Presidential gifts: Mkapa na bakuli ya dhahabu, Kikwete na designer suits

Apr 20, 2011
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Lessons from WikiLeaks presidential bribery claims

Tuhuma za WikiLeaks zimetufundisha mambo mengi sana kuhusu masuala ya maadili, mwenendo wa Ikulu na wafanyakazi wa serikali. Baadhi ya mafunzo hayo ni kama hivi:

1. Rais wa Tanzania hununuliwa nguo zake zote. Huko Marekani Rais wa nchi hununua vitu vyake mwenyewe na hulipia mpaka chakula anachokula White House yeye, familia yake na wageni wake.

2. Rais wa Tanzania na viongozi wa serikali hupokea zawadi kutoka kwa watu mbalimbali bila kujali thamani ya zawadi hizo. Tukumbuke Mkapa na Mama Mkapa na zawadi za bakuli na bangili za dhahabu.

Huko Marekani, kuna utaratibu mkali kuhusu zawadi kwa watumishi umma. Mfano, kuna zawadi ambazo viongozi wa umma hawaruhusiwi kupokea na zawadi zozote zinazozidi thamani iliyowekwa na serikali zinawekwa kwenye jumba la maonesho (archive) na kila mwaka hutolewa orodha ya zawadi hizo. Tanzania inapaswa kuanzisha sheria/utaratibu/kanuni kuhusu zawadi kwa viongozi wa umma ili kulinda maadili.

Gifts From Outside Sources

Executive branch employees are subject to restrictions on the gifts that they may accept from sources outside the Government. Generally they may not accept gifts that are given because of their official positions or that come from certain interested sources ("prohibited sources"). Prohibited sources include persons (or an organization made up of such persons) who --
  • are seeking official action by, are doing business or seeking to do business with, or are regulated by the employee's agency, or
  • have interests that may be substantially affected by performance or nonperformance of the employee's official duties.

In addition, an employee can never solicit or coerce the offering of a gift, or accept a gift in return for being influenced in the performance of an official act. Nor can an employee accept gifts so frequently that a reasonable person might think that the employee was using public office for private gain.

There are a number of exceptions to the ban on gifts from outside sources. These allow an employee to accept --
  • a gift valued at $20 or less, provided that the total value of gifts from the same person is not more than $50 in a calendar year
  • a gift motivated solely by a family relationship or personal friendship
  • a gift based on an employee's or his spouse's outside business or employment relationships, including a gift customarily provided by a prospective employer as part of bona fide employment discussions
  • a gift provided in connection with certain political activities
  • gifts of free attendance at certain widely attended gatherings, provided that the agency has determined that attendance is in the interest of the agency
  • modest refreshments (such as coffee and donuts), greeting cards, plaques and other items of little intrinsic value
  • discounts available to the public or to all Government employees, rewards and prizes connected to competitions open to the general public.
There are other exceptions, including exceptions for awards and honorary degrees, certain discounts and other benefits, attendance at certain social events, and meals, refreshments and entertainment in foreign countries.

These exceptions are subject to some limitations on their use. For example, an employee can never solicit or coerce the offering of a gift. Nor can an employee use exceptions to accept gifts on such a frequent basis that a reasonable person would believe that the employee was using public office for private gain.

If an employee has received a gift that cannot be accepted, the employee may return the gift or pay its market value. If the gift is perishable (e.g. a fruit basket or flowers) and it is not practical to return it, the gift may, with approval, be given to charity or shared in the office.


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Feb 11, 2011


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Director of Communications at the State House Mr Salva Rweyemamu speaks to the press flanked by Assistant Press Secretary to the President Ms Premmy Kibanga


In an outrageous cable reported by Wikileaks, the former US Ambassador to Tanzania, Michael Retzer is reported to have said in his cable reports that President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete has accepted gifts from the owner of the Kempinski Hotel chain, who is a citizen of the United Emirates.
b. This is, according to Ambassador Retzer, from a conversation he had with the Manager and Publicity Director of the former Dar es Salaam-based Kilimanjaro-Kempinski Hotel, Miss Lisa Pile.
c. This cable is as untruthful as it is outrageous. It is full of lies and innuendoes seeking to tarnish the good image and name of the President. It is unfortunate and highly disappointing that an ambassador worth his name could engage in this kind of lazy gossip.
d. The Directorate of the Presidential Communications would like to deny these lies in the strongest terms possible as follows:

2. We would like to state categorically that there has never been a time when the President received gifts from Ali Albwardy. This is definitely an outrageous claim and if there is evidence to the contrary, we would like to challenge Mr. Albwardy to produce it for the public to satisfy itself that what he is claiming are mere lies.

3. That there has never been a time, ever, when His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, during his time as Foreign Minister or currently as President of the United Republic of Tanzania, was flown by anybody to London on a subsidized shopping expedition to buy five suits. All his travels to London or any other places in the world have been duty assignments paid for by the Government of Tanzania. The matter of him being flown to London for subsides shopping of five suits is outrageous.

4. That during his entire life, as Foreign Minister or as President, the President has never met in London nor travelled with Ali Albwardy to London on a shopping expedition.

5. That the President was not responsible for raising nor receiving campaign funds for CCM Party during the 2005 General Elections. He was simply the flag bearer of the Party. However, he is privy to information that Kempinski Kilimanjaro Hotel was never asked nor contributed a single cent towards CCM campaign. Therefore the allegations that Kempinski Kilimanjaro Hotel contributed one million (USD 1,000,000) toward CCM campaign are baseless and unfounded.

6. That the Government permission for possessing of the Kilimanjaro Hotel by Kempinski Hotels and the subsequent permission to Kempinski to build two new hotels - one on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater and another on the Serengeti plains overlooking the main animal migration routes were issued by the Third Phase Tanzania Government and not by Mr. Kikwete’s Administration.

7. However, President Kikwete declined to grant Kempinski Hotels permission to build on the Ngorongoro Crater on the strength of environmental concerns. How come then that the President who has been offered so many favors such as suits and election money, took this principled position? This therefore testifies to the fact that, claims that the President has received favours are with malice intentions from his authors.

8. That it is a lie that Mr Kikwete has frequented Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel in his personal capacity. The records are very clear; the President has never, ever on his own visited that Hotel except on official duties or when he has escorted official state guests.

9. It is unfortunate that the distinguished Ambassador would believed and transmit such baseless lies and ear-says from a single source. The Office of the President takes strong exception to such behaviour which seeks to tarnish the name and person of the President.

Imetolewa na:
Kurugenzi ya Mawasiliano ya Rais,
Dar es Salaam.

04 Septemba, 2011


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Jul 20, 2011

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Mdau umenukuu sheria za mbali sana za Marekani kuhusiana na zawadi kwa watumishi wa umma, kwa taarifa yako serikali ya Tanzania ina circular maalum kabisa kuhusiana na zawadi sema kama sikumbuki inabidi uziwasilishe kwa mkubwa wako wa kazi mara upewapo, zawadi kama kalenda nafikiri zinaruhusiwa, kuhusu Rais sina uhakika coz yeye ndo bosi akipewa sidhani kama ameelekezwa sehemu ya kupeleka ila najua huo mwongozo upo, anaeujua atumwagie ili watu wafahamu especially watumishi wa umma, sio kupokeapokea tu kila kitu.


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Jan 5, 2010


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Unatakiwa hata kwa sheria za Tanzania uzitolee taarifa kwa viongozi wa ngazi za juu wanatoa taarifa kwenye Tume ya Maadili, kule amabko unatakiwa uorodheshe mali zako na madeni yako kila mwaka, lkn hapa hawafani hadi wikileaks iwaumbue.

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