Should Tanzanian Government Censor Dirty music video clips & Lyrics?


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Feb 12, 2014
Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents. Almost everywhere its available through radio various recordings, internet and new technology’s parents are unaware of lyrics which their children’s are listening to due to children listening through earphones. The effect that popular music has on children’s behavior and emotions are a big concern. The lyrics have become more explicit in their references to drugs and violence over the years. The perception and the music videos and messages are important because it has reported the exposure to violence, sexual messages, sexual stereotypes and even use of illegal substances. Music videos might produce significant changes in the behaviors of attitudes of young viewers.

More and more songs with offensive lyrics are being aired on TV shows, radio and in movies, many young people are now accustomed to hearing such words and end up not thinking twice about repeating the words in their day to day lives. As days goes by especially women presenters and dancers in the video clips look more and more naked and express sexuality in their dancing styles.

At the end of the day, we learn from our surroundings and so, if offensive lyrics are becoming normalized through music, some young people will probably end up viewing these words as inoffensive and will repeat them with ease, looking like aggressive people to those who still view these words as vulgar and inappropriate for conversation.

Probably there is a demand for vulgar language. And that says a lot about society today, I think. A lot of people argue about how today's generation is losing its morals, and people are finding traditions to be questioned and broken. There's been a shift in culture. People are starting to think issues, like abortion, gay rights, and women rights, should be this or that. When in the past there would be a firm for and against on the issue.

Whatever we feed into our minds will always have an effect on us. What we are continually exposed to will be seen in our speech, actions, habits, and even thought patterns.

While I believe offensive lyrics do have a negative effect on young people, I can't say whether it's in being more aggressive or not. Personally, I can't stand these kinds of songs, so I find it interesting that there are others who can listen to offensive lyrics continually. I think another important question is "why" do young people like listening to these types of songs. Do these songs reflect their life, release their own emotions, fuel their passion etc?

Our young generation are totally lost culturewise. They copy western culture regardless of its lower ethical values. You would find them wearing trousers down their buttocks(kata K), change their style of walking, use of drugs becomes very common and openly consumed, impolite language used in public, etc

Much like tobacco companies, the music industry targets young people for a majority of their sales. Since that demographic has proven that they are unwilling to police themselves, the government must step in to do so. As Paul Harvey said many times, "Self government won't work without self discipline." The music industry has had every chance to police itself, but has chosen profits over decency. Much like tobacco, the music industry targets our young people for their sales and they should not be subjected to such trash. I think it's about time that our government should strongly consider passing a legislation on censoring dirty musics & video clips in order to save our future generation.

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