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Feb 10, 2006
When applying for a job beware of these:

- Do not write the cover letter in the compose page. You MUST attach the cover letter with the CV using the "attach file" icon provided in most email softwares.

- Specify the job you are applying for and the organization.

- Some candidates were sending scanned copies of certificates. Good but not desired

- I am imagining you are opening yourself too much to the potential employer. Give him/her a "want" to call you for an interview.

- Apply for the right job. Though jobs are hard to come by, an Engineer applying for a Secretarial job? Does not auger well.

- Do not use your employers email address (official email) e.g, this shows a potential misuse of company resources. time, there is no loyalty to your present employer. Some person used the email, if anything get yourself a gmail, yahoo! hotmail. there are several options.

- Do not forward a CV. Say let a friend forward on your behalf, or a forward from a past application - shows laziness and little attention to the job you are applying for.

- Rename you CV and cover letter to reflect your name. Example... Maxence Melo CV.doc and Maxence Melo Cover Letter.doc. otherwise whoever is receiving your online applications may think it is a potential virus or some unsolicited email. Someone sent a CV with the title ...BEST CANDIDATE.DOC!..very very much undesired.

- The cover letter need not be too long or too short, an ideal cover letter should be of 2 to 3 paragraphs (not the gospel truth)

- An ideal CV is 2 - 3 pages.

- Giving the referee of your college professor or secondary school head master exposes you to bias. You have been out of high school for 10 years and your High school principal is still your ref? Am sure a lot has changed. Choose a friend who knows you well. A referee is not always a senior person in government, college or the society. It could be your college roommate! [When your referee is called, the guy might have a problem remembering who the hell are you!] It is important your referee knows you have used him/her.

- Before applying a job get as much details and background about the company. It could be an hospital, NGO, goverment, a start up or even a brothel. Be sure so that the framing of your cover letter is appropriate.

- Leave the salary details to the interview date..unless you are required to state your previous salary.
Hii thread ya 2007?! Miaka niliyoanza kuisoma JF (Jambo Forums) kama guest!

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Anhaa mambo ya kufanya nafanya, lakini sijaifanyia kazi elimu yangu muda sana kiasi mpaka naona nilipoteza muda kukaa darasani
Husijutie, huwezi jua ndio iliyofungua akili ya kufanya ufanyayo.
Kutegemea ajira kwa kivuli cha elimu ndio utumwa.

Utakua una survive badala ya kuishi maisha
Ninachomkubali Max, huwa ana Kiingereza kizuri sana. Siku moja nimemsikia akihojiwa BBC, utadhani ni mzungu alikuwa anaongea.

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