, let's be careful with what we write and say against each other.

    We believe that in East Africa, the historical factors that unite us together are stronger than the obstacles that divide us as partners. We shall continue to support the efforts to integrate this region economically, socially and politically, but will not entertain any statements that undermines our nationhood and integrity that we have struggled to build during the past five decades.


    Tanzania is not, won`t ever become a nation of animals

    Surprisingly Kenya has coughed out US$ 5 mio. as aid to Southern Sudan to hasten its disintegrate from Northern Sudan in anticipation of benefits that come from oil money the Southern has! Kenya aims at exporting the oil through Lamu port it that is on the draft board and a railway link between Southern Sudan and Ethiopia raising question on whether these bab**ns are deliberately fueling the North-South Sudan crisis to benefit! A truly man eating another man society

    Kenyan donor money and firms helping build Southern Sudan

    President Mwai Kibaki with the President of the Government of Southern Sudan Lt. General Salva Kiir and Prime Minister Raila Odinga when they met at his Harambee House office, Nairobi. PHOTO/ PPS

    Posted Saturday, June 5 2010

    In Summary

    • Government has offered neighbours Sh400m towards efforts to set up civil service while liaison unit operating from the President's office is directing diplomatic and policy issues
    Kenya is accustomed to being a recipient of aid. But in its relationship with Southern Sudan, it is playing a new and unfamiliar role: That of donor country.

    The government is investing millions of shillings to set up new administrative structures in the South, underscoring the importance it attaches to its relationship with the government in Juba.

    Kenya has given US$5 million (Sh400m) to boost the capacity of the South's civil service and has sent dozens of its own experienced public officials to train their counterparts across the border.

    Most of this assistance is motivated by strategic calculations based on the expected outcome of a referendum on self-determination expected in Southern Sudan next year.

    Opinion polls and Sunday Nation interviews with key leaders in the region indicate the referendum is overwhelmingly likely to result in the breaking up of Sudan, continent's biggest country, to establish Africa's 54th state.

    Such an outcome would have a major impact on the economies of neighbours Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. The three are locked in a race to cement their influence in Southern Sudan and are working to position themselves to benefit from the likely emergence of the new state.

    Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang'ula said the government would respect the outcome of the referendum.

    "Kenya has always played a neutral role. Down the years, we hosted the Sudan embassy and the offices of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM). That is why we were chosen to host the peace talks. As part of the deal that ended the fighting, both parties were supposed to work to make unity attractive. The referendum is a key component of the peace agreement, and we will be happy to recognise a result that endorses unity or one that leads to separation," he said.

    While Kenya has long been criticised for punching below its geopolitical weight in its approach to foreign policy in the region, it is employing an unusually muscular approach in Southern Sudan. It has spent millions of shillings and expended considerable diplomatic capital to take advantage of the opportunities opening up in the region.

    According to a new report by the International Crisis Group titled Regional perspectives on the prospect of southern independence, Kenyan investment in Southern Sudan is substantial.

    A Southern Sudan Liaison Office has been set up at the Office of the President in Nairobi. The unit, the report says, is "dedicated to supporting the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) and the SPLM. Led by diplomats with knowledge of the Sudan file, its mandate includes monitoring the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, advising President Kibaki and serving as the principal liaison for the majority of official interaction with Juba. It also advises Kenyan business interests and facilitates commercial links between investors and the GoSS."

    The Kenya Institute of Administration, which is the traditional training centre for civil servants in Kenya, has set up a campus in Juba to contribute to training programmes in the region.

    According to the ICG, Kenyan civil servants are taking part in a separate training programme run by the United Nations Development Programme.

    Legal experts from Nairobi are working with the parliament in Juba to help in drafting legislation, while Southern Sudan "regularly sends senior ministry officials to Nairobi where they shadow their Kenyan counterparts".

    Military ties

    The report says there are also significant and growing military ties between the two partners.

    "The Kenyan army trains SPLA (Sudan People's Liberation Army) officers and provides other technical support, including several de-mining classes at the International Mine Action School in Embakasi. It also maintains a rotating battalion of peacekeepers in the South as part of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)."

