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Rushwa,ufisadi: Kutoka Maktaba (2001-2007)

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mtu Mzima, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Mtu Mzima

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    PRESIDENT SAYS CORRUPTION LEADS TO KILLINGS Benjamin Mkapa, President, stated mob justice in dealing with criminals has been forced on the people because of corruption of the police forces, the courts, and the lawyers. He discouraged people from taking the law into their own hands, highlighted that every citizen has the right to take a suspect to court, but has no right to mete out justice. A total of 219 mob killing incidents occurred last year and 78 occurred in the first four months of this year; approximately 30 percent occur in the business capital of Dar es Salaam. (, Apr 30, 2001, summary by Marg Reynolds).

    TANZANIA TO PROBE GOLD SCAM The Prevention of Corruption Bureau is leading an investigating task force into alleged corruption by a gold mining company and government officials in the handling of millions of shillings meant to compensate some 900 people for being relocated from a gold mining area. Another 857 people have surfaced to claim similar compensation and most people received less than shown in government records. The government and Ashanti Goldfields officials were present at the time of evaluation of crops, structures, and boundary determinations; however, the money deposited by Ashanti into the account controlled by the government did not reach the rightful person. Fictitious names were added to the list and preparation of bogus claims were prepared by committee members for a fee of $120. (All, Apr 30, 2001, summary by Marg Reynolds

    TRADE MINISTER RESIGNS ON A SUGAR SCANDAL. In a detailed report by a special committee including the Prevention Corruption Bureau, minister of Industries and Trade, Mr. Idd Simba, has been implicated on charges of a scandal in the issue of permits for importing sugar and the registration of importers, which had shattered the sugar market in the country. Mr. Simba and his deputy Anthony Diallo are charged with overstepping their limits by issuing these import permits without adopting the proper procedures. Mr. Simba has tendered his resignation to the President following intense pressure on him and on the government from other members of the ruling party, failing which they had threatened to move a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister. The pressure is mounting on the deputy of Mr. Simba who was also involved in this scandal. (TOMRIC News Agency (Dar es Salaam), November 5, 2001, summary by Aruna Balakrishnan).

    According to reports, Tanzania's parliament has been accused of legalising corruption by passing laws, which provide loopholes to politicians during election campaigns. University of Dar es Salaam Law Professor, Chris Peter said one of the laws allows a candidate in an election to spend money for entertaining his followers or voters. The professor also said that corruption could not be fought properly in the country if the three pillars of integrity and good governance in the country were at an unfavourable relationship. The Tanzania Parliament has been enacting laws against decisions of the courts such as on matters of political parties organising meetings without permission of police and the issue of independent candidates in presidential elections. (The Nation (Nairobi), May 31, 2002, summary by Sherldine Tomlinson).

    JOURNALIST'S ARREST "CONNECTED" TO GRAFT IN ANTI-CORRUPTION BODY 3 weeks after the story about increasing graft at the Prevention of Corruption Bureau (PCB) have been published on Family Mirror, the editor of the weekly newspaper, Zephania Musendo was arrested on May 12 on corruption allegations. While the government paper, Daily News reported in its yesterday issue that Musendo solicited the bribe worth 100,000 shillings from Edward Hoseah, a high ranking PCB official, Musendo, after being released on bail yesterday, denied the wrongdoings. (BBC Monitoring Service 15 May 2003, summary by Hanh Vu

    CHARITY OFFICIALS EXPELLED. The Tanzanian branch of a Saudi charitable organization, Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, has shut down its offices after two of its top officials were deported for obtaining citizenship fraudulently. The charity's offices, based in Tanga municipality in northeastern Tanzania, were closed last December after its country director, Abu Hubheyifa, was expelled for lying in his citizenship application. He had passed himself off as a Tanzanian, but an investigation into his background revealed that he was actually a Tunisian. He was subsequently deported. (The east African, February 16th 2004 summarized by George G. Okello).

    Vol 48 Number 14, 6th July 2007, Africa confidential
    The government has been sitting on a multimillion dollar scandal at the Bank of Tanzania, waiting for it to erupt.
    The 'government will continue fighting against carelessness and make sure public servants deliver to the expectations of the wananchi [citizens] and the government'. While President Jakaya Kikwete was trumpeting his good governance and anti-corruption credentials at the Civil Service Management Week celebrations on 26 June, the biggest scandal of his presidency erupted.
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    Shughuli pevu...
  3. A

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Tit for Tat!!! My guess is that today's politic norms allow this type of malice!