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Sarah Palin’s Secret, Oprah Winfrey’s Bio, and Jim Carrey's Twitter Obsession: Buzz W

Discussion in 'Celebrities Forum' started by MziziMkavu, Apr 17, 2010.

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    [​IMG] Oprah Winfrey: Secrets are out

    Sarah Palin’s Secret, Oprah Winfrey’s Bio, and Jim Carrey's Twitter Obsession: Buzz Week in Review

    This week, two of the country's most visible women came under an unwelcome glare of publicity when some dirty little secrets got out in the open. Oprah Winfrey had to bear not being in control of her brand when a new and very unauthorized biography by Kitty Kelley came out. And Sarah Palin thought her diva-like demands outlined in a contract for a speaking gig would stay under wraps, but tell that to the Dumpster divers who dug it up. And did we ask for Jim Carrey's opinion on Tiger? All that and more, in the Buzz Week in Review.
    Oprah's off week
    The queen of talk was rendered mute this week with the entrance of catty profiler Kitty Kelley's book about her. The unauthorized biography dished out dirt on the daytime diva, who is usually in control of her message, thank you very much. This time the roles were reversed. The tell-all reveals secrets like a relationship with John Tesh in the '70s (we get why she'd want to keep that quiet). And rumors that she's gay are making the rounds on the Internet. But even the big buzz around the book hasn't been enough for major news shows to decline to interview the biographer for fear of Oprah's wrath. The book brought lookups on the Web for "oprah winfrey affair," "oprah winfrey tell all book," and "is oprah winfrey gay." You can read excerpts from Kitty Kelley's meow-fest here.
    Sarah Palin's diva demands
    Hockey mom she may be, but the former Alaska governor and Republican candidate for vice president is not exactly a regular gal. For example, she likes her water bottled and her straws bendable. How do we know this? Some enterprising students at Cal State Stanislaus, where Palin is set to speak in June, dug up some pages of her contract from a recycling bin. The immediately resulting media frenzy drew attention to the very details that university officials had refused to disclose, even though critics had argued that as a public university, administrators must reveal what the public had a right to know.
    While Palin's speaking fee is still a secret, other information sure isn't anymore, like her demand for first-class airfare, high-end hotel reservations, and prescreened questions at the talk. A California organization is now filing suit with the university to demand that they 'fess up about her fees, even as the university administration continues to claim that everything is paid for by a private foundation, so they really don't have to tell. Searches are up on "sarah palin contract," "sarah palin tea party," "sarah palin California," and "sarah palin stanislaus."
    Jim Carrey's Twitter addiction
    No doubt about it, the actor has a trigger Twitter finger. Jim Carrey first decides to announce the end of his relationship with Jenny McCarthy via a Twitter post. And then he stands up for Tiger Woods' extramarital affairs with this Twitter bomb: "No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin [Nordegren] had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason."
    Say, what? Some bloggers suggested the bizarre comment was proof that the comic actor was having a breakdown. Carrey finally backed down with a mea sorta culpa, saying in a statement, "I wish every human being nothing but love and immeasurable happiness…Now, I'm going to re-enter the Twitter stream and see if there is anyone left to offend!" Oh, no worries there.
    Also buzzing...

    • In the craziest thing since sliced bread, KFC introduced the Double Down sandwich, which is held together with fried chicken breasts.
    • The iPad gets rave reviews — from a cat.
    • Bye-bye, "Ugly Betty."
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