Suicide Bomber!

Gamba la Nyoka

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May 1, 2007
A brightday suddenly turn to to darkness
The once wide open eyes, are full of tears
The peaceful hearts, Conquered by fear
Horror, cry and blood every where

You choose to take life, which God has given
Prefer to cause strife, kill women and children
Whats wrong with you,why hunt fellow men?
Suicide bomber ,you are a danger man

You are drunk on the wine of hate
Feed on the sauce of revenge

Were'nt you in the mothers womb?
Now how dare you carry the bomb?
Make a father weep like a child
I dont know what makes you so wild
And yet your last word is "i am proud"
Oh suicide bomber see what you have done!

Woe to you mankind
if you pretend deaf and blind
if you shall not raise the voice
and speak the word of peace
behold you still pretend
That you dont see what is taking place!

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