Rihanna & Chris Brown - Dating, no more secrets!!

Steve Dii

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Jun 25, 2007
Here is da previe from missinfo blog:

"For the 80 millionth time, Chris Brown and Rihanna want you to know that they are not dating, they are just best friends…best friends who hug in the swimming pool, who lay on each other in Paris nightclubs, who throw surprise birthday parties for each other, best friends who keep each other company all night long in recording studios in LA….ehh you get the idea.
Well, here they run the broken record again while at the Kids Choice Awards..and then the very next day, they were spotted shopping together at The Grove.


Rihanna & Chris Brown at shoppin' mall
picture credit: concreteloop.com

(note to chris brown…its cool for rihanna to keep insisting the whole "friend zone" thing. but you're looking like you can't close the deal here. so maybe take a page from the hov-book, just stop talking.)"
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