Russia unveils the world's first private jet custom made for sports teams. Luxury galore!


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Jan 20, 2016

Russian plane maker Sukhoi unveiled the world's first private jet kitted out specifically for sports teams at the Farnborough air show on Tuesday, complete with physiotherapy equipment and areas for coaches to carry out game analysis.

The SportJet concept - which is based on an SSJ100 aircraft - was shown off, with a 12 meter full-scale cross section of the jet to be displayed at the Rio 2016 Olympics later this year in the hopes of securing orders.

Sukhoi's plane is a 100-seater jet split into four "zones" each with different equipment for teams to utilize.

"We do believe a market niche does exist in terms of an aircraft designed to carry a professional sports team," Evgeniy Andrachnikov, senior vice president of sales at Sukhoi told CNBC in an interview ahead of the launch.

"For the most part all the clubs around the globe never travel by regular flights, they charter private jets. They travel a lot over long distances. They are getting injured and most hate to fly," he added, explaining the rationale behind launching the jet.

Sukhoi estimates the value of the sports transport market to be $600 million and admits that the SportJet is a niche product.

After being on display at the Rio Olympics this summer, the SportJet will go into production in 2017 once it receives some orders and then will be delivered to customers in 2018.
Wow I wish I could be in Farnborough Hampshire to see this amazing Russian jet
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