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Yona F. Maro

Nov 2, 2006
Sell your story to Pwani News

HOW can I contact Pwani News?

The fastest way is to call our journalists on 0784 360204 (from outside the TZ dial +255784 36204).
You don't need to worry about the cost of the call either - as we'll call you back right away!
We'll tell you immediately if we like your story and, if appropriate, give you an idea of what it could be worth.
You can also email us on or text us .
Remember to include a phone number - preferably a mobile - where we can call you back.
How much is my story worth?
A big exclusive used on the front page could be worth thousands of Tshs, but a smaller story will be worth less.
The only way to find out how much YOU could make is to call us now.
But remember - don't tell another websites or newspapers .
Your story is worth much more if you only tell Pwani News.
What happens when I tell you my story?
A reporter will call you to check the facts and arrange a meeting, if necessary.
They may bring a contract which obliges us to pay you when your story is published.
When will I get paid?
You will get your money by cheque or paid direct to your bank within a few weeks of your story appearing in the paper or websites .
In very exceptional circumstances we may be able to make a payment to charity or pay you in cash.
Can I sell pictures too?
Yes, exclusive pictures are worth big cash to you. And if you have pictures to back up your story, it may be worth more.
Call or e-mail Them
What kind of stories is Pwani News looking for?
Anything you can see being published in the paper ,websites or mailing list. From celebrity exclusives to medical miracles to cheating politicians, we want your stories on them all.
We also love heart-warming real stories about our amazing readers, so if you've triumphed over tragedy, give us a call.
Can I remain anonymous?
Of course, and we always protect our sources. However, if the story involves you directly, it may be worth more to you if you are named and pictured.
Call +255 784 30204 in confidence and we can discuss all your options.
Will I get more from another Media?
Maybe. But Pwani News is the biggest and the best. And we look after our contacts, unlike our grubby "rivals".
So get in touch today!

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