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Tanesco's Transformers Oil Theft: A Big Joke

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Zalendohalisi, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Zalendohalisi

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    For almost a decade now, Tanesco has been crying foul on a daily basis with regards to what they call a chronic disease i.e. "Transformer Oil Theft" aka TOT. The first time I heard of the "problem" I just couldn't understand why in the first place one would drain a powered transformer and what would they use the drained oil for? Anyway there are so many theories as to the use of the oil but the fact remains that transformers get "fried-up" every time they are drained of the coolant.

    I am told that a couple of viable, affordable and practical technical solutions to eliminate the TOT problem have been tabled to TANESCO as way back as 2001 with no follow-ups. I hear that a pilot project that proved very successful was undertaken by a local firm way back in 2003-2005. I'm also told that an in-house study of one of the proposed solutions was undertaken by TANESCO themselves at the same time, and the proposed solution was recommend for implementation; a public tendering document to that effect was prepared only to end up being locked up in the cabinets of the Netgroup management.

    Various institutions such as DIT have also come up with very ambitious technical solutions to contain TOT; the problem is that TANESCO seems very much concerned with the DOWANS project at the moment. Sources within TANESCO indicate that a very practical solution from a local indigenous group has been locked up within TANESCO's procurement department cabinets for more that six months now.

    My question to TANESCO's management is; are you really serious about curbing TOT; If what I have been told by your own employees is true, if you have been sitting on multiple solutions for a decade now, and if it is true that you have even tried some of the proposed solutions to your satisfaction and then you tell the president of the country that TOT is getting out of hand, then even a mute person can understand why getting DOWANS equipment is priority to you.

    When such a technical institution as TANESCO applauds a non technical president for proposing a non technical solution to a problem that can only be contained through technical means, to me it is a big joke and it brings up questions of technical capability of the management in place.
    You don't stop TOT by media campaigns, or giving our rewards for tipsters! You don't even solve the problem by punishing your customers by making the "pay" for not "guarding" the transformers.

    You don't run to the president of a country for help eti wananiibia mafuta ya transformer mheshimiwa "A BIG JOKE". But I think it is no a joke when you approach the president with an issue such as the procurement of DOWANS gas turbines for 90bn Tshs.