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Tabu Ley Rochereau ALIVE!!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Challenger, May 24, 2010.

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    I am posting this info below in response to rumors that surfaced in some media, including among some members in JF, that legendary Tabu Ley Rochereau was critically sick and was rushed to military hospital somewhere (not disclosed) and it was rumored to have gone all through to Maestro Lwambo Franco ( I mean dead).

    Below is an interview done by Robert Kongo, a Correspondent in France. Robert Kong did an interview with Tabu Ley at Ley's home near paris. by reading the interview below we should now breath normally in belief that Tabu Ley is still with us

    In the occasion of the visit by our correspondent at his home near Paris, Tabu Ley Rochereau, convalescent, he gave an interview in which he speaks for the first time in the evolution of his health. It reflects his collaboration with singer Faya Tess who has just celebrated 25 years of career, and speaks of Congolese music in general. The Air relaxing after a session of physiotherapy practice it several times a week, "Lord Ley" was delighted to answer questions from Robert Kongo, under the watchful eye of his wife and insightful "Mama Melanie. An exclusive interview of an artist who is part of our memory.

    How are you?
    Tabu Ley: As you notice, I'm fine. Everything is moving very well as evidenced by the doctors every day. So I have no worries to me about improving my health. Contrary to what some may think, I accept this condition with good humor. The disease is not a drama, it is part of life. There is no reason to be surprised or sad. I live well and with this philosophy. There are two stages in the life of a human being: the birth and death. If the birth is the beginning of life externalized, death is the end. I've never been afraid of death. Besides, why would I be afraid because it is our destiny at all? No one is eternal here below. To me, death is something natural.

    You feel good surrounded?
    Tabu Ley:I'm in good company: there is the family, friends and acquaintances, fellow artists ... musicians who often come to visit me. As you came to see me, you're part of my entourage. It gives me great good. I am still very pleased with the tribute that made me Koffi Olomide in Kinshasa on 1 May 2010. It is with joy that I had followed this great concert on television. Many musicians come-from-everywhere have responded to his invitation. Among them, Pepe N'Dombe, Lutumba Simaro and Sam Manguana. A treat for the audience who came to listen to many works of their servant. That would mean I'm pretty well surrounded. It is a grace. I bless the Lord, my Shepherd.

    And the Congolese authorities, do they take from you?
    Tabu Ley: I do not read a crystal ball or a coffee. I do not know if they seek to hear from me. Have they? Through what channel? I do not know. But when I pray to God for myself, I'm back to them so that God protects them, they can effectively conduct the affairs of the Congo, they think of its development and growth of the Congolese people. It is our primary mission, because I myself am responsible for political and cultural. I say that the Congo is our country, we must work tirelessly and lovingly to ensure its future. The work ensures progress, and progress begets happiness.

    Faya Tess, your student in music, celebrated on April 4 last 25 years of musical career. What about his journey in which the media widely reported in recent months?
    Tabu Ley:The route of Faya Tess is absolutely correct, otherwise it would not be there. 25 years in the music, this is not little. I worked with her, and I certify that this girl has talent. His behavior also explains his longevity in this business: she never betrays his friends and relations does not disappoint. She has a lot of humility. A rare quality that is not found in many girls that incorporate this profession. Most of them only come to display their charm and make hast thou seen instead of working to establish their careers. Conversely, Faya Tess works hard and has his head on his shoulders. This behavior then that Faya Tess brought to Congolese music. I hope it will serve as an example to young girls who fall into this profession. Thoughtful, intelligent, mathematician addition, Faya Tess has always impressed me!

    What is the nickname of Faya Tess and the Siren of fresh water you are the author?
    Tabu Ley:Faya derives the English word which means Fire flame, fire, Tess has her name Teresa. For this to shine, I called Faya Tess. Because it is a girl who is not raw and not finding fault with anyone, I even called the Mermaid freshwater: none of Afrisa or around us, near or far, is already come see me to complain about his behavior. Never. For this I am very happy for her and congratulate her.

    Faya Tess, is "the hope of spring pink" addition adding the media. What do you think?
    Tabu Ley:You are journalists, so you're also artists. You are the painters of writing you have this skill to paint people with your pen. It's beautiful as an appellation. Congratulations on this find.

