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Serikali ya Kenya yakaza buti dhidi ya kundi la MRC

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Ab-Titchaz, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Ab-Titchaz

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    Oct 10, 2012
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    Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) spokesman Mohamed Rashid Mraja in Shanzu Court, Mombasa on October 8, 2012.


    MRC chairman and self proclaimed 'President' Mr.Omar Mwamnuadzi in police landrover being taken for treatment after his arrest at his house in Kombani early this morning by the police in the operation that saw 38 people netted together with their chairman in this picture taken on 15 October 2012.

    Updated as of 10/20/12

    Government declares MRC illegal group

    Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY MAUREEN MUDI

    On July 30 a three judge bench ruled that the Mombasa Republican Council was legal. Yesterday the government banned it again.

    Yesterday Mombasa chief magistrate Stephen Riech granted police warrants of arrests against five leaders of the secessionist group.

    MRC is yet to be re-gazetted as a proscribed organisation but both Internal Security PS Mutea Iringo and Coast police boss Aggrey Adoli last week said the group was "still illegal".

    The charge yesterday indicated that the officials are members of an unlawful society contrary to section 6 of the Societies Act. This appears intended to bypass the July coirt ruling that MRC was a legal organisation. It was first banned in 2010.

    The arrest warrants were issued against Omar Babu ( MRC treasurer), Nyae Ngao (organising secretary), Robert Tukwa, Salim Goga and Salim Hamisi Mlamba.

    Police prosecutor Alex Wasike also sought the arrest warrant for three leaders Omar Mwamnwadzi (chairman), Randu Ruwa (secretary general) and Rashid Mraja (spokesperson) who are already detained at Shimo La Tewa prison.

    Yesterday at the prison, Mwamnwadzi, who lost four teeth during his arrest, claimed that he would be dead if his bodyguards not shielded him from GSU officers during the raid.

    Mwamnwadzi was accompanied by Randu and Mraja and prison warders but could not divulge more details because of "fear for their lives and the environment".

    Randu and Mraja shared one pair of handcuffs while Mwamnuadzi was handcuffed alone. The prison authorities said Mwamnuadzi's health has improved.

    Meanwhile, other MRC officials told the Star they are being trailed by CID officers. "Our phones are on and off because we are being tracked. We cannot go into hiding since this is our home and we have nowhere else to go to," said Nyae Ngao, the MRC organising secretary.

    He said they were planning to bail out Randu who, like his colleagues, has been unable to raise the Sh2 million surety bond to leave jail.

    Meanwhile, Kaya elders from Kilifi have condemned the recent attacks at the Coast linked to MRC. Speaking in Vitengeni, the elders urged the Mijikenda community and other inhabitants of the Coast to reject the MRC.

    Led by Kaya Godoma elder Mangi Mitsanze, the elders said MRC disregarded the virtues of a peaceful community. "We agree with the group that we have been marginalised for long. However, we cannot use violence to demand our rights. We should sit down as a community and brainstorm on the best ways of addressing the grievances," said Mitsanze.

    "The group is fighting for ‘Mwambao' and not the province. We know that this group is being used by selfish tycoons who want to safeguard their own interests and not the interests of the coastal people," said Menza Khonde from Kaya Fungo.

    They agreed to dedicate the first week of November for special prayers to seek God's intervention. In Nairobi, the Muslim leaders yesterday accused the government of targeting their faith under the pretext of fighting MRC.

    They told a press conference at Jumuia mosque that said they were going to start legal action against certain police officers for their violation of the rights of Muslims.

    They defended ODM nominated MP Sheikh Muhammad Dor who was arrested over this week for insisting that the MRC was a legal organisation.

    "Over the last few weeks and months, the incidences under reference has become common occurrence with resurgence of the ugly memories of the dark days and years under the single party dictatorship," said the Muslim leaders.

    Latif Shaaban, director of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, who read the statement, alleged that six Muslims have disappeared after being kidnapped by people claiming to be police officers.

    "Yet another Kenyan Muslim was abducted at a police roadblock only to be found dead a few days later dumped in the Tsavo national park.

    This was followed up not so long after by the daylight assassination of another Kenyan Muslim (Aboud Rogo) in the streets of Mombasa just a few metres from a police station," Latif said.

    The leaders also complained about rendition of Muslims to foreign countries. "Despite repeated denials that Muslims were not being targeted, all the casualties and victims have been all Muslims," said Latif said.

