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Some legal minds!

Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by SMU, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. SMU

    SMU JF-Expert Member

    Nov 8, 2010
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    A lawyer defending a man accused of burglary tried this creative defense:

    "My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few trifling articles. His arm is not himself, and I fail to see how you can punish the whole individual for an offense committed by his limb."

    "Well put," the judge replied. "Using your logic, I sentence the defendant's arm to one year's imprisonment. He can accompany it or not, as he chooses."

    The defendant smiled. With his lawyer's assistance he detached his artificial limb, laid it on the bench, and walked out.
  2. K

    KIBONGOMKUTI JF-Expert Member

    Nov 9, 2010
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    Hahahahha crazy stuff
  3. Mitchell

    Mitchell JF-Expert Member

    Nov 12, 2010
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    teh teh teh its fun :smile-big: