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Rostam Aziz soma hapa-Kamlesh Pattni wa Goldenberg amrejea mungu

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Inkoskaz, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Kamlesh Mansukhlal Damji Pattni

    The Rise and Rise of Kamlesh Pattni
    As it is well known that Mr. Kamlesh Pattni is emerging as a revolutionary political leader in Kenyan Politics with his humanitarian approach and his powerful vision to develop Kenya as God's own country, with this Electoral Commission of Kenya has declared his party second largest political party of Kenya. This achievement is indeed a proud for every Indian on the earth as well as for the Pattni community; perhaps he is the first person of Indian root who through his perfect management and foresight could establish such a larger political party out side India. Highlighting his profile and humanitarian approach we are pleased to publish Kamlesh’s profile in our Prominent Pattni Section.

    The Story of Paul Kamlesh Pattni:

    A Brief Outline of a Kenyan Enigma
    by Alberto Leny,
    Daily Nation

    Paul Kamlesh Mansukhlal Damji Pattni is an enigma in Kenya. He has been described by those close to him as a man of many hats and a man with a big heart.

    Virtually everybody in Kenya knows Pattni. Born 42 years ago at Kibokoni near the historic Old Town in the coastal city of Mombasa close to the famous Fort Jesus built by the Portuguese in 1596, Pattni has achieved the rare distinction of being one of the most famous personalities in Kenya.

    From his humble beginnings in Mombasa, Pattni grew up to become a successful businessman, such that by the time he was only 25 years, he was already controlling a chain of enterprises that included a bank, an engineering company, a tour and travel firm, duty free shops and five-star hotels. He had achieved what millions of people would only dream of at that age.

    A man with a sharp mind and high intellectual aptitude, his phenomenal rise in the business world was bound to attract much attention, both negative and positive. The brilliant businessman came into the national spotlight in 1992 through his company, Goldenberg International, through which most people in Kenya and abroad associate him.

    Goldenberg, Pattni’s brainchild, was according to him intended a mega multi-million project to make Kenya a gold and diamond re-export centre, but it plunged Pattni into a major controversy which changed his life and has taken him through a long period of difficulties and unending moments of reflection to date.

    Pattni says Goldenberg was approved by the Central Bank of Kenya to export gold and diamonds for which it received billions of shillings in payments under an export compensation scheme through which he claims the Kenya government also earned billions of shillings. He also argues that he did not have the authority to sanction those payments which were made to Goldenberg.

    He says the money earned from Goldenberg could have been used to uplift Kenyans from poverty and a serious foreign exchange squeeze the country was suffering from, but was instead hijacked by former officials in the regime of former President Daniel Arap Moi through various state corporations and financial institutions.

    However, Goldenberg was accused of receiving the payments through fictitious exports of gold and diamonds and Pattni himself accused of swindling money from the Treasury to conduct an illegal business. His tribulations intensified after 1993 when the Goldenberg saga erupted in the public domain and he began to wage his famous court battles against the charges leveled at him.

    The court battles over the issue have not ended, with cases still pending Most of Pattni’s businesses related to the transactions involving Goldenberg have been placed under receivership, including the five-star Grand Regency Hotel, which has been at the centre of a controversial legal tussle pitting Pattni and the Central Bank of Kenya.

    He has for nearly 16 years ever since sought to clear his name against the charges so as to redeem his image and reputation and convince Kenyans that Goldenberg was a great and noble idea which was meant to help the country and assist to uplift the living standards of the citizens, but not a corrupt scheme to fleece Kenyans of public funds.

    Due to the nature of the Goldenberg saga or scandal, as it has become to be widely known in public and the media, Pattni has faced many tribulations with accusations of corruption and theft, that has led to court trials and persecutions from many adversaries, including figures in high places who were once his associates in business and other professional aspects of his chequered life.

    He became a frequent visitor to the courtrooms, successfully fighting many trials and other court battles that he was soon being referred to in media circles as the “legal expert who never went to law school!”

    Pattni insists that he is not a corrupt person, pointing out that he has never been convicted of fraud, stealing or corruption, despite many attempts to smear his name and other forms of character assassination. He further points out that his name does not feature anywhere in the grand corruption exposed by former Permanent Secretary for Ethics and Governance, Mr. John Githongo, in the Anglo Leasing scandal in which the government lost billions of shillings through dubious contracts to foreign firms.