    "All these are clear manifestation of utter disregard for the constitution, fundamental freedoms, human rights and the rule of law by the Kenya police," he said. Latif called on the police to arrest Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has defended the MRC.
  2. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 10, 2012
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    MRC spokesman Mohamed Mraja (centre) arrives at CID coast headquarters accompanied by his lawyer Lumatete Muchai (right) and provincial CID boss Ambrose Munyasia on October 8, 2012.


    Members of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) before the Mombasa Chief Magistrate on October 8, 2012.


    Members of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) before the Mombasa Chief Magistrate on October 8, 2012.

  3. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 11, 2012
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    Police raid MRC spokesman's house


    Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) spokesman Mohammed Mraja commenting on the attack on Fisheries Minister Amason Kingi, which occurred in Mtwapa, Kilifi County last week. Photo/LABAN WALLOGA

    Posted Monday, October 8 2012 at 08:42

    Police on Monday morning raided the house of Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) spokesperson Mohammed Mraja in King'orani, Mombasa and took his wife for questioning. Read (NSIS to put up centre in Kwale County)

    According to Mr Mraja, a contingent of police raided his house and took away his mobile phone and other documents.

    Mr Mraja said he evaded arrest during the 5am incident because he was in the Mosque for morning prayers.

    "The police were after me but instead took my wife. I understand she was taken to Makupa Police Station," he said.

    Police are yet to comment over the incident.

    Meanwhile, police in Nairobi on Sunday evening rescued a man who had been kidnapped in Hardy estate and shot dead two of the kidnappers.

    Four suspects driving in an Isuzu D-max went to the residence of David Muruingi in Hardy estate.

    Two suspected thugs forced him into his car while the rest drove in the car they came with. Mr Muruingi was later driven to Industrial area.

    Nairobi police boss Moses Ombati said the victim's kin informed the police that the vehicle had a tracking device and it was traced to a hidden location off Shimo La Tewa road in Industrial area.

    Detectives rushed to the scene and managed to rescue the man before shooting dead two of the suspects.

    "We rescued the man unharmed and also recovered his Toyota Rav4," said Ombati.

    Elsewhere, a couple was carjacked at the gate of their residence in Akiba on Monday morning and later dumped in Thome estate. Police are yet to recover their vehicle.

    Ombati added that police patrols and operations had been enhanced within Nairobi to contain the rising insecurity.

    On Sunday night, at least ten foreigners were arrested in Eastleigh following a night long operation in the area.

    Police raid MRC spokesman's house - News -
  4. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 11, 2012
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    MRC spokesman Mohamed Mraja shows journalists his bedroom in Kingo'rani, Mombasa after a police raid on October 8, 2012.


    Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) spokesperson Mohammed Rashid Mraja (in a Muslim cap) accompanied by human rights activists from the Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI).
  5. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 11, 2012
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    WA-UKENYENGE JF-Expert Member

    Oct 11, 2012
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    Duh, jamaa kumbe wanataka kujitenga kutoka Kenya. Wanataka nchi ya Jamhuri ya Pwani ya Mombasa! Lol, haya makubwaa sijui nani kawapa hii kiburi watu mombasa!!
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  7. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2012
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    Two killed, MRC leader arrested in dawn gunfight


    MRC chairman and self proclaimed 'President' Mr.Omar Mwamnuadzi in police landrover being taken for treatment after his arrest at his house in Kombani early this morning by the police in the operation that saw 38 people netted together with their chairman in this picture taken on 15 October 2012.

    Kombani Assistant Chief in Kwale was hacked to death at 8am in what police consider to be a retaliatory attack following the Monday dawn arrest of Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) leader Omar Mwamnuadzi.

    While confirming the incident, PPO Aggrey Adoli said Assistant Chief Salim Changu Shomba was probably killed in a retaliatory attack by MRC members who viewed him as a 'betrayer'.

    Mr Adoli told Nation that a security team is combing the area in search of the suspects.

    During the Sunday dawn raid, two people were reported dead and 38 people were arrested following a heavy gunfight near the home of Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) leader Omar Mwamnuadzi during the 2am incident.

    According to Kwale OCPD Richard Mugwai, 35 men and three women were arrested including the wife to Mr Mwamnuadzi.

    Mr Mugwai told Nation that the two people killed were the bodyguards of the MRC leader.

    He said the bodyguards had barricaded the road heading to Mr Mwamnuadzi and began attacking a police vehicle with a petrol bomb which did not explode.

    Mr Mugwai said a shootout ensued in which the two bodyguards were killed and two people injured.

