Six teenage suspects accused of kidnapping, killing 9-year-old boy nabbed


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Aug 19, 2012
Police have arrested six teenage suspects accused of kidnapping a 9-year-old boy in Kakamega County and later killing him.

According to a Police report seen by Capital News, the suspects had demanded 50,000 shillings for them to release the boy.

His body was found on Monday morning, after one of the suspects led police to the scene of crime.

The 9-year old boy body which was dumped in a ditch had a slit on the neck suspected to have been inflicted on him using a sharp object.

Of the suspects, one is aged 18, the second 17, while the rest are 16-year-old.

The victim was kidnapped within the town after he left home to attend a Madrassa on Saturday.

This is the latest incident in what is becoming a worrying trend across various parts of the country.

In a May 28 incident, detectives rescued a four-year-old abducted from Utawala area in Nairobi County.

Detectives trailed the suspects in Machakos where they were holding the girl while waiting for a Sh1 million ransom upon the lapse of their one-week deadline.

Two suspects among an Ex-KDF soldier have since been arrested and charged and arraigned.

A 2017 report by the National Crime Research Centre revealed that revenge is the main socio-cultural motive for kidnappings while ransom payment is a major financial reason while reducing political rivalry remains the main political motive.

According to the report, perpetrators use force to kidnap majority of their targets at 43.7pc, others were enticed at 26.8 pc while 3.9pc was through domestic workers.

However, 0.4pc self-kidnapped themselves, either to get sympathy or political mileage.

A majority of the victims according to the report were kidnapped while going home, when on duty or business premises and when closing business.

Parents and guardians are urged to “ensure that young children leaving schools for homes are picked and accompanied by trusted adults in the evening hours.”

“Businesspersons need to ensure that they use safe routes and means of transport when getting to work or going home in the evenings. They also need to conduct their business transactions in open or be vigilant of suspect activities or persons around them.”


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Dec 7, 2007
More young males are sexually abused by women than most people think but those incidents go unreported.

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