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Sick and tired of the ‘jew thing’

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Dingswayo, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Dingswayo

    Dingswayo JF-Expert Member

    Oct 13, 2009
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    October 13, 2009 at 9:21 am (DesertPeace Editorial, Israel, Palestine)

    When will people realise that not all Jews are zionists? When will these same people realise that not all zionists are Jews?

    As I browse through pro Palestinian Blogs, many written by Palestinians themselves, I see a growing trend of subtle anti-Semitism. This manifests itself in a few ways, one is the way the word Jew or Jewish is spelled…. with a lower case ‘j’. This is an insult to all Jews, both in Israel and abroad.

    As can seen in this chart, most Jews do not live in Israel…. ([ame=""]Source[/ame] of Chart)

    Total population 13,155,000 Regions with significant populations [​IMG] [ame=""]Israel[/ame] 5,393,000 [​IMG] [ame=""]United States[/ame] 5,275,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]France[/ame] 490,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Canada[/ame] 374,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]United Kingdom[/ame] 295,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Russia[/ame] 225,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Argentina[/ame] 184,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Germany[/ame] 120,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Australia[/ame] 104,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Brazil[/ame] 96,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Ukraine[/ame] 77,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]South Africa[/ame] 72,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Hungary[/ame] 49,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Mexico[/ame] 40,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Belgium[/ame] 31,200
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Netherlands[/ame] 30,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Italy[/ame] 28,600
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Chile[/ame] 20,700
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Belarus[/ame] 18,200
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Uruguay[/ame] 18,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Switzerland[/ame] 17,900
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Turkey[/ame] 17,800
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Venezuela[/ame] 15,400
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Sweden[/ame] 15,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Spain[/ame] 12,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Iran[/ame] 10,800
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Romania[/ame] 10,100
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Latvia[/ame] 9,800
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Austria[/ame] 9,000
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Azerbaijan[/ame] 6,800
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Denmark[/ame] 6,400
    [​IMG] [ame=""]Panama[/ame] 5,000

    Among the Diaspora Jews, there is a growing trend of not supporting the genocidal policies of the zionist state. There has also been a significant drop in visits made by these people to Israel. On a daily basis, more and more Jews are expressing their disgust with zionism.

    From the likes of a Foxman I do not expect to see a differentiation between trends of anti-Semitism or anti zionism. These people are not only the enemies of the Palestinian people, they are, in effect, enemies of the Jews themselves. From those who support the Palestinian cause I expect a different attitude. We must all work together…. Muslims, Christians and Jews. We must not alienate each other. Those of us that are involved in the actual struggle realise this for the most part, it is just a handful that seem not to.

    Bottom line is that I am ’sick and tired of the Jew thing’……. let’s pull together. Only then will we see a
  2. Buchanan

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    Oct 14, 2009
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    Sure! Let's love one another! God is love!
  3. Tumain

    Tumain JF-Expert Member

    Oct 14, 2009
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    Does this come from bottom of your heart!...thread zako zingine ziko too negative to other faith!