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Surgery mix up: Mwakyusa defends Muhimbili credibility

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by BAK, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    Surgery mix up:Mwakyusa defends Muhimbili credibility
    By Mkinga Mkinga and Faraja Jube
    The Citizen

    The minister for Health and Social Welfare, Prof David Mwakyusa and specialists at the Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) yesterday refuted allegations raised in the newspapers over the on-going probe at the institute.

    The probe follows a horrendous mix up at MOI in which doctors performed wrong surgical operations on two patients, one of whom is now fighting for his life in the intensive care unit. Media reports claim that some specialist doctors at MOI want another independent probe committee formed into the surgical error committed by the two doctors.

    A statement issued yesterday in Dodoma by the minister said it was not true that doctors did not have confidence in the probe committee already formed as media reports stated.

    "I would like to inform the general public that the government has been deeply saddened by this incident.

    "Since the matter is technical and requires ethical handling, I appeal to the public to be patient until the truth is revealed before further steps are taken," the statement urged.

    At the same time, 35 senior and junior doctors at MOI have forwarded to the minister, the permanent secretary and board of trustees chairman Sir Andy Chande a letter refuting the claims of lack of confidence in the probe team.

    "We convened a meeting of about 35 doctors at the Institute today (Friday) morning and reached consensus to respond to those allegations in writing," said the medical director, Dr Abednego Kinasha.

    According to Dr Kinasha, the letter denies allegations directed to the institution, in which a group of medical specialists have been accused of lacking confidence in the probe committee, signaling afore-hand that they would not accept with its findings.

    "There is nobody among us who has ever spoken to the media, particularly the local tabloids, about anything reported yesterday. We have confidence in the probe committee," he affirmed.

    "The probe committee has been formed legally according to existing regulations, after directives from the board and not upon the wishes of the management.
    "The committee shall work under prescribed terms of reference, and thereafter submit its findings to the Ministry. There is no way that the management of the institution will act otherwise without directives from the Ministry," he elaborated.
    Dr Kinasha said some of the newspapers carried sensational stories to create shock and fear among the public and ministerial authorities regarding the sensitivity of the issues facing the institute.

    "There is nothing to doubt about the formation of the committee. It was the fairest way to act upon such a medical error. The board acted immediately and formed an independent probe committee which was given relatively short time to investigate the matter," Dr. Kinasha further noted. He said during their Friday internal meeting the doctors refuted and condemned what was reported in the local newspapers, adding that they all signed a document which shows their confidence in the institution's management and the probe committee.

    Commenting on the recent situation after the incident, the medical director said the work load is higher compared to a few days before the suspension of two medical doctors following the incident.

    The head of neuro-surgery, Prof Joseph Kahamba also confirmed that the workload has doubled compared to the capacity of the number of neuro-surgery specialists at work at the moment.

    "The atmosphere is completely normal. We proceed with operations as normal though we have a huge workload, taking into consideration that we have just a few specialists," he said. The institution has only one expert and three local neurosurgeons inclusive of the one suspended pending investigation into the matter, four anaesthetists and 13 orthopaedic surgeons.

    "It is not that some patients are not operated due to the suspension of our colleagues. The situation is that sometimes our intensive care unit is full of patients, and as medical specialists, we cannot conduct surgery while we do not have a bed to admit operated patients at ICU," explained Prof Kahamba.

    The incident in which two patients underswent wrong surgery is said to have created an unpleasant atmosphere among medical specialists, with depression among both patients and specialists.

    Additional reporting by Rodgers Luhwago in Dodoma.
    "We are depressed, and it is unfortunate that it happened. We hope that definitely it won't be repeated.

    "This is the general feeling among doctors, that our colleagues have become victims of unfortunate circumstances, but they still are very hardworking, committed and experienced professionals," said one of the specialists.
    Additional reporting by Rodgers Luhwago in Dodoma.
  2. K

    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    I don't understand why the doctor was suspended as a reaction to this mix up because the operation was carried out by a team, not one person. They should suspend the whole team or none of them. The reason I am saying this is that it is not clear yet as to what was the source of the error, or who sparked the chain of events that ended in the mix up. If the purpose of the suspension is to safeguard the proceedings of investigation, it may not succeed because the person who actually caused the mistake may have been left in the system, so the investigation may still be difficult. Look at this scenario for instance: The doctor may talk to a patient in theatre and confirm the operation with him, then he goes to the tea room to warm himself up before the procedure. In the operating room, they may find some reason to shift the patient, eg something is wrong with the table, or so, hence decide to swap with a patient who fits better in that table. Or the very experienced anaesthetist for a head operation is late, so they decide to start with the simpler procedure, so they bring in the patient for such a procedure, and anaesthetize. Then the experienced anaesthetist comes and takes over, and the surgeon comes in while the patient is already in anaesthesia. In such a situation, unless there had been a very good communication system, the surgeon will continue with the originally planned procedure, and this will be a mix up. So if we suspend the surgeon pending further investigation, whom are we protecting? I don't know what happened in MOI, but what I have explained is a possible scenario.

