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sinister secret government attempts to stimulate global crisis

Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by Andrew Nyerere, Jan 29, 2009.

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    The Sinister Secret Government Attempts to Stimulate Global Crisis
    Monday, October 15, 2001

    The Sinister Secret Government Attempts to Stimulate Global Crisis With WTC, Russian Jet Explosion, Etc.
    And What You Can Do about It!

    Welcome. Three things happened yesterday, and I want to know if any of them are accidents or caused by the terrorists? The Russian jet over the Black Sea exploded, seventy-six people on board. The news reports are talking about a Ukrainian training missile, but they say the range is off. Can you say anything about that?

    This was caused by a weapon, but it was not a conventional weapon. It appears to be something that is disguised, very carefully disguised.
    This represents a clandestine war. There is and has been some suspicion for a while, in various intelligence communities around the world, that a group of individuals is actively operating who are attempting to stimulate a global war, as well as a global crisis. Some of the individuals in these communities feel that the intention is to create a global calamity that will involve literally every continent, although not every country. The scenario, observed by many of these well-established intelligence communities, is that the victims or those suffering are connected with the former and recent global wars. Therefore, it is most important to study who fought who in World War I and, more to the point, World War II. Those who are really behind this intend to create enough crises that they can usurp power. They [the Sinister Secret Government] do not intend to create a negative global government, per se; but they do hope to be able to usurp power, depress the stock market, obtain rights, privileges and authorities that are often obtainable during such crises and then exercise them later in order to influence the population.
    Some of the more interesting analyses from intelligence communities, not only in the United States but elsewhere, suggest that it is possible that this represents an attack from an extraterrestrial source. And the possible reason (that has been proffered) is that, for one, the attempt to create suspicion is following closely (along the lines of) World War II enemies and allies. A network that might be extraterrestrial with terrestrial allies might very well try to push buttons, so to speak; not atomic buttons, but buttons of individuals, based upon sensitivities. The U.S. isn’t entirely over its experience with Japan in World War II; Japan isn’t entirely over its experience with the United States in World War II. So countries that need to be observed for victimization and real or possible terrorist acts against them are Japan, the United States, Russia and, of course, Germany.
    Now, I do not wish to alarm people, but I feel the citizens of Germany and the German government need to be on very high alert. I am not saying that they have to worry about their current allies or even their past enemies; but the threat will come in a clandestine way from individuals trying to pass themselves off as somebody else—exactly the way the Trade Center disaster and the Pentagon and airline disaster happened to the United States, where there was an attempt to make it clear that the United States was being attacked by their former ally, bin Laden, and generally speaking, Middle Eastern countries with whom the United States has recently had disputes. But look at other things; Tokyo, recently, had the subway gas attack. A direct attack on citizens, again, with a trail apparently leading back to radical elements within their country. But all these are false trails, and there will be a false trail with this Russian disaster. So I want to alert the global community that these trails apparently leading to whoever the country is at odds with, or even criminal elements within the country (where there have been difficulties in the past) will be false, and that the real challenge is not only the sinister secret government, but their allies. The connection was made by utilizing their old time-travel device.
    I realize that average citizens will find this all hard to believe; but my message is less for the average citizen—other than to inform people—and more for those who can . . . how can we say, turn over rocks and look in the right places. I feel that one of the better ways to combat these attacks on Earth—and this is the best way to look at it, these are attacks on Earth, and Earth civilizations—is to unite as a global community. It won’t be easy, because every one of these attacks will happen in a way that is easily traced; and that’s the problem, it’s too easily traced. A bone of contention in the intelligence communities has been that it’s obvious who did it. Why is it so obvious? It shouldn’t be that obvious; we shouldn’t be able to find out so quick, you see? Every one of them is caused by these individuals.
    This allied connection from the sinister secret government through passage in time is not going back to any government or even past government in the Earth; but far back to a distant circumstance associated with the constellation of Orion. There has been, you understand, no conflict in Orion for thousands of generations; but if you go back far enough, you find conflict. The sinister secret government was able to make the connection with these people, based largely upon their personal contact with individuals from Orion. .

    Right. From their relationships with present-day Orions? That was the connection, you’re saying?

    But the present-day Orions would represent what I would call benevolent Orions; however, the SSG [Sinister Secret Government] has been able, through capturing, and detaining a visitor from Orion whom they were able to identify, who is not paying a diplomatic call on them, but to others on Earth. They managed to capture this person, and utilizing their rudimentary time-travel potential, were able to explore this person’s Orion lineage to the past.

    That was the SSG’s string to the past belligerent and warring Orions?

