Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Yupo huko anapigana...

Hata mie nimeshangaa sana kuikuta habari hiyo katika Yahoo news, kumbe kijana alilazimika kwenda vitani ili kukidhi haja yake kutumikia ujeshi na kuonyesha uzalendo kwa nchi yake. Ila amesikitika sana habari hii kuwekwa peupe, kwa sababu waliiweka ni siri sana!
why is this a big deal anyway????

Big deal ni kwamba, huyu jamaa (wanavyodai Waingereza) anahatarisha zaidi usalama wanajeshi wenzake wanaopambana na magaidi kule Afghanistani, kwani magaidi watamtafuta kwa udi na uvumba ili kulipa kisasi, kwani ni mwana mfalme. Kwamba kuuwawa kwake kutaitikisa Uingereza, na hii haiwapendezi sana Waingereza!

Any other Question?
Anyways wameshamrudisha Uingereza baada ya wahandishi kushindwa kuvumilia na kutoboa siri...
why is this a big deal anyway????

I am kind of ambivalent about his being there. fair play in a way for not wanting special treatment, but if he has a lust for blood then that is obviously a bad thing.

Of course, when he was young his father used to rub a bloodied fox tail in his face, much to his mothers disgust. Most people would have social services on them like a ton of bricks. Small wonder he's maladjusted.

Anyway, as the OP alludes the real nauseating thing about this episode is the jingoism, and yes it does all look a bit too convinient.

There's UK premier G. Brown today, trying to cash in. He'd be better off seeing that the troops were half decently equipped instead of sticking his 2 faces on the latest tabloid bandwaggon.

So, is it far fetched to imagine that when faced with Harry threatening to leave the army unless he saw action, some spark thought "right, send him out for a few months hush hush, then let it slip and bring him home - minimum risk, maximum PR, job done"?

Of all the jobs to give him! Sitting safe in a bunker, like we saw on TV, calling in air strikes on people, miles away, whom he cannot see clearly enough to distinguish Taliban from civilian. In terms of combining absence of courage in battle with lack of respect for non-combatants, it is hard to imagine a military role which looks worse – apart from full-time membership of a firing squad.

I doubt that Prince Harry chose this job himself.
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