    Kwa hiyo they should have thought better, of course suspending the entire team would amount to paralysing the system, but suspending the one doctor also amounts to injustice. They are assuming he is guilty until he proves he is not? What type of justice is this? Innocent until proven guilty, this is what I thought, but nashangaa kwa kweli.
  3. M

    Mfwatiliaji JF-Expert Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    Kithuku, it is possible that the suspended doctor was the chief surgeon of that particular operation.Therefore, normally the chief is the one who is responsible and bear all the consequences on behalf of the team.
  4. Masanilo

    Masanilo JF-Expert Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    This can be translated as lack of seriousness!!
  5. M

    Mugishagwe JF-Expert Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    What did you guys expect from this saga ? The same tactic used on Mafisadi now we are witnessing collective responsibility and no will ever face justice. Poleni wagonjwa
  6. K

    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    Naona hapa umeamua tu kutuchekesha!
  7. m

    mkama Member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    Mnyonge mnyongeni haki yake mpatien.
    Wangesubiri tume kabla ya kumsimamisha daktari mmoja.Surgeon haiingizi mgojwa theater,na wala hasimamii utoaji wa dawa za usingizi.Huanza kazi baada ya hayo kufanyika,lakini hawezi kuanza bila kupitia vipimo vya mgonjwa.Shida yake inasemekana walichanganya CT scan Za mgonjwa walizomtundikia kwenye kioo cha kutazamia.Alizikuta zimetundikwa tayari.Anyway,Tutajua mengi baada ya tume
  8. Z

    Zebaki Member

    Nov 12, 2007
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    makosa kama haya yameshafanyika kwenye nchi za wenzetu (magharibi) na ndio maana siku hizi ukiwa unafanyiwa surgery, kabla hujaonana na anaesthesiologist, unaonana kwanza na daktari wako ambaye ana fanya final assessment na kuweka alama (kwa special marker)akiafikiana na mgonjwa kwenye sehemu ambayo atapasua. Natumaini viongozi wa MOI baada ya tume ya uchunguzi kwisha wataweka njia za checks/balance kama hizi kuepusha makosa kama haya huko mbeleni. Yaliyowafika wagonjwa hawa na familia zao ni matatizo makubwa Mungu awasaidie awape nguvu katika kipindi hiki kigumu. Natumaini pia wahusika wote katika hili kosa kubwa watawajibishwa kikamilifu!!!
  9. Yunic

    Yunic Senior Member

    Nov 12, 2007
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    Mimi Hii Incident Imenisikitisha Sana! Uzembe Wa Aina Hii Unamizizi Mirefu Mno....Watanzania Sie Jamani Hatuna Uwajibikaji Wa Kweli Makazini. Kama Alokosea Ni Nesi Au Ni Chief Surgeon, This Shouldn't Have Happened At All! Na Kama Alivyo-mention Kithuku, Ilitakiwa Timu Nzima Alohusika Asimamishwe, Maana Wote Wana Makosa. Katika Mlolongo Huo Wa Watu Woooote Hao, Yaani Hata Mmoja Hakubaini Kwamba Kuna Walakini Hapo? Here's What I Think:

    1. The Whole Team Should Be Suspended
    2. Tume Ipewe Muda Mfupi Kufanya Uchunguzi (independent Kabisa, Ikitolewa Nje Ya Tz Itakuwa Bora, Maana Kama Hiyo Tume Itakuwa Ya Hapo Nyumbani, Nina Hakika Itatumia Wiki Kibao, Na Pesa Za Mikutano, Chakula, Etc Zitatumika [kama Tunavyofahamu, Maana Huo Ndio Utakuwa Mradi Tena]).
    3. Ndugu Wa Hawa Wagonjwa Washitaki Kitengo Cha Moi, Serikali, Ilhali Wizara Ya Afya Kwa Jambo Hili Na...
    4. Ndugu Hawa Washitaki Hawa Madaktari, Manesi, Etc Walohusika Na Hili Kosa.

    Yakifanyika Haya, Itakuwa Fundisho Kwa Future Incidences!
  10. Kite Munganga

    Kite Munganga JF-Expert Member

    Nov 13, 2007
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    Ukweli ingawa wa mashaka pale MOI pana utata wa Uongozi pamoja na viongozi kulifumbia macho jambo hilo kwa muda mrefu sasa,Historia inajikita jinsi MOI ilivyoanzishwa na yule anayesemekana kuwa ni first lady wa pembeni wa awamu iliyopita ambaye hata specialization yake ya Orthopeadic inatiliwa mashaka kiutendaji ingawa vitendea kazi binafsi alikuwa navyo, huyo ndie aliyeanzisha makundi yanayopigana vita pale, Je kuchanganya wagonjwa na kufanya operation tofauti ni sawa? jibu si sisawa lakini unategemea nini kama msaidizi wa katibu mkuu anasema kuwa ni jambo la kawaida hutokea na anaita BAHATI MBAYA YA KAWAIDA bila kujali kuwa kuna checks nyingi tu hufanyika kabla mgonjwa hajapasuliwa, eg conset form, escorting nurse handing over report, anaesthetist pre-op visit report,Doctor orders, etc
    je zote hizo hawakuona au ni makusudi ya kuleta scandal la kujitakia ili kundi fulani lianguke?
  11. Gaijin

    Gaijin JF-Expert Member

    Nov 13, 2007
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    kumsimamisha kazi daktari mmoja tu kunashangaza, lakini pina inaweza kuonyesha hii tume ipo serious kwa kiasi gani.

    wengi tulipenda balali asimamishwe kazi kulipotokea kashfa ya BOT japo kuwa yeye hakufanya kashfa hizo peke yake.

    nataraji hii imekusudiwa kuonyesha tume ipo serious kiasi gani kwenye uchunguzi wake na sio vyenginevyo