S. Africa slams 'unacceptable' US criticism in Zimbabwe row


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Jan 23, 2008
Kama Kawaida ya US/UK arrogance, ukiwa na mawazo tofauti nao lazima wakutafutie tusi.

At least Bernard Membe this time amemuokoa Kikwete maana hata ile trip ya white house labda ingefutwa kama asingekubaliana nao.

Tangu lini waMarekani wakaielewa Africa kuliko Waafrica wenyewe, tena majirani?

Hivi si ndio hawa waliowaachia Waingereza kushughulika na siasa za Africa wakati wa Cold war mpaka walipogundua kuwa wanafanya kwa maslahi yao tu?

Stop this US/UK colonialistic arrogance. Africa is free though still strugling to cut her slavery chains.

SAfrica slams 'unacceptable' US criticism in Zimbabwe row

2 hours ago
PRETORIA (AFP) - South Africa on Tuesday labelled as "unacceptable" suggestions by a US ambassador at the United Nations that President Thabo Mbeki was "out of touch" regarding Zimbabwe's political crisis.

"The extraordinary and unacceptable statements made will be taken up through diplomatic channels," South African deputy foreign minister Aziz Pahad said.

"A British representative said South African mediation efforts had come to nought and we have achieved nothing," he added.

"The US representative made remarks about Russia not being a worthy member of the G8 and suggested that President Thabo Mbeki is out of touch with his own country.

"These are not acceptable statements and we will take it up with those governments."

The United States on Friday launched a scathing attack on Mbeki after Pretoria's UN envoy voted against targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's regime at the United Nations Security Council.

"We are surprised by what appears as Mbeki appearing to protect Mugabe while Mugabe uses violent means to fragment the opposition," US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said.

"I think he (Mbeki) is out of touch with the trends inside his own country."

China and Russia vetoed the sanctions that would have imposed a travel ban and an assets freeze on Mugabe and 13 of his cronies as well an arms embargo on the Harare regime.

The United States also sharply criticised Russia over its stance.

Mbeki has served as mediator between Zimbabwe's rival political parties, but has faced heavy criticism over his quiet diplomacy approach.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had previously called for him to be stripped of his role as mediator, while Mugabe's regime has praised the South African leader's efforts.

The crisis in neighbouring Zimbabwe intensified when Mugabe pushed ahead with a one-man presidential run-off on June 27, defying international and regional calls to postpone the poll.

Tsvangirai pulled out of the election five days ahead of the vote, citing rising violence against his supporters that left dozens dead and thousands injured.

Pahad described the South African president's relationship with Tsvangirai as "very good" and said suggestions that the Mbeki-led mediation team should be expanded were a "fake issue, diverting from other more important issues."
Opponents of the sanctions argued mediation efforts should be supported, and that such measures would set them back.
Hapa ndipo unapopata maana ya neno 'demokrasia' kwa mtazamo wa haya mataifa yenye nguvu.Unafiki zaidi na kulinda maslahi binafsi.
Ndo maana Koffi Annan alipotaka U.N ifanyiwe mageuzi ili iendeshwe kwa haki wakubwa walikasirika maana matukio kama haya yaliyotokea kwa kura dhidi ya Zimbabwe yangeongezeka na maslahi yao yangekuwa hatarini na baadae UN ingepoteza umuhimu wake kwao.
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