Ronaldo ready for war with Ferguson


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Feb 11, 2007
Ronaldo ready for war with Ferguson in bid to join RealDaniel Taylor The Guardian, Saturday June 21, 2008 Article history


Cristiano Ronaldo is greeted by a media scrum on his return to Portugal after his team's Euro 2008 came to an end. Photograph: Paulo Amorim/AP

Cristiano Ronaldo has boldly declared that he will not mind upsetting Sir Alex Ferguson if it helps him to get the transfer he desperately craves from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Ronaldo plans to release a public statement this weekend in which he will detail his plans and, in an admission that will incense Ferguson, he revealed last night that Luiz Felipe Scolari, the new Chelsea manager, had advised him to leave Old Trafford.

"It is a dream, a step forward, you can call it what you want," Ronaldo replied when asked directly what it would be like to play at the Bernabéu. "For me it is a great opportunity and, as Scolari says, that train passes by only once and we have to take advantage of it."

The comments followed on from his statement immediately after Portugal had been put out of the European Championship on Thursday night, when he said the chances of him leaving United were "great". Ronaldo still has four years of his contract to run at United though Real are believed to be ready to test the European champions' resolve to keep him with a bid approaching £75m. Real are waiting for Ronaldo to make an unequivocal public declaration of his desire to join them, thus forcing United to the negotiating table, though they are thought to have reached the basis of an agreement with Ronaldo and his agent, Jorge Mendes.

Just over a month ago Real's president, Ramón Calderón, told his board the club had "done our bit" in their pursuit of Ronaldo. All Madrid could do now, Calderón said, was wait. Even with Portugal knocked out of the European Championship, the situation remains much the same as far as Madrid are concerned.

Ronaldo, who is due to have surgery on his right foot, responded honestly when he was asked how he planned to persuade United to cooperate. "It is always difficult. It is not only one person deciding, it is many people, but it can be a very good thing for everybody. Let's see in a couple of days. You will soon know what I want. You know what I want [already] and that is why I don't want to say anything else. Let's wait. I want to give more details. I am going to say what I want but things don't depend only on me, that is why we have to wait."

By that Ronaldo was making it clear United would have to budge from their previously immovable position that he is not for sale. The club issued a statement yesterday insisting this would not happen but Ronaldo is bracing himself for showdown talks with Ferguson. "I don't know what I have to say to him," he said. "I have to say what I want and what I think."

He was asked whether that would upset Ferguson and he replied: "It is my opinion. That is why I don't mind if people get upset. It is my decision. It is what I want."

Ronaldo revealed he had made up his mind "some time ago, before the Champions League final" but had kept relatively quiet because "we were competing and I didn't want to say anything because it was a very important decision". The same, he said, applied to his refusal to answer questions on the subject while Portugal were competing in Euro 2008. "I didn't want to say anything because I wanted to be focused on Portugal. But now it is finished I am going to talk. This is a personal thing, something I dream of."

It was put to him that his family dreamed of it, too. "That is true," he said. "I will do a public note and we will then see what will happen. After that I really hope my dream comes true."

Ronaldo also confirmed he had not heard from Ferguson, who is on holiday in France, during Euro 2008: "I was in a very important competition and we had nothing to say to each other."

He did, however, take advice from Scolari, Portugal's outgoing manager, who might be said to have a conflict of interest now he is taking charge of one of United's major rivals. "That is why [he told me to go]," said Ronaldo. "He took advantage of his chance, that opportunity, and other people have to take advantage of opportunities too."

Ronaldo is returning to Manchester to undergo minor surgery on a foot problem early next week. By then, his position will be clear and United could conceivably have had the first official contact from Madrid, although the Spanish champions are unlikely to get a favourable response.

"Further to press speculation about where Cristiano Ronaldo's future lies, the club has moved to reiterate its stance on the matter: United are not listening to offers," the statement from Old Trafford read. "The club reaffirm that the 23-year-old United star is not for sale."
na aende zake akaue kiwango chake huko kwa legend killers real madrid dangulo la wazeee....wenzake wanaenda kule wakiwa 30's ye anangangania wakati bado mdogooooooo aulize wenziwe kina owen,robinho!!!aondoke banaaa
Msimamo wangu tangu mwanzo wa hii saga ni kuwa Let him go...imagine what we can do with the money Madrid are offering? So Let Him Go!!!
Msimamo wangu tangu mwanzo wa hii saga ni kuwa Let him go...imagine what we can do with the money Madrid are offering? So Let Him Go!!!

Lakini Mkuu inabidi kuresist kidogo ili jamaa wavunje benki.
Nadhani in du course man watamuuza huyu dogo.... ila ili maumivu yapungue inabidi kukataa kidogo ili dau lipande.
Hata mi nakuunga mkono mkuu....If he has to go let him go, but with maximum bid.
Wacha aende na ndiyo mwisho wake maana kisimati chake kiko Man U tu. Si unaona hata Euro alicheza ovyo????
Naona hapo dogo ameangalia maslahi ya kipesa na hiyo najua inatokana na wakala wake. Huyo wakala amekuwa mfanyabiashara ya watu na haangalii mwisho wa career ya kijana wake kwa kuwa yeye atakuwa ameshajitajirisha.
Nadhani ushauri wa Fellipe Scorali unatokana na kumuona kijana kama mwiba kwake wa mafanikio endapo kama atabaki Man Utd.
Vilevile kufariki kwa baba yake Ronaldo kunayumbisha maisha yake kwa kuwa ndiye aliyekuwa akimshauri na ndiye alimpeleka hadi Oldtraford, waliobaki ni watu wanaotazama manufaa ya muda kutoka kwa kijana.

Na mimi naungana na wadau wengine wa Man Utd kwamba jamaa aondoke! Ferguson amesha-nasa kijana mwingine mwenye talent ya mpira kutoka Italia na majamaa huko wanalia!
Let him go but we need 50ml paund+Schneider+Robinho
Please dont criticise RONALDO too much ,so far he has a lot to us
Yes is responsible for what happen but there are people to be blame more
I agree with NGONALUGALI that death of his father has make him upset and the stupid advice from SCOLARI
The problem with Ron ni moja tuu!!, he is too much ''political'', yaani wale watu wa kucheza na kusikiliza majukwaa na sio facts, ni kweli ametufanyia makubwa lakini destination yake ndio wasi wasi wangu mkubwa, Madrid sio timu ya kukuendeleza, labda Barca u can name ila sio hawa Galactinos.

Dogo katufanyia makubwa, lakini am getting sick with this...let him go!!, wlikuepo akina Cantona, Stam, Becks, Van...why not him??

Naungana na Roya hapo juu, kuwa moja ya sababu kuu ya Manutd kudengua ni kutaka dau lipande, ikibidi rekodi ya uhamisho wa Zizzou from Juve kwenda Madrid ivunjwe, lakini sababu ya pili ni ukweli kwamba ni historia itakuwa imewekwa kwa PL player kuwa player bora wa FIFA, na Ron he is likely kuwa nominated..asa kikwazo ni kwamba sifa zooote zitaenda Madrid na sio Manutd ''tulio'' mfanya afikie pale alipo.

Naunga mkona hoja ya ''kuuzwa''', mia kwa mia.. naomba kuwakilishaa!!

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