    Pattni’s name does not also feature prominently (only in a single line in passing) in a recent report released in July by the UK-based Kroll and Associates, a consultancy firm that specializes in investigating fraud, disputes and transactions. The firm is recognized the world over for preventing, detecting and recovering assets and funds from fraudulent activity.

    The Kroll Report which was commissioned by the Kenya government soon after President Mwai Kibaki came to power to help recover state assets and billions of shillings (estimated at KShs 300 billion), through which billions of shillings in public funds are said to have been stashed in overseas accounts, allegedly by key figures in the Kanu and Narc administrations.

    Pattni argues that since he is not adversely mentioned in either the Anglo Leasing scandal or the Kroll Report is enough vindication that he is not a corrupt person. Pattni is still trying to clear his name in the courts, more than 15 years since the Goldenberg saga came to the fore and he is convinced that he will finally be exonerated, saying that all sorts of charges and legal suits have been instituted against him to no avail because of his innocence.

    He believes that despite all the vendetta and aspersions cast on his character and reputation, justice will prevail on his behalf.

    The most notable court case against Pattni was in the year 2003 when he was charged with the murder of a former bodyguard. Pattni maintained his innocence for the nearly two years that he was incarcerated, including spending most of his time at the country’s notorious Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

    Pattni’s brilliant mind, patience, and the experience gained from many brushes with the law came in handy when he mounted a historic and one of the most vigorous legal defenses ever seen in Kenya, under the glare of immense public scrutiny against the background of the Goldenberg saga.

    He maintained that he had been framed by one of his former lawyers who he claimed was using his position as the government’s prosecutor to unjustly settle old scores with him.

    Pattni was truly vindicated when the court acquitted him and dismissed all charges against him, while describing the prosecution case as a gross abuse of office and that the murder charges against him had absolutely no basis.

    By the time the trial was over, Pattni had become a changed man. Before he was remanded at Kamiti Prison, he had converted from his religion of birth, Hinduism, to become a Christian, and was baptized Paul.

    He had also added another feather to his cap - that of being a philanthropist, through his charity Hand of Hope to assist the poor and other less fortunate members of society.

    While in prison, the Bible became Pattni’s constant companion, from which he drew great solace and inspiration as he battled to secure his freedom. It is through this deep faith in God that Pattni believes he finally walked out of prison a free man.

    He decided to commit his life to the work of God, helping the oppressed, the exploited and others denied justice, while continuing with his business activities and philanthropy.

    Pattni had also learnt another virtue through his close companionship with the Bible while he was in prison remand. That was love and forgiveness. He declared that he would not revenge against those who had wronged and persecuted him. Instead he would forgive them and continue with his life.

    However, the Goldenberg saga had not yet ended. In 2004, the President instituted the Goldenberg Commission of Inquiry, which came up with many revelations and testimonies from scores of witnesses. Pattni was the star witness and he impressed the public with his sharpness and witty responses to the intense questioning that he was put through by leading counsel and commissioners. He was able to expose the wide web of drama, manipulations and underhand dealings that touched on both the lowly and the high and mighty.

    In the end, the Goldenberg Inquiry that lasted more than one year turned out to be more of an exercise in public relations and a display of the intrigues that characterised the Kenyan political scene in the late 1980s and early 90s, than a probe that would finally put the real issues of the Goldenberg saga to rest. It provided even more questions than answers even as it recommended further prosecutions of various personalities. The Goldenberg saga is still a subject matter of the courts and a pet subject of all sundry politicians and analysts.

    At the end of the inquiry and although he still had to face related court appearances, Pattni also discovered that through his newfound faith, another calling was beckoning. He believed that God was inspiring him to become a politician.

    Through the hand of God, he was able to become a member of the Kenya National Democratic Alliance (KENDA), and was soon elected the party’s chairman. Although there were numerous calls for Pattni to vie for seat of President in the 2007 General Election, he opted instead to strengthen his party and address the major political, social and economic issues facing Kenya.

    His main vision is to make Kenya a powerful country with a dynamic society, where peace reigns and where all the citizens live comfortably in harmony with dignity. He believes that Kenya can emerge from its current status to become a wealthy and modern nation in the world.

    Pattni, through Kenda, is championing a new agenda for a welfare state in Kenya whose main themes are poverty alleviation, employment creation, security and eradication of crime and the equal distribution of resources to all parts of the country through all the locations and wards.

    His party wants to ensure that if its nominees are elected to Parliament, they would table bills and legislation that would radically transform the socio-economic status of Kenya and its citizens by ensuring the provision of basic services in all sectors including health, education, water, agriculture, trade and industry.

