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Tanesco haemorrhages Tanzania - Real?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Interested Observer, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Interested Observer JF-Expert Member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    Where in this world is easy money as this!!

    LAST Friday I woke up early and took my time to get up from bed. After all, we had been told that power would rein on Friday and Sunday.

    Now I was preparing to go iron my clothes before I hit the slums of Dar es Salaam. Then 'wham!' the bloody power went off. Later I read headlines in the papers -- No power for seven days! They got it all wrong. They should have said -- No power forever!

    Then another headline would have read -- Government allows frump led clothes in offices! No more electric cookers!

    I thought next the Ministry of Energy and Minerals would start a 'dhobi' service so that the civil service gentlemen could go and iron their pants before hitting the offices.
    We could have charcoal irons ready from Monday to Friday. I suggest a name for the new enterprise -- Msabaha's Lingerie Dhobi Service (We iron ladies underwear, skirts, gents' pants).

    Prof Mwandosya might mind, but this is a national disaster. We have to increase the use of charcoal. We will handle the encroaching desert in the future.

    Really, what is happening to Tanesco? Is someone out there being economical with the truth? First, someone talked about the water level at Mtera. To offset that, even Premier Ted Lowassa went to foreign lands to get water for Mtera.

    Then someone talked about Songas. We have gas, foreigners come in with their toys and end up selling gas to Tanzanians. I can't understand this. Then it breaks down.
    Either Tanzanians are suffering from an abysmal ignorance of things electrical or someone is insulting them by using deeds.

    Now Tanesco is at it again, commissioning power turbines for emergency use. A US-based firm is behind plans to install 20-MW gas turbines at the Ubungo power station in the city.
    My spies tell me that the fancy named Richmond Development Company of Houston, USA is in fact based nowhere than Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam. Its country manager is Mr Naeem Gire.

    If you are in the 'tapeli' business, you need that London or US address and you can supply anything to Africa and especially Bongo. We tried to get this Naeem Gire. He is nowhere to be seen. 'Mitini!'

    Our spooks in the ministries of Finance, Energy and Minerals as well as the banking sector claimed that Richmond's plan to import the gas turbine failed because they couldn’t get a bank guarantee from an American Bank so that a Letter of Credit (LC) could be opened.

    The bank decided not to issue the guarantee after undertaking a due diligence assessment of Richmond Development Company, the spooks say, because the Bank of Tanzania was reluctant for security reasons.

    The company has finally approached CRDB Limited which has opened the LC. Messrs Richmond Development Company had asked for an advance payment of 30 million US dollars while they did not have a guarantee for it.

    The gas turbine then gets crated in the US without being inspected by Bongo engineers. Then some big shot Okays it without following proper regulations.

    I can 'see' the next newspaper headlines: 'Richmond Turbines break down' (More experts will be needed to connect the wires --- Bongo engineers can't even connect light bulbs in their homes).

    But who are these 'big shots? Because USD 30 million can go a long way to, you know, encourage those big shots to break the rules.

    They should also allow my company to import yet another turbine. This is the time to chop the money. This is a British-based company. Address?

    P and P Inc.
    38 Leswin Road,
    London NW

    Country Director: Adam Lusekelo
    Mtoni, Kijichi,
    Dar es Salaam.

    Don't get alarmed, dear reader. ln our inferiority complex we trust any 'tapeli' as long as they have a 'mzungu'-sounding name. And, of course, we can share the USD 30 million loot. Everyone will be happy, a win-win for us all.
  2. M

    Mwanagenzi JF-Expert Member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    Mi hawa jamaa wa Richmond nilianza kuwashangaa niliposikia kuwa hata pesa za bond hawana. Mara nilisikia wanataka walete hiyo jenereta kabla ya kufanyiwa majaribio huko Marekani, Wabongo (safari hii) waliposhtuka ndiyo jamaa wakaanza kuwayawaya, kumbe hata pesa hawana ila mambo ya ujanja ujanja.

    Sasa THISDAY (ya leo) inasema wenye kampuni ndiyo hao hao waliodai wanataka kujenga bomba la mafuta kutoka Dar mpaka Mwanza, kwamba wao wanajenga Uwanja mpya wa Michezo (National Stadium), wanatamba kwamba walim-host balozi wetu Marekani (Andrew Daraja) kwa siku tatu...
    Jamani tuwafuatilie hawa jamaa na kujua nani yuko nyuma yao!

    Lakini pia kwa ujumla nina wasiwasi na mambo yanavyokwenda hapo Songas. Juzi tena mtambo mwingine umeharibika. Ina maana hata hizo jenereta zilizopo ni mbovu (mbofu mbofu) tu?
  3. Mlalahoi

    Mlalahoi JF-Expert Member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    Nadhani umemiss point ya This Day aidha kwa vile huliamini au...the whole story questions decision by the 4th Phase Government kuingia mkataba na kampuni hiyo kutoa umeme kwenye gridi ya Taifa.Na ndio maana hata heading ya stori hiyo kwenye This Day inahusisha "kujificha" kwa Msabaha na mkataba huo tata.Pia inaeleza jinsi kampuni hiyohiyo ilivyopigwa chini na serikali ya Awamu ya Tatu.Hebu rudia kusoma stori hiyo,but if you cant the following captions should clarify the matter

    Without naming where the projects are specifically located, the RDC further claims it is undertaking an ’oil pipeline’ project and a ’60,000-seat national stadium’ project � both projects located within East Africa, according to the website...The RDC said the projects currently under development include, (the) ’’National Sports Stadium with seating capacity of sixty thousand spectators, 1,150 km of petroleum product pipeline plus five terminals.’’

    On public record, there is only one 60,000-seater stadium project the National Stadium project built by a Chinese company -- while the Dar-Mwanza pipeline project is stalled pending final decision by Dr. Msabaha.
  4. FairPlayer

    FairPlayer JF-Expert Member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    Ndo website yao. Wame disclose very limited info. Mfano, wana zungumzia Financial statement, tungetegemea kuona balance sheet hata income statement lakini hiki ndio wameweka:


    RDC team has brought to financial close several projects totaling some $500 million. RDC's current development includes Civil Constructions, Oil Pipelines and 200MW Power Plant, and a 200,000 bpd Refinery Project in Brazil

    Wanaweza wakawa ni wafanya biashara ina wanatia shaka. Kama unayo project kwanini usitoe details?, mbona wamedanganya kuhusu kujenga uwanja? au ni new deal wamepata Kenya au Uganda?

    Just curious
  5. Nani Kasema

    Nani Kasema Senior Member

    Nov 11, 2011
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    Ahhhh, JF ya zamani ilikuwa kiboko