    Do not you miss his guidance?
    Tabu Ley:No, Faya Tess is always with me, either by telephone or she comes into my home. I have always recommended that each time she needed. If I find something I dislike what it does, from an artistic standpoint, I do not miss him making the remark. In recent times, and you've probably noticed that his popularity is rising in the sky. Who does not know Faya Tess? That shows you it has found its place in music, it is now part of the cultural landscape of the Congo. When I learn here and there, that Faya Tess has constantly thank me for what I do for her, it affects me a lot and makes me feel good. As long as I live, it Benefiance always my advice.

    Faya Tess currently pursuing a solo career. If you had any advice to give, what would it be?
    Tabu Ley:Is to remove her head she leads a solo career. This term has many stupid some of our musicians, both male and female. We can not do this job alone. It is not possible. We always need support. How can a singer can happen to a performer to create a work? It's really absurd. I do not like this expression. Besides, Faya Tess, itself, has never used. Fortunately. Also, I advise him to remain herself, both on an artistic level as a human.

    All Congolese musicians speak of you as a size reference, an example of professionalism unmatched. What it gives you?
    Tabu Ley:During his lifetime, Wendo had learned when I sang "Rochereau Muana ago Congo, Wendo mokitani ago (Rochereau son of the Congo, Wendo dolphin), it seems that he was very angry, and this would have happened live on television. He said: "Ngai nanu nakufi you, ye Akendi Kolob to replace ngai" (I'm still alive, how can he claim to be my heir?). Should we expect the loss of someone to find a successor? To honor a celebrity or authority whatsoever, should it dies first? I do not agree with this reasoning. The French, for instance, they did not wait for the death of De Gaulle, Pompidou, Mitterrand ... even some artists and writers to honor or pay tribute. Streets, squares, avenues and monuments were baptized in their name, while they were still alive. Why this poses a problem here? I prefer to be honored in my lifetime, my family and myself can live this recognition there. That all young musicians today proclaim themselves heirs of Tabu Ley Rochereau, does not bother me. Instead, it gives me great pleasure, and I thank them.

    Which has inherited your professionalism, your opinion?
    Tabu Ley:They are numerous, and everyone competes to be the heir apparent Rochereau. So much better. But I have no particular preference. I congratulate and encourage those who try to make things better than the other. It is this spirit of rivalry that prevailed between Franco and me. I sincerely hope that our young musicians are inspired.

    What is your view on the Congolese music of today?
    Tabu Ley:I've always avoided issuing a personal opinion about Congolese music as it is practiced today. This could be misinterpreted. Simply, I would advise young people to work at their substantive work, they use their talent and they love this business. Also, they must bear in mind that work is done in teams, from creation to production. Thus, they must know human relationships. A little humility in their work would do no harm.

    What do you not have done during your long career you would like to carry
    Tabu Ley:I spent 9 years in the United States. I've rubbed the family of Michael Jackson, his brothers, sisters and himself. They came to my house and they invited me home. My only regret is not having had the opportunity to produce a concert with Michael Jackson. Today, that dream is unattainable because it is no longer of this world. In all my compositions is the song "Mary Clara he loved most, and I learned during an evening we spent together at Mama Patience" in Hollywood. (With the talent that he recognizes, Rochereau humming the chorus of "Maria Clara").

    In a few months, you celebrate your 70 years of age. What does this mean to you?
    Tabu Ley:This is a great personal satisfaction. Again, I bless the Lord, my Shepherd. Provident God in all things gave me this wonderful grace. Whether praised forever.

    Do you have plans on the musical?
    Tabu Ley:At 70, I am less and less music to preserve my health. But soon, I go into the studio with Faya Tess and other musicians Afrisa. With the grace of God I will go out in the coming months of new songs. I have already written a song in which I give glory to God. The dream, even utopian, every human being is to go one day in paradise, in heaven. So I sang the Sky: This haven of peace where love would prevail, sharing, sincerity; This magical, enchanting, where everything is poetry, a kingdom where everything is light.
    A last word?

    So JF members Let us wish good health and better recovery for this African Music Legendary - Kisondella

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