    That’s the string. And they are using techniques largely associated with disruption of global unification, because if you look at your recent history on Earth, there have been increasingly strong business connections, forming a de facto business global community, which are being strained right now. The sinister secret government felt a distinct threat. They know their days are numbered, and they are fighting. They are using every means at their disposal to keep you all at each other’s throats.

    How long ago did they capture this Orion whose lineage was traced back and followed by the time traveling SSG to a time when Orion was not benevolent?

    They obtained this person and have detained him for about three months. He resisted for a time, but after a while could not resist any more. All diplomatic efforts from the current civilizations on Orion have been ignored. They have been unable to get their person back.

    So this is a relatively recent situation, then? In our terms?

    Recent in terms of their capturing this person; but the moment you travel in time, then you can’t use the word recent anymore.

    So what did the SSG do? Did they go back and get some operatives or physical Orions from a negative past and bring them here?

    No. They made an allied connection with those in that distant disruptive time in Orion. They said that they would like to bring them here, but could not at this time with the state of their technology. They would like to create an alliance. Should the technology be made available to them, they would bring them here so that they could survive. They could not survive with their belief in war. They would not be killed on Orion in that distant past, but would be transformed. Of course, if you have certain beliefs, you don’t want to be transformed. You want to go on believing what you believe—that’s quite universal. So the SSG offered to bring them from where they are to here. Of course, if you follow this in linear time, they are long since dead, but with time travel, that is ruled out.

    So did they ask them for advice as to how to achieve this?

    Yes, they asked for advice on ways that would be sure to work. And what was suggested was to find the most recent global conflict and to create agitations between former enemies and former allies. With all your recent global conflicts, even after the conflicts were over, and the winning side was patting each other on the back, they were also getting suspicious of their own allies. So the idea was how . . .

    How to fan that suspicion?

    That’s right; how to fan that suspicion, as well as to push the buttons between former enemies. That’s what’s going on.

    Is this also relevant to the World Trade Center?

    Yes. The World Trade Center, the recent explosion on the Russian plane, the gassing in the Tokyo subway, and I might add, the attempt to eliminate certain populations on the Earth, which was traced to sinister secret government connections with former German governments of the past . . .

    You’re talking about Hitler starting the Bosnian war?

    Yes, that’s right. But it goes back before that. The whole point is that there has been for some time an effort to disrupt and corrupt and keep people at odds with each other; that’s why all of the messages after the World Trade Center had to do with avoiding blame and unity. But it isn’t sufficient to be united as a country; you have to be united as Earth, to become aware of being Earth citizens. If you are anything but Earth citizens right now, you will be susceptible to constant manipulation and attack. But if you begin to identify as Earth citizens, and find ways to resolve your difficulties it will help. It may not be possible overnight, but find ways, work on them. That’s why Zoosh recently spoke about not allowing yourselves to be manipulated.

    Now, the Tokyo subway gas attack was farther back than three months, so obviously they went back in time for that, then? The thing a couple of years ago was caused by something that they initiated three months ago?

    You can’t say that, because they’ve had the person for three months, but that’s splitting hairs. Let’s just say that anything you know to be true in your past, that you can trace and prove, is always available for change.

    That’s pretty dangerous.

    Think about it. It tells you how very vulnerable the past is. If you change the past just a little bit . . .

    You change the present?

    The present will alter. And that’s why there has been such an attempt to figure out how to change the past even by individuals wanting to do good. They hoped that the present would be more benevolent. But there has been almost no effort to figure out ways to protect the past. In my understanding, the best way to protect the past is to unify, and to have methods firmly in place to resolve disputes, not only economic and business disputes, but governmental, nationalistic, internal, meaning between social groups, all disputes, not with an iron hand, but with the best possible compromise. Everybody can’t have everything they want; that’s not what compromise is about.

    Well, it looks to me, here like humans versus the secret government . . . that they’ve got more toys and more . . .

    . For starters, recognize that everything that has happened in the past is not something that you would necessarily like to protect. [Chuckle.] You’d like some things to change.

