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Stupidity, Obama

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by X-PASTER, Dec 17, 2009.


    X-PASTER Moderator

    Dec 17, 2009
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    Stupidity, Obama

    "Hate stupidity not the stupid, stupid!"
    By Joel Miller

    Stupidity is neither ignorance (lack of knowledge) or false beliefs, but a condition of intelligence. Like our physical condition, intelligence can be in good (smart) or poor (stupid) shape and always either improving or deteriorating. The word stupid stems from a root word meaning hit and first implied a stunned state after receiving a blow. Stupidity was a temporary condition. Unfortunately, the period of stupidity, of being in a stupor, can extend over many years when the blows come from social, political, cultural or economic events. Many and repeated blows can cause intellectual punch-drunkenness.

    "Fear and obedience are the bread and butter of stupidity sandwiches."
    PO (Product Obama) and Information Clearing House newsletter illustrate two sides of a basic form of stupidity. We'll begin with the president.

    The campaign based on "change" should have alerted everyone that a con-artist had entered the room. Change indeed. PO could just as well have promised weather. Change occurs whether we want it or not. Why was the great dark hope shouting meaningless abstractions about change while barely whispering about specific actions?

    Bush was a great "changer." He changed adherence to law and the constitution. He changed the country to a state of war. He changed the condition of the economy. After all the changes under Bush the people would have elected a dead rabbit rather than a Republican.

    The play on ethnicity, the sugar-coated racism, should also have caused alert lights to blink. What effect did black general Powell or black secretary Rice have on government policy?

    "Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes and can fit a pimp, prude, professor, priest, prince or president."

    PO's silence during the massacre in Gaza convinced everyone but the stupid that the president was a stooge. If you can't say anything about a massacre of innocents, what can you say? His silence rang louder than the cries of pain, anguish and despair caused by the made-in-USA white phosphorous hurled by Israeli aggressors.

    How stupid do you have to be to believe that a new president who retains key honchos of the previous president is going to change anything essential? If that doesn't smarten you up, how do you react to the fact that new staff members all come from the financial cells of banksters who terrorized the economy?

    "No amount of intelligence will prevent you from doing stupid things."

    The stack of broken promises build by PO tells all but the stupidest that he's a forked-tongued charlatan. He's changed nothing but the quality of lies. Bush's clumsy lies have changed into elegant ones. Lies once spoken in stumbling, grammatically-challenged sentences now flow in well articulated prose. Some change!

    It was both embarrassing and nauseating to hear members of the "intelligentsia" shouting over the stack of lies begging PO to refrain from sending more troops to Afghanistan. They may as well have appealed to a dead rabbit.

    If PO isn't a liar, he should be awarded a congressional medal of stupidity. He claims the increase in troops is intended for a decrease in troops at a later date. He claims to be convinced that the freedom and security of the USA are threatened by poor villagers on the other side of the world. He approves of launching hell-fire missiles at suspects even if they are among wedding guests. Pin a medal on the dummy or admit he's a lier.

    "Intelligence has its limits, but not stupidity."

    Of course PO forms a mere figurehead on the ship of state navigating by a compass of profit on a mission of conquest. Many people advocate appealing to the hands on deck (congress) to change course. That's stupid. The crew of the ship is paid by and follows the orders of the plutocrat commanders.

    Thousands of things can be done to alter the present state of affairs. The first and most important of which is to get smart. Discard the (stupid) illusion that you can influence the established government institutions. These are the administrative tools of the plutocracy. And the plutocrats can't be diverted from their course because they are the stupidest people in the world. They are punch-drunk stupid from fighting fantasy enemies created by their own lies. They're blinded by arrogance, decayed with corruption and diseased with greed.

    "Power corrupts and so does powerlessness and both of them breed stupidity."

    Many people throughout the world still look to their governments to solve problems resulting from the policies of the governments. This is due to a basic form of stupidity that can easily be seen by Information Clearing House (ICH). This daily newsletter supplies information under the slogan "News You Won't Find On CNN". Its comprehensive and relevant news coverage has attracted over 66 000 subscribers. With no advertisers, institutions, parties or businesses in the background, Tom, the single person running the show, maintains a high level of trust and integrity. He counts on the subscribers to support his efforts through contributions. Unfortunately, most of the subscribers, despite their political awareness, can be proven stupid.

    "Ignorance and stupidity are not crimes but the cause of crimes."

    Once a month Tom makes a plea for contributions. After three days of pleading less than 0,005% of the subscribers respond. Stupidity inhibits the subscribers from supporting this excellent source of vital information? A basic form of stupidity. It's not so much that they interpret a "free press" as being free from costs instead of being free from commercial interests. They think (stupidly) that someone else will pay. They fail to shoulder their responsibility, to support an enterprise working in their interests. It's the same form a basic stupidity that surrenders responsibility for the community to incompetent and unscrupulous politicians. Someone else will do it!

    "Popular stupidities, comfortable conformities and attractive absurdities are disturbing realities in the path of practical necessities."

    I cry internally every month at the poor response to Tom's request for support. Do we have a chance at all when so much stupidity abounds among those who have a relatively good grasp of current events? No, we don't. Our only hope is that people get smart. That they realise that they have a responsibility for the events of our times. Note "a" responsibility, not the responsibility. If they don't do what they can, how can we hope to achieve what is possible? If they're not smart enough to support the people and projects that work in their interests, they are, despite their knowledge and merits in general, not smart enough to influence the course of developments. They are basically stupid, which, as mentioned above, is a temporary state of intelligence. Let's hope this state changes in time.

    by Joel Miller

    who has done so many stupid things so often that he can be considered an authority on stupidity.
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    How ironic that this article was written by a stupid man.

    X-PASTER Moderator

    Dec 18, 2009
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    "Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes and can fit a pimp, prude, professor, priest, prince or president."

    Oh! Poor stupid... Obama... They using you!
  4. Waberoya

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    Dec 18, 2009
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    As far as we know, our computer has never had an undetected error.
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    I think this has to do with a racism!