Re.: Watanzania Mkoje? (quoted from Jojo Jo's email on eThinkTank-TZ forum)


Oct 17, 2006
I am copying this verbatim... please comment...

I once said in this forum that wisdom is a very interesting thing

once you dont have it things get really messy and in most cases problems at home - bongo are caused by serious lack of wisdom - including AIDS/self-made Poverty/grand corruption/gross mismanagement etc etc

take for instance the tax exemptions on Computer products

instead of putting forward clear definition of ICt products and thier tax schedules the powers that be have left it to confusionistas at customs entry points so an LCD monitor for your compouter may be taxed since they claim it caan be used as a TV, a DVD recorder for your PC is charged since it can play music etc, printer catridges are sometimes taxed for similar reasons, all this because amidst confusion and misunderstanding there is opportunity for corruption an dother malicious tendencies and practices. The administrative overhead opf sorting out sch trivialities is not at all considered. The dissatisfaction of customers in our motherland is something high oin the agenda for many institutions both public and private.

now if the commissioner has understood that the YoM is on the document why is he/she/it not making sure everyone involved is clear about the definition and its implementation? If people think they ara hassled the issue of voluntary tax payment is irrelevant. If you make th eprocedure simple and clear people wil be willing to pay where required.

bongo imejaa utajiri feki kwa sababu ya mambo haya ya rushwa wizi utapeli na uongo wa kupindukia achilia mbali unyanganyi - false sense of riches and wealth

Watu wanadhani kuwa na majumba ya fahari na magari na mahela ndo utajiri

lots of them now have lots of money but they are not rich let alone wealthy!

Mambo haya yanachosha basi tu jamani ila siku tukifikia kama jirani zetu hapo NRB ndo tutaelewa kwa nini manake msidhani wao vichaa kuchinjana hivyo au vipi la hasha walishachoka basi wakangojea opportune time na kama ada ilifika na tukaona yaliyotokea

kwani waliosema usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta wadhani walikuwa hawana akili

kwa herini!​

A luta continua!

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