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Salamu za Rais:JK'S salaams to DIASPORA 2 CONFERENCE in London

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Ng'wanza Madaso, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Ng'wanza Madaso

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    Mar 26, 2010
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    JK'S salaams to DIASPORA 2 CONFERENCE in London
    President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

    Dear Participants,

    It is with a great sense of pride and gratitude, I extend very warm greetings and best wishes to everyone involved in the conception and organization of the Mtu Kwao Diaspora 2 London Conference. I wish to congratulate most sincerely the conference participants for taking time to participate in the two-day event despite their busy schedules and obligations.

    I commend the organizers for a job very well done. They have lived up to the spirit of the Swahili saying: "Usione vinaelea vimeundwa". Indeed, you have proven to be excellent creators and great builders.

    Mobilizing Tanzanians living abroad to contribute to the advancement of their country, kinsmen and themselves is an important policy objective of our government. Whenever I met Tanzanians living abroad, I never hesitated to remind them of this important and historic duty of theirs.

    I am particularly, happy with the good work being done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and our Embassies abroad, of encouraging and organizing members of the Tanzanian diaspora to form associations and hold regular meetings.

    I congratulate Tanzanians living in the UK for being the first to form such an association and for holding meetings. This second meeting demonstrates in clear terms that you are committed and things are working well. I congratulate Ambassador Mwanaidi Maajar for her leadership.

    I have transferred her to Washington, but, I am confident that the seeds she planted will survive and the tree will grow to full maturity and bear the desired fruits.

    I am very glad that at this year's conference there is going to be strong participation of important leaders of financial and other institutions from home. These institutions can facilitate the effective participation of the Tanzanian diaspora in terms of remittances, investments and construction of houses.

    I welcome their participation. I implore you to seize this opportunity and use it to the fullest possible advantage. If you do so you will have fulfilled your objectives and our expectations as a nation and as your kith and kin back home.

    The other thing I wish to remind you is that we expect you to be our explorers for discovering what is good for our country and its people. After the discovery find ways to bring those benefits home. I have in mind markets, investments, technology as well as other useful things in the fields of education, medicine, science and technology, philanthropy etc.

    Use your good offices, your contacts and exposure to promote growth and development at home and improve the living standard of your fellow citizens and relatives. I am confident you can do this. Please rise to the occasion.

    Let me conclude by once again expressing my deepest appreciation to you for establishing the Tanzanian diaspora association and congratulate you for the good work you have been doing in pursuit of your objectives.

    My promise to you is that, my government and I will give you all the necessary cooperation and support, within our powers, to help you succeed in your objectives and endeavours. We will be together for the long haul as long as we continue to do the right things for the benefit of our people and nation.

    I wish you every success in your Mtu Kwao Diaspora 2 London Conference andin all the good work that you do in your association.

    God Bless Africa,
    God Bless Tanzania,
    God Bless the Tanzanian Diaspora in UK

    Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

  2. mtuwatu

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    Hii diaspora ndo nini wanakwetu,tuambizane!!?
    Hivi baadae hii sitawekwa kwenye bajeti ya membe hiii!!!!!!!!!!!?