Prof. Benno Ndulu's talk: Invention and innovation as a catalyst of development.

Nyani Ngabu

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May 15, 2006
He is using a lot of word-fillers....i.e. eeh..uum...eeh......good nevertheless....


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Jul 10, 2007
He is using a lot of word-fillers....i.e. eeh..uum...eeh......good nevertheless....

There are cheap words anyway. Even a kid knows that inventions and innovations are keys to development and prosperity. I was hoping that he will say we should do A and B so as we can innovate and invent


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Feb 4, 2007
The West can afford to TALK,we can't, we must DO.

What has the governor personally and in his capacity do to accelerate invention and innovation? How does he influence public policy towards that lofty goal? Since the governor is so keen on the two, what did we invent or innovate in the building of the BOT Towers under his leadership? Have we successfully invented or innovated any banking concepts or are we just copy pasting western concepts with no contribution to the global banking industry?

All it takes to talk like that, sadly to much acclaim and with little or no room for critical examination, is to parrot some Jeffrey Sachs or Muhammad Yunus and be on the right side of acceptable socio-economic concepts and trends.

The big question is what have you done with this knowledge?

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