Satisfied Husband


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May 23, 2008
A couple are involved in a car accident and the wife's face is badly burnt.As she used a strong skin cream her skin could not be used.Some skin was taken from her husbands back side for grafting into her face.After they left hospital and she was completely cured she says 'am proud of you' and he says 'dont worry i get all the satisfaction when your mom kisses you on the cheek'
Duh! Inaelekea huyo jamaa anamzimikia zaidi mama mkwe kuliko mkewe.

Tehe Tehe Tehe!!!
mama mkwe alikua msumbufu sana,kitendo cha mama mkwe kumbusu mwanae si anabusu ile ngozi ilietoka kwenye tako la jamaa(kissing his ass).

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