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Redykyulass ni mbunge!

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Kithuku, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    binti_bin Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    I watched the clips at my desk and laughed so loud my co-workers thought I was crazy-until they watched them and laughed out loud, too! I remember these young men when I was in Naii 4 years ago; they somehow got my sluggish days going -they are UNBWOGABLE!! My friends told me TZ has got similar comedies nowdays. Please post the links cuz would love to watch my people. I personally believe such programs make young generation become more interested and aware of what surrounds them + politics in general.
  3. K

    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Jan 7, 2008
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    Yes it is true Tanzania has got comedians who perform in an almost similar manner to Redykyulass, making fun of public figures (politicians, celebrities, religious leaders etc). Their program is aired on East Africa Tv (Channel 5) every thursday at 7pm EAT. All of their shows are in Kiswahili, and they successfully imitate the accent of whoever they are making fun of. They also report or re-report events in a funny way. Here are some clips:
    1. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2021/Ze_comedy_-_Mambo_Ya_Kukandamizana!!/
    2. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2004/Ze_comedy_-_Mawaziri_Wetu/
    3. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2654/Ze_comedy_-_Wahubiri_Wetu/
    4. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2579/Ze_comedy-_First_Lady/
    5. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2448/Ze_comedy_-_Waziri_Mkubwa/
    6. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/1980/Ze_comedy_-_Siku_ya_Kupima_Ukimwi_/
    7. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2572/Ze_comedy_-_Dobi/
    8. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2340/Ze_comedy_-_Mafundi_Simu/
    9. http://www.eastafricantube.com/media/2642/Ze_comedy-mzee_wa_sumbawanga./