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Serikali inapokuwa Mali ya Familia

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by MchunguZI, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. MchunguZI

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    Jul 1, 2012
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    Wana JF. Kumbe TZ tumelaaniwa kama wengine Afrika. Hii hali ya kumiliki nchi kifamilia ni mzigo wa rangi yetu?

    Nilidhani ukishapewa Nobel Prize utailinda kwa akili yote mbele ya macho ya watu, lakini naona mama Ellen Johnson Sirleaf haonyeshi hiyo na analawiti nchi kama hawa walioko magogoni.

    Row over Nepotism, Jobs; Ruling UP Partisans Riot Near Liberia Prez's Home

    [Just some excerpts]

    In recent months, Sirleaf has come under fire from opposition accusing the president of placing her sons and other relatives in key positions in the state oil company, central bank and other agencies.

    Speaking just before the scuffles broke out, Tiah noted that her son Robert Sirleaf was chairman of the National Oil Company, son Charles was deputy central bank governor and son Fumba head of the National Security Agency.

    "Liberia is not her family's property. All we are saying is for her to step down from the party. It is the party that made her and sold her to the Liberian people," he said, adding that at least 17 family members had positions in government.

    The demonstrators dispersed after Johnson Sirleaf received a delegation of protesters in her residence. John Ballout, a Unity Party senator present at the meeting, said that Johnson Sirleaf had promised to address their concerns in coming days.

    Emotions were flaring and some partisans were seen picking up cement blocks to hit the opponents who were seen to be protecting their business.

    Read from the source:
    Row over Nepotism, Jobs; Ruling UP Partisans Riot Near Liberia Prez's Home :: - All Things Africa 24/7