    But you have to protect it first; and then learn how to change it. So I’m going to suggest this. For those who can, now, feel the heat or the love, but it is felt physically as warmth in the chest/solar plexus area in general, begin with that. Then say the following words: May the past of Earth and all the civilizations upon it be safely united now, and may our past lead to greater union, now and in all nows to come. However . . . that’s what to say, but let me tell you the mechanism by which it works. You write those words down. You are practitioners, now; you are material masters in training. While you’re feeling the heat . . . you have to be feeling the warmth, wherever it comes up for you, go into it and feel it more; don’t try to move it around . . . have that statement in front of you, in big letters so you don’t have to struggle, and slowly read it only once while feeling the heat. It won’t be easy to maintain the heat and to read that statement; but try it. Say it only once. If you can do it on your own, and maintain the heat through the whole statement, good. If you can’t do it (you’ve said it, but you feel the heat come and go), get together with some of your friends who do the love/heat, and do it well, and you all get together and read it. It doesn’t have to be read at the same time, but you need to feel that heat, every word. For every word. And doing it together might be easier. It needs to be said out loud, but it doesn’t have to be yelled; it can be said quietly out loud. Doing it all together in the same room might be easier.
    If you still can’t do it, then do this. Go to someplace where there’s an old tree. It’s used to human beings. The best type of tree would be out in a forest someplace, where the tree has grown naturally, where it felt welcome. Go up to the tree, say, “Good life,” out loud, and then feel your love/heat within your body. You will probably then feel, if the tree is not busy, an increased level of that heat. That is the tree experiencing that warmth with you, which creates extra warmth. Wait for a moment while some of it radiates, then see if you can say, out loud, that phrase while you feel the heat. It ought to work, then. The tree will understand what it means, so you don’t have to explain it. After you are done and the warmth has died down and you feel relaxed, say, “Good life,” to the tree, and gently walk away. .<

    All of you must begin to exercise material mastery now. You might wonder, why are these terrible things happening now? Who will save the Earth? Where will the saving come from? Is God going to return now and say, “All right, stop your fighting; come, let’s sit down together and be happy.” That will come in time, but it would first behoove you to begin.
    All right. Well, let’s go on. Yesterday [4 October 2001] on a bus in Tennessee a man from Croatia used a knife and attacked the driver. The bus went off the road and killed six people. Was that an isolated event or was it manipulated by the SSG?

    No. No, that was a genuine terrorist event, not stimulated by these people we’ve been talking about today. It is a sad thing; because somehow, people who do what is called terrorism get it into their heads that as a last resort, we’ll do these things, because no one’s paying attention to us. But they don’t realize that with computers and communication, it is possible nowadays to get attention paid to you in less violent ways. Your press, unfortunately, does tend to cater to that. They don’t talk about this problem with these people, and how to resolve the troubles. They tend to give exposure only to violent incidences. You will need to do something about that. But it is not the SSG behind that.

    This weapon that is disguised-that blew up the Russian jet on 4 October 2001, over the Black Sea—can you describe it enough so that security people at airports can look for it? This weapon doesn’t look like a weapon but it explodes airplanes?

    It looks like an electronic device. The sneaky thing about it is that when tested and run as an electronic device, in whatever form, that device will actually perform rudimentary activities. If it is a cell phone, it will do basic cell phone things; it won’t do complex cell phone things. If it is a camera, it might be able to flash, and the shutter will go click. So it’s in the shell; the shell of the device is the explosive. And there is a timing mechanism built in. It is pretty exotic.

    Is it from offplanet?

    No. It just hasn’t been used. It’s the kind of thing that governments dream up and don’t really put into practical action because it’s expensive, plus they’re trying to create alliances with other countries, not war. But this is part of the reason that security has a lot of problems. This is the resolution for security. If they’re not sure about something, or if they think that it ought to be all right (meaning it looks like what it’s supposed to be, and it basically does what it’s supposed to do but if you are still are suspicious for any reason) this is what you can do. The material is stable, meaning that it can be bumped around and nothing will happen. But it has a very tough outer coating. What you can do is to take an instrument and scratch it. Granted, it will put a scratch in the surface. Then run it through the sniffer. It can be sniffed out, but only if the surface has been scratched.

    That’s incredible. Okay, so it could look like a cell phone?

    Any small kind of electronic object; not anything big. Someone might take on in a purse, or...and very often the people have no idea what it is, they don’t even realize that they’re taking something onboard that is lethal.

    So is it possible there were two explosive devices on this Russian plane, since one went off in the air, and one when it hit the water, according to the newspaper report?

    I think something was in the wing that went off...part of the wing, when it hit the water. I cannot say. The people have all crossed over. What occurred in that incident is less important—more important is to keep it from happening again in the future. The tricky thing is that the device can perform rudimentary tasks, even if it’s a small tape recorder. You can press a button and it will record a message, and play it back. But the explosive is in the actual shell. Now, there is an exception. If the shell of the device is metal, then you don’t have to worry about it. This is only the case if the shell of the device appears to be plastic. So, if it is a camera body, for instance, that is entirely metal, you can dismiss it, other than, of course, perhaps opening the camera to make sure it is what it appears to be. But it will not take the appearance or form of metal; only of plastic.

    So then, this is not a suicide situation; it was installed or implanted on someone, for...

    That’s right. That’s the thing. Nowadays, whoever’s doing what, all of that is less important than what you can do about it