    Pattni is vying for the Westlands parliamentary seat and will be spearheading the Kenda manifesto and vision ahead of and beyond the December 27, 2007 General Election.

    It has been a long, hard and eventful road for the businessman-philanthropist-evangelist-politician and all indications are that Kenyans can expect to see and hear much more from him.



    by Mustafa Arif

    A Sanskrit proverb says: “Wealth stops at the house, friends and relatives at the grave; good deeds and evil deeds follow the dying man.” And Kenya’s emerging revolutionary leader, Bro. Paul Kamlesh Pattni, says:” What good is it to gain all that wealth and then lose our soul. “ Really Bro Pattni is trying to bring a totally different concept in Kenyan politics, through development and progress embedded with a humanitarian approach through service and uplifting of poor and down trodden people.

    Completely devoting his life to God and prayers Bro Pattni preaches to the Kenyan masses that it is God who decides all the steps. Not only through the Bible, but almost all holy books including the Quran and Bhagwad Gita support Bro. Pattni’s statement.

    With this godly approach, his political party the Kenya National Democratic Alliance popularly known as Kenda Party is in the field of election to be held on 27th December, 2007 putting 170 candidates in the election arena of Kenya. Recently Kenda Party was declared the party with the second largest number of parliamentary nominees by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK).

    Bro. Pattni himself is vying for the Westlands parliamentary seat of Nairobi. With this Bro. Pattni has initiated his efforts to win the maximum seats to enable him and his party to implement his vision and manifesto to make Kenya God’s own country. Gradually his godly and humanitarian approach is getting support all over the country.

    With his very powerful slogan “When the righteous are in the authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” A Hindu holy book perfectly supports this statement, saying that for the wicked and the evil, the remedy is of two kinds:-

    Either to disgrace them by strategy or to leave them at a distance, people of Kenya are gradually being hypnotized by this approach and supporting him to bring righteousness on throne of Kenya in the forthcoming General Election of 27th December, 2007.

    He says if God is willing, his party would bring a maximum number of seats and his first step will be to make Kenya God’s own country. The concept that 10 per cent share of profit should go towards God’s work is commonly described in the Bible and Quran. Kenda party intends to bring a Bill in Parliament to form a Religious Development Fund. This fund will be proportionately divided according to the population of the communities living in Kenya.

    For example, 80 per cent of the fund will go to the Christian Development Fund as Christian constitute 80 per cent of the total population, while the rest of the 20 per cent will go to Muslims, Hindus and other religions’ development fund. This fund will be utilized for the construction and completion of religious and other holy places and in case of dire medical emergency for their needy and poor people.

    His second priority will be to form a Poverty Alleviation Council and to provide jobs to the jobless of the country. To analyse and make design a strategy for this task, his party has created a Kenda Welfare Data Analysis Form which has been launched throughout the country. His party has got tremendous response and the people are willingly coming forward to submit their details in this form.

    Bro. Paul Pattni says it is the duty of the government to provide jobs to every jobless person in the country. Safety and security, tourism promotion, trade and industry as well as general social and economic development are other important tasks included in his vision to lead Kenya toward overall development of the country and betterment of the people.

    The Kenyan people have welcomed his vision, saying that he is the only leader in Kenya who believes in doing then saying, action more than just mere words. Usually it is witnessed that wherever he goes, he fulfils promises there and then. During the election campaigns too he behaves like a ‘Karma Yogi ‘a person who believes in work and work only.

    Recently at a public meeting in Mombasa, he donated 9 tractors to the Mijikenda community to plough their farms to yield fast and more crops. While he visited to Kerio Valley he donated materials like mattresses, grains and school stationery and later in programme he donated a car to the church.

    While contesting as an aspiring MP for Westlands constituency, he has until now attended many public meetings and gatherings, everywhere he has left his impression of generosity, sincerity and humanity. People of his area says they like Kamlesh as he is a truly a man of God, who takes care of us. This statement of the people of his area is completely true, because wherever he goes apart from making promises he tries to solve problems and fulfills their demands on the spot.

    At the City Park market in Highridge area, he helped 50 youth with gumboots, a car washing machine and two lorries of gravel to construct a car parking ground. Similarly, when he went to the Kangemi open air market in Westlands, he announced he would assist in the construction of the roof of the market and road. His engineers and architect now on the ground to complete his announcement. When he visited St. Mary’s ACK Church he donated KShs 200,000 to construct the roof and completion of construction of the Church.