    Mr Wetang'ula says this deep relationship is explained by historical circumstances.
    "Kenya hosted more than 100,000 Southerners during the civil war. Most leaders of the SPLM maintain their homes in Nairobi, and their children study here. The people in the South also feel a greater affinity to people in the East African region because of shared roots, perhaps more than they do with their brothers in the Arab North."

    The minister said the relationship is not driven solely by Kenyan economic interests in the South as ties between the two will be "mutually beneficial".

    Economists say the potential benefits for Kenya in the event the South votes for separation are staggering. "This is a potential game changer," said investment banker and analyst Aly-Khan Satchu.

    "Kenya's economy rides on the coattails of its neighbours, and two events in the recent past will mean the economy will never be the same again. Uganda's expected revenue from oil is 20 times more than their current Gross Domestic Product while Southern Sudan presents massive opportunities."

    Mr Satchu said the South's potential should not just be viewed through the lens of potential oil revenue, which has hovered between the US$1.5 billion (Sh120 billion) and US$ 2 billion (Sh160 billion) mark in the last five years.

    "It is widely thought that the South is not getting its fair share of oil revenues from the North under the current agreement, so they may end up getting far higher income after the separation. But there is far more potential in the region. There are vast untapped gold deposits, and there is great potential for agriculture.

    The South needs a route to sea, and Kenya will be able to offer that. The question is whether we can complete the infrastructure programmes necessary fast enough to take advantage."

    The centrepiece of Kenya's efforts to take advantage of the looming independence of the South is the Lamu port, which is expected to cost about Sh1.2 trillion.

    The Chinese-built facility would ease dependence on the port of Mombasa, which has been criticised as inefficient by officials in many neighbouring countries that depend on it.

    A railway line from Juba through Isiolo and Lamu is also planned as is a 1,400-km pipeline from Juba to the Lamu port. Japanese firm Toyota Tsusho has expressed an interest in building the $1.5 billion (Sh120 billion) line, which would provide Southern Sudan with a more attractive export route than the existing 1,600km line to Port Sudan in the North.

    These ambitious projects have been billed as having the potential to treble Kenya's export income. But a familiar challenge stands in the way.

    Demands by senior government officials for large bribes before they commission many of the projects have delayed implementation, to the frustration of officials in Southern Sudan and other governments in the region.

    Several western diplomatic sources and a number of government officials with knowledge of the matter who requested anonymity said Kenya has a direct interest in completing the projects, but corruption was stalling implementation.

    While Uganda has nearly completed repairs of the Gulu-Juba road which is an important transport link to the region, Kenya is still in the commissioning stages for its railway projects and a feasibility study on the Lamu port is only now being undertaken.

    Cohesive team

    Mr Satchu says government officials must work in concert to implement these initiatives.

    "We need more proactive management on a day to day basis. We don't seem to have a cohesive team on the ground working to advance Kenya's economic interests. We have major infrastructure deficits. Considering how clear the economic benefits of implementation of these projects are, we should be working far more proactively."

    Like Uganda, Kenya has sent thousands of skilled workers to Southern Sudan, and it will have to work to avoid creating the impression that it is benefiting disproportionately from the economic opportunities in the South to the exclusion of locals.

    The weak level of non-oil exports from Southern Sudan is partly blamed on the resource curse which diminishes productivity in other sectors in some Third World countries.

    The prominent academic and blogger John A. Akec has lamented this situation.
    "In the last five years, establishing a system to collect taxes has been slow. Development of other means of income has not started. We imported everything from chicken, to tomato, to razor, to toilet rolls from Uganda and Kenya; and exported nothing to them. We sent our children to Uganda and Kenya for their education, and rushed there ourselves when not feeling well to buy the medical services from these countries or travel further afield in quest for medical treatment.

    Seventy per cent of South Sudan income was paid out as salaries in the public sector, while getting nothing back by the of way economic output."

    Kenyan officials say they are trying to help the South diversify its economy by investing heavily in manpower development and training programmes.

