Prince Harry Was “Important Chicken” According To Taliban Commander


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Nov 27, 2007
Prince Harry Was “Important Chicken” According To Taliban Commander
Mar 02, 2008
By Sayed Ullah | Jihad Unspun
Britain’s Prince Harry was whisked out if Afghanistan after his whereabouts was inadvertently disclosed and UK leaders feared he would become a prime target however the Taliban claim he already was and that they knew the location of this “important chicken”.

Headlines sent shock waves around the world recently when Britain’s Royal Prince was called back from a secret mission in Afghanistan after the Drudge Report inadvertently disclosed his location. It was subsequently disclosed that Prince Harry had been serving with British troops in southern Afghanistan since Dec 14th 2007.

Britain’s Ministry of Defence announced his withdrawal from Afghanistan immediately after the leaked report fearing that he would be in the Taliban sightlines which turned out to be the case when a Taliban Commander claimed they planned to kill him.

The so called ‘Royal Prince’ was described as just “another chicken” but an “important chicken” according to a Taliban Commander Mullah Abdul Karim who claims they not only knew his whereabouts and were planning attacks on him.
Fearing that the Taliban fighters would specifically target Cornet Wales (the prince's military title) and his fellow soldiers if his presence in the battle zone was publicly revealed, the top British brass did everything possible to prevent leaks about his deployment in December to war torn Helmand province. But talking to Newsweek via satellite phone from that region last week, deputy Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Karim recalled getting an urgent message from Taliban intelligence in late December or early January that "an important chicken" had joined British troops in his area of operations. Karim promptly sent his men hunting for the prince. "He is our special enemy," says Karim. "Our first option was to capture him as a prisoner, and the second, to kill him."
The prince traveled around the province with his unit, says Karim, whose men once or twice reported possible sightings of Harry's armored convoy in their area of operations, eastern Helmand's Sanguin district. The ministry also said that the prince had been working as a forward air controller, calling in fighter-bomber strikes against Taliban forces. Karim claims he heard the same thing from Afghans on the ground. "He may be a prince, but he didn't have a prince's heart," says Karim. "He proved as cruel and brutal as other British soldiers, bombing and shelling innocent Afghans and Taliban.
Although the British intelligence dismissed the Taliban commander’s statements still many among them believe that the Taliban undoubtedly have good sources for inside information on Western forces inside the country that is witnessed by their unrelenting attacks against occupation forces.
Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf reported that an attack was carried out on Sunday morning March 2, 2008 at 8 approximately am locale time by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan when they ambushed an army vehicle belonging to ANA army commander Abdul Baqi in the Jalali area of capital city of Herat province. In the attack two of his guards were killed and the commander was wounded.
Also on Sunday at approximately 10 am local time Mujahideen from Islamic Emirate destroyed a British tank by detonating remote-controlled landmines in the Shorki area of the Gerishk district in Helmand province. The landmines completely demolished the tank and soldiers on board were killed or injured according to the same report.
On Saturday night March 1, 2008 at approximately 10 pm local time, Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate fired mortar shells into an Indian occupation base in the Minar area of Nimruz province. A huge fire was seen after the mortars struck the base, however the damages and casualties not be confirmed according to the report from Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf.

Prince Harry's anonymous visit to Afghanistan underscores the fact that vast amounts of information is being witheld from the public in a desperate attempt to hide the utter failure in the so-called “war on terror” particularly in Afghanistan where the Taliban Mujahideen show no sign of slowing their efforts to oust the occupiers. (JUS)
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