    Recently he was welcomed by the Maasai community in Oserai location in Kajiado Central constituency, where he announced he would help in the construction of boreholes in the area. The people of Kajiado Central have been traveling for more than 20 kilometers searching for water for domestic use and for their livestock. Work on this project has started.

    He is also sponsored an aeroplane trip for 8 poor people from Nairobi to Mombasa as a living example of his sentiments and feelings to the people, who can never imagine such pleasure of a journey, a surprise of a gift of a lifetime. He always makes himself available for the poor and needy people.

    When the story of the agony and suffering of a two-year-old little boy Samuel Wafula was brought to his attention, he immediately sponsored the boy for complete medical treatment and after a successful operation at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, the poor little boy miraculously got relief form the dreaded Hirschsprung disease.
    The boy’s mother, Mrs. Nancy Wafula, offered her gratitude to God and praying for Bro. Paul Kamlesh Pattni, who brought the light of happiness into the family’s life.

    A charity Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Hand of Hope and his evangelistical Hope International Ministry which he established to complete his task of regular humanitarian service are another facet of his kind nature and commitment to the work of God.

    Many needy and poor people are getting financial and material help every day. Hand of Hope also provides free legal advice and legal aid to those whom getting justice is a very costly affair. Through Hand of Hope many needy Kenyans have received assistance to get justice and relief. Hand of Hope is also involved in many humanitarian activities like digging boreholes, providing food to hungry persons, running orphanages, assisting the jobless and providing educational and medical support.

    Hand of Hope runs a countrywide sanitary towel distribution programme for the Girl Child. Many of the school going girl children, especially in remote, poor and marginalized regions of Kenya, suffer untold stress due to inaccessibility to proper materials during their ovulation circle. This effort to guarantee and ensure the comfort of the Girl Child has not only improved continuous class attendance, but has also improved their educational performance, mainly in rural and slum areas of the country.

    With a totally different social and humanitarian approach, Kenda party is emerging as a powerful instrument for change all over Kenya. Kenyans believe that if his charisma works and if he succeeds in securing maximum seats for his party in the forthcoming General Election, then with his planning and humanitarian approach the country will surely be led to the path of progress and development.

    His appeal and practical approach towards the people of Kenya is getting positive responses day by day, which will sure result into tremendous success for him and his party Kenda.


    TEN former MPs are among the 170 parliamentary candidates who have joined Kenda to run in the December 27 General Election.

    The list included former Cabinet ministers, Mrs Lina Kilimo for East Marakwet and Mr George Ndoto for Kitui Central, and Assistant minister, Mr Samuel Moroto for the Kapenguria parliamentary seat. Kiambaa Kanu branch chairman, Mr George Wainaina, was also cleared to run on Kenda ticket and will battle it out with Cabinet minister, Mr Njenga Karume. Others are former MPs, Mr William Komen (Baringo East), Mr Raphael Kitur (Konoin) and Mr Davis Nakitari (Saboti). Ms Tabitha Seii, Mr Sammy Leshore and a political activist, Ms Oliver Seki is also in the list. Kenda chairman, Mr Kamlesh Pattni, in a statement issued yesterday, congratulated the candidates.

    We would like to thank Pandit Mustafa Arif, Director Media, Kenya National Democratic Party for his contribution in preparing this profile

    [h=1]Kamlesh Pattni: The Bible Told Me to give back the Grand Larceny Hotel[/h]

    Kazi kwako! mwenzio ana kanisa anahubiri sasa na ile hotel ya Grand Larceny ameirejesha serikalini
    Hizi pesa nyingi kupindukia huwezi kuzimaliza peke yako,hebu shiriki na wenzio wanaoishi kwa tabu na mashaka na umetajirika kwa ujinga na migongo yao

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    Kamlesh Mansukhlal Damji Pattni

    Mnafanana sana na huyu jamaa kwa kujipatia utajiri kinamna inayofanana na kuwa karibu na mkuu wa kaya..mwenzio ametubu na sasa amerejesha alichokwapua huku akihubiri neno katiika kanisa
    [HR][/HR] Nairobi - Kamlesh Pattni yesterday expressed willingness to return all the ill-gotten wealth through transactions between his Goldenberg International Ltd and the government.
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    Kweli hawa jamaa wajifunze kwa huyu mhindi.
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    THE SUNDAY TIMES - 13th June 2004

    A KENYAN businessman has shaken the country by alleging that Daniel arap Moi, the former president, was at the heart of a scandal in which up to £2.2 billion was allegedly stolen in the decade before he left office in 2002.

