Save our Nation : propose plan B



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Oct 12, 2010


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It is not my aim to diverge you from current political issues burning but I want us to think of other important issues at hand. It is no secret that much of our leaders have no interest in National development, they have lost vision for the nation if they had any. In short, if we take no measures, we will wake up in miry of remaining of what used to be URO Tanzania. We have to wake up and save our nation.

Having said that, we are the children of Tanzania, and we are to save our nation. Let us propose plans that doesn't involve government directly and implement them. What is your plan B to save the nation?

My suggestion, as plan B, is we get out and volunteer to share knowledge with youngsters. Let us volunteer to teach shule za kata, VETA, colleges, Universities, Secs and run seminars in our villages. Let us wake up our fellows from ignorance, help those orphans go to school. I think that will do more to te Nation and one day you will be one of the heroes in history books!

My paper on the table, let us discuss

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