    Mr Wetang'ula pointed out that Kenyan educational institutions do not charge a higher fee for students from the South, which is the practice for students from outside the East African Community.

    The efforts to boost cultural ties, he said, were also demonstrated by the opening of a University of Nairobi campus in Lokichoggio on the Kenyan border with the South. The biggest population of students there is Southern Sudanese.

    But all the bets on a major leap in economic ties may fall through, however, if the North and the South do not respect their obligations under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

    So far, both sides have largely respected the deal. But some southern ministers have warned that they will demand a unilateral declaration of independence if anything happens to disrupt the referendum, something which Kenya has cautioned against.



    Brazil comes to East Africa


    Brazil's Kaka (Right) shrugs off the attention of Zimbabwe midfielder Lionel Mitzwa Ashley in build-up match on June 2 at the National Sport Stadium in Harare. The Brazilians won 3-0 and face Tanzania in Dar -es-Salaam on Mondday in their final warm up game ahead of the World Cup. Photos/FILE

    Posted Sunday,
    June 6 2010

    Kleberson, a player the "Boo Boys" at Man United called the "Great Brazilian Flop" was hounded out Old Trafford, Sir Alex probably having agreed with the proletariat and banishing the poor fella.

    You never thought it would come down to this, did you? But Monday evening we are trooping into the Dar es Salaam National Stadium; and after the Taifa Stars v Brazil game, kick-off 6pm, Dunga has promised the only interview the Samba boys will give in Tanzania since arriving here Sunday evening and taking off again on Monday night.

    Only two players will be in the "Mixed Zone" to field media questions, said the company that works as publicists for Dunga's World Cup squad.

    We shall all owe it to Kleberson, the man who has been picked by Dunga to lead the mega stars. Because he speaks English, the publicists say, Kleberson will do the talking.

    The other player will be a "high profile" one, we are told. It is said, and we hope, that it will be Kaka. We hear that Kaka is also "European" and can cope with English.

    Brazilian wonders

    But Kleberson will be key to concluding an assignment that has taken hours, days, to plan. In the end you might have to be grateful to a man who was probably mistaken by so many and suffered ridicule for not having worked "Brazilian wonders" each time he walked out onto the turf at Old Trafford.

    There might not be enough time to hear it all from Kleberson in Dar tonight; how it was since those far flung days of infamy at Old Trafford – 2003 to 2005, to be precise -- and just how such a "castaway", a full 31-year-old now, made it to this year's World Cup squad, nay, probably, team!

    Jose Kleberson Pereira had football credentials lofty enough for Alex Ferguson to make him the first Brazilian to have ever played for Manchester United. Only something seriously wrong would have forced Kleberson to have had such an ignominious stay in the North West of England.

    Kleberson had shone in Luiz Felipe Scolari's 2002 World Cup winning team. He was brought into the starting line-up for Brazil's game against England, with Scolari feeling his tenacity would help counter the high work-rate of the English side.

    His tackle on his future team-mate Paul Scholes, ironically clinched his transfer to Man United. The dispossession directly led to Brazil's equaliser before Scolari's men ended up winning 2–1 on their way to the world tile.

    After Manchester, Kleberson went to Turkey, to play for Besiktas and then, since 2008 settled back home with Flamengo.

    In a twist of irony, after more than four years in the international wilderness, Kl├ęberson was recalled to the national team by Dunga on May 28, 2009 to replace a Manchester United man, Anderson.

    After recovering from a shoulder surgery once again Kl├ęberson was then called up for the national team on February 9, 2010, in a friendly against Ireland on March 2, in London.

    Then came the fight for places in the team for South Africa and Kleberson got the better of – of all people – Ronaldinho!

    So, there is really another thoroughly professional and result-oriented face to Kleberson other than that of his haunting stay at Manchester.

    And perhaps he is as deserving as any of the players in Dar tonight – Kaka, Maicon, Robinho, Juan, Danni Alves, and Lucio, included – to be the spokesman in a rare mingle with East Africans.