    Police also recovered four petrol bombs, an AK-47 rifle, 15 rounds of ammunition, MRC t-shirts branded 'Pwani si Kenya' pamphlets and witchcraft paraphernalia.

    The suspects will be arraigned in court later on Monday

    The police began a crackdown on gangs operating in the coast region on October 8th, a move that resulted in Mr Mwamnuadzi going into hiding.

    Several members of the MRC leadership have been arrested during the course of the crackdown.
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    TUKUTUKU JF-Expert Member

    Oct 15, 2012
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    Duh!Serikali inapopambana na ugaidi.
  9. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2012
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    The radical world of the MRC


    MRC founder member and secretary-general Randu Nzai Ruwa (centre) in the Shanzu Law Courts, Mombasa, where he was charged with incitement to violence and disobedience of the law. The charges stated that he was found with a white T-shirt with the words ‘Pwani si Kenya, MRC, Nchi Mpya Maisha Mapya'. Photo/GIDEON MAUNDU

    Posted Monday, October 15 2012 at 01:00

    In Summary

    • Unlike earlier Mombasa groups that were set up to intimidate the opposition during the days of Kanu, MRC is bent on detaching the region from Kenya and all signs are that it means business

    The Mombasa Republican Council has been agitating for the secession of Coast region for the past two or three years.

    It was not associated with violence until the attack on Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials conducting a mock election in Malindi. The message was that the group would not allow elections in Coast Province because it considers the region a separate entity from the Republic of Kenya.

    A fortnight ago, Fisheries Minister Amason Kingi was attacked at Mtwapa, Kilifi County. Four people, including the minister's bodyguard, were killed. Retired Industrial Court judge Steward Madzayo, who wants to contest the senator's seat in Kilifi County, was injured during the incident.

    Internal Security Minister Katoo ole Metito says the government will "deal firmly" with such groups. Mr Francis Kimemia, the acting head of the civil service, has issued a similar warning.

    Last week, seven leaders of the secessionist group were arrested and charged before a Mombasa court with incitement to violence.

    Among them were MRC spokesman Mohamed Mraja and branch officials Ali Mbwana Mwatete and Ali Juma. The others were Mr Oma Gwashe of Kilifi, Mr Hassan Mbwana Mwanguza, Mr Ali Hassan Ngome, and Mr Said Jadi Mwachaunga, all of Kwale.

    Mr Mbwana and Mr Juma separately denied the incitement charge.

    Three High Court judges ruled in July that the Kenya Gazette notice that outlawed the MRC was unconstitutional. Judges John Mwera, Mary Kasango, and Francis Tuiyott said the State had failed to demonstrate that the ban was justifiable and proportionate.

    In August, Attorney-General Githu Muigai appealed against the ruling. The orders were sought on grounds that soon after the court decision, members of the Mombasa Republican Council engaged in criminal activity by releasing leaflets in public places and making alarming statements in the electronic and print media inimical to peace and security in the Coast region.

    According to the application, one of the MRC statements is to the effect that the secessionists would not register as a political party, as recommended by the court. Another statement was that the 2013 elections would not be allowed to take place in the Coast Province.

    On Tuesday, Internal Security and Provincial Administration assistant minister Alfred Khangati told Parliament that the government had identified the financiers of MRC and was watching them.

    Mr Khangati said the government had noted that suspected MRC adherents were always bailed out by certain wealthy people when they were arrested.

    Other reports indicate that foreign forces could be involved in bankrolling MRC activities.

    MRC is not the first proscribed group to cause a storm at the Coast. The trend can be traced to the agitation for multi-partyism in the 1990s when the unregistered Islamic Party of Kenya (IPK), led by controversial Muslim preacher Sheikh Khalid Balala, was formed. Several groups were set up to counter IPK, which supported multi-partyism.

    To counter the challenge against then President Daniel Moi's government, Kanu leaders from different parts of the country launched a series of rallies to agitate for a majimbo system of government as a strategy to counter opposition leaders' call for multi-partyism.

    At the Coast, the majimbo rallies were led by then Kanu politician Shariff Nassir and political activist Emmanuel Maitha.

    Majimboism or federalism is an emotive issue at the Coast. Calls for this system of government were started by Coast political kingpin Ronald Ngala of the Kenya African Democratic Union (Kadu) before independence.

    The Coast enjoyed a brief era of regional autonomy before the Kenyatta administration brought regional governments to their knees by simply denying them money.

