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Rhoi wangila mwanamke wa kukumbuka africa

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Pdidy, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    The Ark Foundation was founded by Rhoi Wangila, who fled Uganda during the civil war when hundreds of Ugandans died and hundreds more were internally displaced. Rhoi came to the United States, became a citizen, and with sheer determination and little working capital, devoted her life to helping her beloved Uganda – later branching out with programs in other parts of East Africa and beyond. She began organizing villagers, educating them on the importance of helping their own children and orphans, and providing opportunities for education and acquiring income-generating skills which transformed their lives. Rhoi has worked with, lived among, and constantly witnessed individuals and families suffering from the day-to-day effects of poverty and lack of opportunities. She was on the ground working when the devastation of HIV/AIDS crept into communities, tearing at their very fabric and upsetting the stability of families. She has witnessed firsthand the hopelessness and despair of villages and communities devastated by the disease – and she has experienced the resilience, determination, and hope of thousands of women, children, and communities.

    Rhoi has used her time and talents, with or without compensation, to save the lives of hundreds of children and their families who live in poverty-stricken communities in East Africa and other parts of the continent. Through AFA, she has created education and training projects under trees, in one-room school houses, in schools Ark has built, and in any place where a blackboard can be hung and where people will gather. AFA's creative and successful approach to providing services has touched the lives of thousands, who have then touched the lives of thousands more.

    Sitting with grandparents — simultaneously mourning the loss of their child and befuddled with the reality of raising their grandchildren — and speaking with children faced with the loss of their mother or father and an uncertain future, she has been constantly aware of the eerie lack of connection between the flurry of domestic and international AIDS efforts and the continual suffering of families saddled with the loss that accompanies the disease. In particular, Ms. Wangila remains disturbed by the brazen neglect of the plight of AIDS orphans in Africa and the grandparents burdened with raising them.

    Most development agencies arrive with the best intentions, great experts, and, most importantly, money and resources to accomplish their goals. Agencies come and go, funds dry up, and too often very little has been accomplished to endow the indigenous populations and institutions with the know-how, knowledge, or training to continue and prosper.

    I met “Mama” Rhoi at a remote Maasai encampment in northern Tanzania, where she was chaperoning a group of youth. Rhoi has been mentor, surrogate mother, and friend to this courageous group of teenagers, many of them orphans and all affected in some way by AIDS. Thanks to her tireless efforts, they have a voice in the fight against AIDS, a way to stay in school, and someone to believe in them. If only we could clone her!

    Christine Doerr
    Pangea: Giving for Global Change

    Upcoming Events

    June 24 thru 27- ARK will be hosting its second Tujenge Pamoja Capacity Building Workshop in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

    The Ark Foundation is proud to announce publication of Rhoi Wangila’s first book,
    Africa, AIDS Orphans and their Grandparents: Benefits and Preventable Hidden Dangers. [Read More]

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