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Jun 23, 2009


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For all geek talks, join me on ZANBYTES FORUM at the following URL used to be Zanzibar Forum, but politics have been restricted on that Forums.May be there will be off the wall talks, that politics can go in there.But we see how that goes.

Things that are being covered here are mostly Opensource Projects involving Zanzibar or Swahili Community in one way or the other.Or if nobody will join, then it will be mostly my personal projects that I will be facing in my life.At the moment, one of the project is Swahili Translation under SW-Lokale.You will find all the ongoing activities about the Swahili Translation of the WordPress, which indirectly the translation is being used on MZALENDO.NET.The translation as I mentioned earlier is released under GPL, anyone interested in building a swahili blog with WordPress can use it for free.Free for the meaning of 0$ or free as in beer if you understand that language better. :D

**The main domain of ZANBYTES is still under construction, it will be under construction for longer periods to come...will it ever be finished?...Who knows! :rolleyes:

Good night and those who havent watched Avatar, do so.What a movie!...You need to hit the Cinema though, otherwise no 3D for you!

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