    In testimony last week to an inquiry, Kamlesh Pattni, a former car dealer, claimed that in 1991 Moi gave the go-ahead for the racket, which was centred on subsidies paid by the Kenyan government for largely fictitious exports of gold and diamonds.

    Pattni claims to have taken its first fruits -£24,000 in Kenya shillings - in a briefcase to Moi at his home in Nairobi soon afterwards. Three further "deliveries" followed, totalling £52,000.

    Pattni, a Kenyan Asian who has been arrested on an unrelated murder charge, claimed a delighted Moi, who ruled Kenya for 24 years, laughingly referred to the money by the codeword of "photocopy" and set up a hotline in his office which enabled him to make calls demanding more cash. Moi denies the allegations.

    Pattni, with his business partner James Kanyotu, then head of Kenya's Special Branch, set up a company, Goldenberg International, and the Exchange Bank.

    Goldenberg was granted a monopoly to export gold and diamond jewellery from Kenya, even though the country has no diamonds and only a tiny amount of gold.

    Under the deal with the Kenyan government, Goldenberg was paid 35% on top of the claimed value of its exports. Most of the money was channelled through Exchange and four other commercial banks.

    By 1992, when the scheme was at its height, Pattni was claiming "export compensation" for £1.4m worth of gold and diamonds exported each day. The claims were mostly bogus. Pattni alleged in his testimony that much of the money was used to ensure Moi's victory in Kenya's 1992 election.

    Moi's lawyers said he "categorically denied the allegations by Kamlesh Pattni that he was a director of the Goldenberg International". "He (Moi) has never attended any meeting or any function of the Goldenberg International," they said.

    Last Thursday, Pattni's lawyers produced a list of all those he claims to have bribed but it was quickly impounded by the chairman of the inquiry. A number of prominent Kenyan figures were allegedly involved.

    The theft had a devastating impact on Kenya's once-flourishing economy. The country's authorities believe about £820m of the stolen money left the country. The rest has been spent or invested in businesses in Kenya and Britain including, it is understood, big London hotels.

    The Kenyan government is expected to ask Britain to seize some of these assets.

    Kroll Associates, the security and asset-tracking company, is conducting a global search to recover what it can.
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    huyu jamaa nilimfahamu vizuri nilipokuwa kenya mida fulani hivi, mtu hiyo inahelaaaaaaaaaa! acha bw. ila sasa inaamua kurejea kWA MUNGU WETU, kafanya uamuzi wa busara hasa kukumbilia damu ya utakaso kwa ondoleo la sin. MUNGU AMPONYE NA KUMBARIKI KAMA AMETUBU KWELI
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    ana mahubiri katika kanisa lake akieleza maisha yake ya dhambi na kutoa misaada..alikwahi kuwa anampelekea Moi ma-briefcase ya noti huyu

    After losing out in the battle for the ownership of the Grand Regency Hotel, Nairobi businessman Kamlesh Pattni has now come up with an even grander project; a seven star Sh4 billion hotel complex just up the road from his former gem that was taken over by Libyans.
    But before construction of The Prince begins at Nairobi's Museum Hill, Mr Patni will have to navigate the controversy over a new 50-year lease agreement on the land on which he intends to build the hotel and shopping complex. The ministry of Lands has controversially given a company linked to him a 50-year lease for the prime property at the city's Museum Hill, throwing two government ministries at loggerheads.
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    This is a message to all of us. We have been given something by GOD thus obliged to give back to needy people
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    Pattni is just embarking in a suoerior degree conmen style through the church. Think of Nigerian Gospel Billionaires then you will reckon what Kamlesh Pattni is about to committ.
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    vry beautiful
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    sure mkuu..pesa huwa hazishibwi bali riziko,na ukifikia saturation point there is no more u can do with ur money by urself!
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    wengi wameziacha...akina Mobutu,Kamuzu etc
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    Hata Lowassa alitakiwa afanye hivi tutamwelewa, au ndivyo anavyotaka kufanya labda! Ila sidhani kama ingekuwa busara akaanzia Nigeria maana kama kweli kakosea alowakosea WaTz, hivyo wa kuombwa msamaha ni WaTz. Kwa Rostam pia afanye hivyo akikataa mauti inawaita maana waTz wanamlilia sana Mungu juu ya wezi akiwepo pia Kikwete
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    Kwani wewe wajua ukweli wa moyo wa mtu?