Soccer Great Pele, Robbed By Gang!!!!


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Jan 30, 2008

SAO PAULO (AFP) - Brazilian former soccer star Pele was robbed by a gun- and knife-wielding gang of youths when his chauffeur-driven car got stuck in traffic near Sao Paulo, a report in the weekly Veja newsmagazine said.

The 67-year-old sporting legend was forced to hand over a watch, a gold chain and a mobile telephone to the 10-strong gang that surrounded his car, the magazine said.

The crime occurred two weeks ago, as Pele was being driven in Santos, on the coast near Sao Paulo.

According to Veja, Pele yelled out "It's Pele!" to his assailants as they targeted his vehicle, hoping they would let him go. Instead they hit the car and ordered him to hand over his possessions.

Aisee too bad huyu mtu I thought alishakuwa minister sasa hana hata backup ya boardguards?

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