    Kleberson's choice is as surprising as that of Tanzania and Zimbabwe being the only countries in this region that were able to pull off such a huge feat as bringing no less than the five –time World Cup champions to play in their respective soils.

    Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsivangarai -- both close to fame as Kaka, indeed – were among a 60,000 admirers of the Samba Boys as they entertained Zimbabwe to a 3-0 defeat at the National Sports Stadium, Harare, and last Wednesday.

    Mugabe would definitely have played as busy a role as the Zimbabwe FA (football association) to bring home the Brazilians. Jakaya Kikwete, did no less to make sure tonight's spectacle came to Dar.

    Top players

    That is just how football is played outside the pitches. Even on the negotiating table you have to enlist your "top players". Any other way you will have a long, long wait before such eagerly awaited events can happen.

    The United States want the World Cup back to their country 2022. Vice-President Joe Biden will be in South Africa in the next few days to show everyone down there how the Americans are interested in a carnival of the same. Barrack Obama has even said if the USA make it to the final on July 11 he will be in Johannesburg.

    Meanwhile, the campaign team to bring the 2022 Fifa World Cup to the US is already in place. It comprises Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Spike Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger, no less.

    Daily Nation:

    These guys never stop surprising me, i think they feel jitter of the Brazilian team coming to Tanzania! why the hell do they think it is surprisingly for Brazil to visit Tanzania and Zimbabwe and not Kenya? who the f?ck is Kenya?
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    Good Editorial.
  3. Kichuguu

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    Kikwete, please pull Tanzania out of this shit thing called EAC
  4. J

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    ..waache watutukane tu.

    ..viongozi wako kama zombies/misukule linapokuja suala la EAC.

    ..Tanzania ina kila aina ya rasilimali, Uranium included, lakini bado tunajipendekeza kwenye huu muungano uchwara wa EAC.

    ..wala sijui mnashangaa nini hapa wakati Kenya walishatutilia fitina tukashindwa kuuza pembe zetu za ndovu.

    ..hii EAC ni kama "carbon copy" ya EU. sasa lini mmesikia wanachama wa EU wakifarakana na kuhujumiana kama Wakenya wanavyotuhujumu?



    ..tangu Pinda apewe wale ngombe na Raila Odinga amekuwa kama santuri vile anavyoimbisha kuhusu EAC.
  5. n

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    kelele kelele. empty cans make the loudest noises.

    fact: tz is a member of the EAC

    fact: tz approved the common market protocol. yes KENYANS UGANDANS AND RWANDANS ARE COMING and you geza ulole CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO STOP US. The best u can do is run around the internet yapping around like a little dog complaining a bout the EAC. maybe reality is finally dawning on you. EAC IS A TRAIN THAT NONE OF U WHINNING TANZANIANS CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT THAT IS THE COLD HARSH REALITY FOR U TANZANIANS

    fact: no one cares about your opinions!!!!!! kikwete doesnt, your government doesnt, that is why they have a approved the EAC

    its funny watching you guyz arguing against reality. it is actually comical.
  6. omarilyas

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    Just because some irresponsible elements has called you what you are becoming?

    I totally agree kuwa huyu jamaa alioanzisha huu mjadala ni muendelezo wa ushindani kati yetu na Kenya kwani tumewashinda kwa vitu viwili walivyovitamani vifanyike kwao yaani World Economic Forum na ugeni wa timu ya Brazil, lakini kuna maneno anayosema yana ukweli. Inawezekana bado hatujafikia huko anakodai tumefikia lakini ukweli tunaeleka huko kwa spidi kali....

    Kujitoa EAC ni kuthibitisha shutuma za ufinyu wa kimawazo ambazo baadhi majirani zetu wanaamini tunazo

  7. omarilyas

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    Hi mypic nationalism hii....utadhani sio watanzania kwa malezi. Yaani bado tunajidanganya kuwa tuna kila kitu cha kutufanya tujione twaweza kusimama pekee yetu wakati hata hao wanaotufadhili kila kukicha wanaungana? Hivi hivyo vitu si tunavyo miaka yote hii tangia uhuru....tumeweza kusiamam pekee yetu?

