Shehzada Sahebs visit Tanga, Tanzania



Aliqadr Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin Saheb DM and Aliwaqar Shehzada Qusai Bhaisaheb Vajihuddin Saheb DM arrived to Tanga from Mombasa at 10am today on Wednesday 23 July.

Mumineen saw Moulanas Moajizo as Tanzanias President Mr Jakaya Kikwete was in Tanga and was leaving to Dar es Salaam at the same time when Shehzada Saheb arrived. When the President arrived at the airport, Shehzada Sahebs charter plane was just landing, the President was told that Shehzada Saheb is coming for Tanga visit, so the President waited for the plane to land and came near to Shehzada Saheb to give hand and said welcome again and also said to give his best regards to Aqa Moula TUS.

From the airport Shehzada Saheb went to shk Aliasger Rasheeds place, prayed and then Mumineen araz and qadambosi was there, then after Shehzada Saheb had lunch and went to see Gymkhana and then direct to Dar ul imarat for iftitah as it was renovated.

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