Tahadhari: Unlimited 100% Fixedgame – another Scam Business


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Jun 24, 2015
This is another scam business on a WhatsApp group.

Their WhatsApp number is: +234 706 194 783

They will look for your number and add you to their WhatsApp group without your permission.

They will then ask you to leave the group if you don’t like what they’re doing.

The moderators are maniacal criminals who would quickly remove you from the group if you ever question what they do, and also private message you to abuse you (PM, DM, PC).

Unlimited 100% Fixedgame promises to give you numbers that win sports bets 100% of the time.
They say you cannot lose because they have access to secrets of fixed matches.

But you need to send money to get the numbers to do sports betting games. Send money to them at your peril… They remove you quickly from their group afterwards.
Mission accomplished.

If they know numbers that could win 100% of the time, why can’t they and their family only
play the game and become rich? Why must they spend a lot of time and energy persuading people to be rich?

These scoundrels use many means to dupe people, but it boils down to, “SEND MONEY TO RECEIVE MONEY.”

They have many cousins, like Assured Wealth Management, Lavita Ricca Investment, and others.
Factors that determine money doubling scams - Confidential
Jul 1, 2019

You have to be infinity stupid to fall for this. It’s ridiculous how people are asked to pay $500 to win a price bigger than $1,000,000,000 where on earth or universe is that scenario making sense?

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