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Tanzania changes depends on Tanzanian themselves

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mallaba, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Mallaba

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    Dec 26, 2010
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    Tanzania changes depends on the most creative and talented young people,rather than rely on politicians or who will be a president.

    As a president has his part however he will never make a big difference if the given society were sleeping, I say the society is sleeping because even when they see some gabbages instead of taking and put in a proper place they complain of government,we see somebody is destroying the road instead of taking an action and report to the specific department we give complaint to the government ..governmnet ? I believe a lot of things happening in our society they are source of our laziness and wait to be done by government leaders. Let us play our part and the government will do its best. The most surprising is that those who complain on everything without even taking an action some are graduates, bussines workers who are in big cities, so what about those illiterate and villagers? what will they say?

    Let us stop complains and concentrate on solving those problems.

    As I say Tanzania depends on young and most talented people because our development will neither depends on foreigner investors nor depends on foreigner donors’ , I don’t mean that we don’t need them, but, we need them in a strategic partnership so that we can have a win-win development .

    Foreigner investers are key to any development economy ,however such nation shall never rely on, this is due to the fact that despite of their massive investment they can leave the country at any time and the good example we saw during the economic downturn (crisis), the way a lot of foreigner investors withdrew their money and flew back to their country, this tell us that the domestic investors are better than those ,even though always never get good treatment policy from the government.

    On my thinking if a talented and young Tanzanian will realize their roles many changes will be done. As they are the holder of everything in the society ,I’m very confident and very enthusiastic that we are able to make a big different in Tanzania.

    For me as among of them I'll do whatever I can to make it done.

    I call upon all young Tanzanian wherever they are to rise up and realize that this is our time, we can no longer leave fisadis to continue to lead us while we can do it.

    I know many young creative and talented Tanzanians are already disappointed on many government policy and some just saying "we are observers" .Remember If we can not rise and cooperate our selves nothing will be done, but if we join together will move forward and be like other emerging countries such as China, India and Brazil.

    If consider China for example, about 80 percent of its Scientist they have been abroad(returnees)and are the one driving the development and success of China in almost each aspect like High -tech,engineer, computer,high way,medical sciences etc.

    Remember our heroes such as Nkwame nkrumah, JK Nyerere ,Martin LK ,Nelson Mandela etc who struggled and sacrificed their life to African people while dreaming to have the so called United States of Africa, however their dreams didn’t yied(succumb) more fruits as they expected maybe due to social, politics, economics and cultural differences between those leaders.

    I do remember JK Nyerere spoke after declaring an Independence in 1961 he said Tanzanian have 3 enemies which are poverty, illiteracy and diseases. Its about 50 yrs now since that time Africa is still facing the same problem and even worsen than before, where are we going? are we backsliding or have we slept? Its very shame seeing very little progress in terms of economy in African countries inspite of having plenty of minerals and other resources. This is the 6th year in china I’ve learned a lot ,how Chinese are serious and very patriotic that they are ready even to refuse to buy anything made abroad.Their hardship and patriotism have taught me that “impossible is just something you can not do” “and nothing is what you can not think”.

    We have to keep in mind that it's not just about the numbers of people who died; it's also the manner which many of these victims met their deaths.

    For some reason, I seem to be bothered whenever I see acts of injustice and assaults on people's civil liberties. I imagine what I write in the future will follow in that vein. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction

    I believe that a better Tanzania is yet to come but very near than we started.

    That is my perspectives what yours?

    God bless Tanzania.