  8. Wacha1

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    Ukisha fahamu hao wanaojiita wafadhili na kukusaidia wanachukua nini ndio utanyamaza.
  9. Abdulhalim

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    Naivette ni tatizo kubwa sana kwa waTZ. Kuna mwanachama mwingine kuna uzi mwingine kule alikuwa anashupalia kweli kuhusu misaada.. Sasa mtu kaa huyu sijui utamwinua vipi awe huru against mind control.
  10. Abdulhalim

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    These EAC circus can be reversed in a matter of seconds..

    Ni kwamba tu hatujapata kiongozi shupavu kuondoa hawa legelege tulionao. Hata hivo wee nyang'au hutofaidika na lolote na hii EAC ..unajipa tu matumaini kwa sababu u r free and entitled to ur freedom of WWW freedom of watching porn huku ukiangalia forums za waTZ (WE PAID FOR U TO BE HERE) , freedom of shouting while u know NOBODY listens..

    Nakushauri knock that stupid grandiose na kujidhani nyie ni wayahudi wa Africa..U r just nobodies with nothings..Kama vile uchumi wa US unavomilikiwa na kakikundi kadogo ka matajiri wachache, huko kwenu Kibera hali ni mbaya zaidi..It is a country of NO HOPE...at least bongoland we have'nt deteriorated into ur dog's level..

  11. J

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    ..wewe ni miongoni mwa wale wa-Tanzania wenye inferiority complex. zaidi, hamna uwezo wa kutafuta majibu ya matatizo Tanzania ndani ya nchi yetu, badala yake mnafikiria Wakenya na EAC watawaokoa.

    ..mfano mdogo:Tanzania tuna 49% ya lake Victoria, wakati Kenya wana 6%. sasa Kenya wanapotushauri tuondoe mipaka kwenye ziwa na viongozi wetu wanakubali, kama siyo ma-zombie ni kitu gani?

    ..hao wafadhili unaodai wameungana ni wapi hao? USA,Canada,na Mexico, wanayo NAFTA, lakini sijasikia kama mipaka imeondolewa na kuna free movement and settlements. matter of fact, USA anajenga ukuta kwenye mpaka wake na Mexico.

    ..hata EU haijatatua matatizo ya Europe. mtikisiko wa uchumi wa Greece ni wakeup call kwamba siyo kila muungano una faida.
  12. omarilyas

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    Sasa ndugu yangu uliojawa na superiority complex, hivyo unavyovitajia si tumekuwa navyo mika yote bila ya kuungana na Kenya na tumefika wapi? Lakini pia ni bora mimi mwenye inferiority complex niliyejiamulia kukaa nyumbani kujenga Tanzania nitakayo kuiona kuliko mwenzangu uliobarikiwa superioaity complexis ambaye umeamua kususia nchi yako kufaidisha wa ughaibuni huku ukisubiri wengine wakutayarishie green pastures zinazofanana na hizo unazojidai kufaidi huko.

    So Greece issue imetokana na muungano wa Ulaya? Na sio populist politics kama ambazo wengi wenu mnazopenda kuzifakamia....

    Mnalilia uongozi makini na ulio madhubuti....kuangalia faida za mbeleni na kuwa na guts za kushindana na parochial populist sentiments kama zenu ndio strong leadership and not otherwise.


  13. Ruge Opinion

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    This idea that Kenya is more developed than Tanzania is a myth.

    Kenya is not Nairobi. Nairobi gives an impression of a wealthy country but the situation in the countryside is quite the opposite. Kenya is the proud host of the biggest and worst shanty town in the world - Mathare. Nairobi is next to Johannesburg in crime. The people in the northern part of Kenya are still living in the stone age. If one were to be crude like the Kenyan writer one cannot call them anything but 'primitive'.

    Before independence Tanzania as a country had nothing because the British were taking away from us and investing in their colony - Kenya (we were not a British colony but a protectorate). This gave Kenya a good head start. Most of what we have today we created ourselves after independence. And it is not very little. During the old East African Community most of EAC organisations had their HQs in Kenya. When the community broke down Kenya retained most of the Assets. For example, aircraft owned by the former East African Airways formed the foundation of Kenya Airways while we had to form Air Tanzania from scratch.

