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Scrap Metal Business

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by Mfumwa, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    Kilwater meters stolen, sold off as scrap metal

    2008-12-30 11:23:03
    By Salome Kitomary, Rombo

    Kilwater, a company that supplies water to residents of Rombo district in Kilimanjaro region, has incurred loss of more than 32m/- following vandalism of water meters sold to scrap metal dealers.

    Kilwater Manager, Edmund Mahugi made the statement at the 13th meeting of representatives of water users in the district which was held recently in Rombo district.

    ``Between January and this (December) over 400 meters have been stolen from various parts in the district.

    Machenge Ward leads in the theft of meters and destruction of water supply pipes. This is a serious situation which water users should address,`` he said.

    He said investigation conducted by the company has revealed that most of the stolen meters find their way into Kenya where they are sold as scrap metal.

    He explained that efforts to deal with the vandals are yet to pay dividends because they operate at night.

    ``We have suffered quite a big loss and I am afraid we might be forced to suspend our services in some areas if this situation is not checked,`` he warned.

    Speaking during the meeting, Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Mohamed Babu directed village government leaders to form committees to, among other things, protect water meters and the water infrastructure in general in their respective areas.

    ``Those who are involved in the theft of meters and destruction of water pipes live among us. So it is upon you to decide if you want to be supplied with water by dealing with the culprits,`` he said, adding that the business in scrap metal has driven people to destroy infrastructure in almost every corner of the country. It is upon the public to expose those who destroy the infrastructure or risk going without water.

    The RC also took the opportunity to remind village governments to have by-laws that govern the environment and protect water sources.

    He said that destruction of the environment is the cause of water shortage that many parts of the region are facing.

    ``You have to review regulations governing activities like charcoal making and farming close to water sources. You must enforce existing regulations so as to protect water sources otherwise the problem will get out of hand,`` he warned.

    SOURCE: Guardian
  2. Modereta

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    Hatutaweza kuendelea kama tabia hizi zinaendelea, ni muhimu pamoja na mambo mengine, tuangalie ushirikishi wa ULINZI JAMII, kwani wanaoiba ni ndugu zetu, wadogo zetu, rafiki zetu nk. Hivyo inawezekana kupunguza haya yote.
    Hawa jamma wanataka kujinufaisha kwa muda mfupi na kusahau nufaa ya watu wengi kwa muda mrefu