    The radical world of the MRC - DN2 -
  10. m

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    Oct 15, 2012
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    The MRC tough guy Omar Mwamnuadzi Aka Rais wa pwani /defacto president of pwani decided his big empty head could stop a GSU officers boot and clenched fist and kept repeatedly pounding it at the officers boot and fist screaming PWANI SI KENYA showing that he was a tough guy. unfortunately he ended up injuring his face as shown and now will be arraigned in court for assault with a deadly weapon his big empty head and resisting arrest.

    These MRC guys are finally getting what is coming to them although i fear they may get more radical. Ever since the government threatened main financier none of them has been bailed out. These fools who claimed they were fighting for the rights of their people and that they were not being used are now seen to be tools of a few elite power brokers who have now disposed of them. These people went around attacking people then later claiming it wasn't them and even planned to disrupt final examinations. this shows that majority of them are either illiterate or semi-literate buffoons who don't want others to succeed. As the real president kibaki said it shows that they are STUPID.

    Finally why were the people arrested hiding their faces if they were not doing anything bad. If you have no shame then show you face proudly
  11. Mekatilili

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    :lol: :lol:
  12. livefire

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    he messed big tym by gross disregard of Kiapo cha Utii. MRC has the finances & external networks to bail out mraja, the secretary general and even this guy (looks like aligongwa na gari boot wear edition),, .....but the govt has pointed the gun on whoever dares puts his first coin or stands forward to pay for him. Btw pia MRAJA is singing Pwani ni Kenya like a loyalty pledge tena. His punishment modest ''but ahem" still achieving desired results.
  13. Nairoberry

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    wacha iwe funzo kwa wengine kama yeye.
  14. Bishop Hiluka

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    Duh, hatari kwelikweli...
  15. D

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    ...kichapo cha mbwa aliyeiba chapat kwa kabat
    na bado! huo ni kionjo tu. Gava na mikono yake refu watatoklezea.
  16. Edzeame

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    If you carefully study the reactions of MRC after being rounded UP, they exhibit militant behaviour which points to some oath taking, but indeed OMAR was messing with the wrong boots.
  17. R.B

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    Oct 15, 2012
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    By Philip Mwakio and Tobias Chanji
    ?It took a joint force of regular police and the paramilitary General Service Unit to capture the most wanted man in Coast Province.
    The bloody battle to arrest the leader of the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC), Mr Omar Hamisi Mwamnwadzi, and which shattered the peace of the sleepy village in Kombani sub-location of South Coast in Kwale County told only half the story.

    The police were under strict orders to capture Mwamnwadzi alive.
    “We had the muscle and power to overcome them. We had cordoned off the area and divided ourselves into various groups with one to provide protective fire incase we come under fire attack,’’ Muguai said.
    But for a week, even as police were tracking the elusive secessionist leader, Mwamnwadzi, a former soldier, was using his knowledge gained in the Kenya Defence Forces to prepare for the worst.
    His ragtag army of youthful supporters put together an arsenal of guns and crude weapons and covered themselves with charms from a witchdoctor in preparation to ward off the attack.
    From most accounts reaching The Standard newsroom, Kombani was the separatist leader’s stronghold and he was prepared for the worst, aware police were closing in on his hideout.
    He surrounded himself with militant supporters who believed in his cause and dug in to wait for the assault he knew was coming.
    Joint force
    Meanwhile, intelligence sources indicated that a joint force of crack police and GSU officers from Nairobi, Kwale and Kilifi had been assembled.
    They already had confirmation of the exact location the man they were under strict instructions to capture was hiding.
    At 2am on Sunday, they arrived and laid siege to Mwamnwadzi’s home. Then the attack began. Trucks of heavily armed units rolled into the home, but were met with petrol bombs and sustained gunfire.
  18. O

    Ogah JF-Expert Member

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    Duuhh, hivi vimbunga vya machafuko ndio taratibu vinabisha hodi huku TZ........
  19. LoyalTzCitizen

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    Hii east Africa yote inabidi EAC kukaa na kuamua kuthibiti hizi chokochoko njaa za hawa mahooligans kwa kuleta bill mpya ya kwamba mtu yeyote anaye perpetrate hatred ni kuua tu! bila kujali ni rangi gani, kabila gani wala ni dini gani! period!!

    ITEGAMATWI JF-Expert Member

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    Hivi ni kwanini watu wa pwani ya Kenya wanataka kujitenga?Ni kweli kuwa serikali ya Nairobi inaonyesha namna yeyote ya kutowajali? Nini hasa chanzo cha hili vuguvugu la kutaka kujitenga kutoka Kenya?