    I believe it is a matter of time before we overtake Kenya. We have the resources. We must get rid of this inferiority complex to Kenyans. We have come a long way to where we are today.

  14. Smatta

    Smatta JF-Expert Member

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    Let me school you on a couple of things son;

    Fact: What you call the EAC ciricus is not easy to reverse as you think, especially how far we have gone now.. and oohhh, you'll never get leaders with balls enough to stand against four countries, and to me TZ is like a single party state, you are still politically untested and immature. (yes, am ignorant like that).

    Kenyans will benefit from the EAC more than any of y'all. Let me just be blunt, Kenya is the easiest country to get a business loan anywhere in East and Central, heck maybe in the whole of Africa. Judging by our business acumen (you can read our resume), and the government initiative to promote trade by Kenyans within the EAC will definately bare fruits (did you read/hear Kibakis madaraka days speech, telling Kenyans to get out of the country and do business within East Africa?). what steps has your government taken to prepare you for the EAC? yeah, thought so.

    Fact: Nobody asked you to pay for anyone, you decided to pay (which I highly doubt) by your own free will, so no need to brag to the rest of us who have not paid.. LOL

    Fact: if you think we are nobodies then bad for you, its sad that you guys keep sizing us and testing our patience, get another topic to ride, thought your national election was on the corner, guess you need to cover it more than the EAC, its a non issue.. a done deal.

    Fact: You need to go back to school, get a good education, get rid of that ujamaa hangover, and maybe, just maybe people will take you seriously, coz homes you'z a joke.
  15. Juma Contena

    Juma Contena JF-Expert Member

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    Acha fikra za ubinafsi, we do not need to prove anything to Kenyans. What we need is to prove to ourselves that we can get out of poverty without external false unions. Mnatetea kila kitu ni EU, hao hii you wenyewe nchi nyingi zimejuta kufungua borders zake without control of immigration.

    Leo nchi kama UK imekua ikilalama kila kukicha kuzidiwa na uhamiaji madarasani watoto kujazana, ma GP kuwa na wateja wengi na mambo mengi ya msingi. Sasa sembuse sisi maskini tunaotaka kualika watu waje kulamba ardhi wewe kwa kuwa umeishiwa mawazo ndio uoni umuhimu wake just shut up.

    Bado atujafuatilia masuala la elimu kwetu ambayo kuna watu wengi bado awana access nayo, makazi, maisha ya kila siku leo unataka kwenda kuleta mijitu mingine yenye tamaa ije kuhamia permanently talk baout kuishiwa mawazo hiyo post yako inadhihirishia. The soon we get rid of Kikwete the better hii nchi tutakuja ikosa jamani si utani haya.

    Tazama mijitu yenyewe halafu unayotaka kuialika hata diplomacy au kutumia muda kujaribu ustaarabu wakutuelezea uzuri hawana. Wao matusi na dharau humuhumu ndani JF wanatuletea. You dare call this selfish people brothers wewe una matatizo.
  16. K

    KipimaPembe JF-Expert Member

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    Napinga EAC si kwa sababu ya kuogopa Kenyans, Rwandans, or Zanzibaris. Wote hawa ni watu wazuri kuungana na kutengeneza nchi nzuri. Napinga hoja hii tu kwa sababu kuungana means kutengeneza a GRAND country.

    Hii concept ya kuwa na manchi makubwa eti ndo yataleta maendeleo kwa kuwa ni soko kubwa haijafanya kazi popote hapa Afrika na nashangaa tunavyoing'ang'ania. Nchi ndogo kabisa Afrika, Seycheles, Mauritius na Botswana ndo zinafanya vizuri katika subsaharan Africa despite their being small markets.

