Salt for Land and Gold for 3% of its Value

Augustine Moshi

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Apr 22, 2006
As you probably know, we are rich in gold. In fact, South Africa and Ghana are the only African countries with more gold production than we do. And, more gold is being discovered on our land, all the time. Trouble is, some silly and corrupt negotiators gave our gold away for a mere 3% of its value!

Which reminds us of our ancestors who were conned into signing away whole countries in exchange for salt. They were definitely conned by Karl Peters and his cohorts, for they never understood what he was up to. When they did, they rose up in arms, and were subsequently referred to as rebels.

Why did Daniel Yona and his colleagues accept a deal that handed over our gold in return for only 3% of its value? It makes all of us look very stupid indeed. In hindsight, this same Yona had earlier on handed over the NBC for next to nothing! He was used to selling us cheaply!

Well, that was the last government. We have a new government now and they promised to renegotiate these evil agreements. What are they waiting for? For how long will this plundering of our mineral wealth continue? Everybody must be laughing at us. How can any nation be stupid enough to hand over its gold resources in exchange for just 3% of its value?

Augustine Moshi
My friend this country is full of controversies. You stop looking at gold only. Investers have taken full advantage of all possible avenues of riches. Do you see these skyscrappers around ,look at even the various car hire companies. All their needs get in duty free and no taxes for five years. And after five years- sell the company and let the new owner benefit the advantages of his 'uwekezaji' The giant is asleep, it's time for the wake up call.
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