    Dhahiri kabisa all grand countries in Africa are failures na sina sababu yoyote ya kuamini kuwa a bigger EAC will be a success. A grand Sudan is aiming for fragmentation, a Grand Congo is Africa's eyesore, A grand Nigeria is Africa's hotpot of Corruptions and religious conflicts, A grand Ethiopia, etc.

    I just don't see any success anywhere as Africans usually fails at system level. The bigger the system, the higher the chance of failure!!
  17. Abdulhalim

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    Anything can be reversed, and IT WILL BE REVERSED one day. I'm sure of it. Sasa jaribu kujiuliza ile jumuia ya kwanza ilipotea vipi..au nahitaji slash hammer ku-juggle memory yako. Yes it will be reversed kama ile ya mwanzo ilivokuwa reversed. It can take years or a matter of second! Suala la viongozi hilo ni suala la system yenyewe and it needs nature to take its cause and do selective survival . Understanding and awareness in our generation is growing fast with new ways in which info is only one click away.This is a good platform ya kuja kufanya KITU KIKUBWA ambacho dunia itashangazwa.
    Mind control at work. Hizo business mnazoziongelea ni zipi? zina thamani gani? A common mwananchi wa hizi nchi wote wapo ktk same state of deprivation, I know that cuz. If a country like US uchumi uko mikononi mwa watu matajiri wasozidi 10%, kwene nchi maskini za kutupa huko kwenu Kibera hali ni mbaya zaidi. Sasa don't embarrass urself eti mtakuja kudominate ..mdominate nani wakati hamna kitu..nyie ni chokoraa tu msio n ambele wala nyuma..lol. Uchumi na biashara zenu zinamilikiwa kwa kiasi kikubwa na International Corporates, na some few elites na kuacha the rest common wananchi fighting for remaining say 10%..he he he..Go ahead and brag about that too.

    Yeah Tzns paid for this site and keep paying for u to sit ur butt farting while u enjoy our jasho letu watz, so it will be a matter of time kabla hatujawaomba tuwaoe nyang'auz nyote, mliongia chumbani kwetu..he he he..
    If u think u do matter into our beloved bongoland u r mistaken. Nobody needs u cuz u have NOTHING TO OFFER. Nyie ni mafukara tu, sanasana ni WAIZI & MAJAMBAWAZI.

    Verily verily I tell u, nasikia uchungu kukwambia hili lakini ni ukweli, ukichanganya degree vyako uchwara, vya mkeo, watoto wako na ukoo wako na wa mkeo, u will never match my academic credentials. Not in this life.
  18. Ngongo

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    EAC ni muhimu kwa nchi zote tano wanachama,lakini kitu kinachonisikitisha ni kuona media ya Kenya ikitumika kuisema vibaya Tanzania.Nakumbuka mjadala wa ardhi vyombo vya habari vya Kenya vilikuwa vikiilalamikia Tanzania kwa kukatalia ardhi yake.Mwenendo huu wa Kenya na kwambali Rwanda utasababisha kuvunjika kwa EAC.

    Kenya na nchi zote za EAC zinatakiwa kujua kwamba Tanzania inaongozwa kutoka magogoni na si Nairobi wala sehemu nyingine.

  19. Smatta

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    mimi na kwambia na sitachoka kukwambia, as long as you fruits dont invest in good education, you are bound to fail as a country while foreign professionals take over your industries, you take it as a joke or you think am chest thumping but thats the plain truth. Nyie mliosoma mwaenda ughaibuni kubeba maboksi mwaacha nchi na ma mbumbumbu, wazee na watoto. this is the main reason that you habour those xenphobic sentiments, kwa sababu wajua for a fact, kwenye board meetings za many Tanzanian companies, hautakosa wakenya kadhaa hapo wanao share advise na ndugu zao wabongo, sh*t is different on the ground, hujui lolote ambalo laendelea aisee, wewe piga tu domo kwenye hizi sites and you are not in touch with reality.

    Internet degrees hazicount kama degrees kwangu, ati learning made simple???? utachekwa
  20. BabaDesi

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    ....Go on Brother! And tell him too that we dont go and chop off each other heads with machettes when a little thing goes wrong in our Elections..!!!