President Uhuru Kenyatta busy taking selfies as Kenyans are murdered in Mandera

Dr. Job

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Jan 22, 2013
This President has failed us in all matters security and history will judge us harshly! Uhuru is not bothered.He was captured hanging out with Thandi Ojeer, partner of the former Chelsea and French International Claude Makelele,in Abu dhabi.

This hear speaks volumes about this so called digital PR government of the day.

Meanwhile these are the names of the Kenyans killed in this senseless massacre.


1.Timothy Wafula - Teacher
2. Nephine Muliro - Teacher
3. Mary Kilonzi - Teacher
4. Dennis Biesi Nyankemba - Teacher
5. Kennedy Kiraitu - Teacher
6. Philomena Muthiani - Teacher
7. Alex Makori - Teacher
8. Eric Omwenga - Teacher
9. Mildred Khasian – Teacher
10. Beatrice Atieno - Wife of a police officer.
11. Kennedy Atieno - Police officer.
12 Eric Masara - Teacher
13. Fridah Kathambi
14. Winfred Karimi
15. Dominique Omae.
16. Douglas Diganze
17. Janet Mukoya
18. Violet Moranga
19. Eric Sesaka
20. Patrick Ouko
21. Peterson Mugendi
22. Geofrey Mutembi
23. Milicent Gesare
24. Jackson Kipchirchir.
25. Geoffrey Muriithi
26. Hilary Lusaka
27. Maurice Kilonzo.

Rest in Peace dear Kenyans, your blood will be avenged!

Dr. Job

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Jan 22, 2013

Then the so called digital government tries to sell us this propaganda that they went and detroyed Al-Shabaab camps killing 100 hundred fighters. A journalist friend of mine puts it this way,
"Don't we just love the KDF's sense of mathematics: survivor accounts talk of 15 Al Shabab attackers on the Mandera bus. But when our gallant KDF soldiers catch up with them a few hours later they kill 100 Shababs. And you tell me you don't believe in miracles!"..need I say more?...or wait a minute they tried to circulate these pictures in the media forgetting that Kenyans are a smart lot.

Email from military source-->>There was nothing like military activity on Al Shaabab due to Mandera attack. In fact military was surprised to hear in a press conference of operation killing 100 militants. Both signals and combat guys on ground were not aware of such operation. In DP Ruto press conference military was spectator of unfolding scenario. When that statement was released the military has been forced to cover up.

It is said that the militants who attacked Mandera have been around for quite sometime. It is said the entered the country through the main entry. They bought there way in. The intelligence was shared and quite large number of population was aware of the presence of the militants. It was never acted upon by police.


These photos being passed around by govt were taken one year ago. Here is the set They should share photos from destruction of Al-Shabaab camps this weekend not old photos fronted as new ones.

A short time after the Mandera attack happened, two key government officials spoke. Their statement are official government policy. First Ole Lenku, he only regurgitated well known narrative. However, of interest, is DP William Ruto statement and assertions. He said military destroyed and killed ‘100 militants' shortly after Mandera attack: basic questions: it is clear military knew the attackers, their base (facilities) and their movements. Why were they allowed to commit heinous crime against Kenyans before their killing? If military had known about Harakat Al-Shabaab Mujahedeen facilities ( about 25 Km from Mandara and presenting real danger) why had it not eliminated and or degraded them-complicit? What was the mode of attack by military-air power or ground etc? Kenya has string military presence in this area of Somalia. How comes the MSM has facility so close to the Kenya border?
This is really shameful!

Dr. Job

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Jan 22, 2013
via Ndung'u Wainaina

Uhuru Kenyatta-President, General Julius Karangi-Chief of Defense Forces, Charles Mwai- Director Military Intelligence, Philip Kameru-Director, National Intelligence Service and Ndegwa Muhoro-Director Director of Criminal Investigations, innocent Kenyans are dying helplessly and worthless deaths under your watch. Kenya is going to the dogs while you enjoy good pay from Kenyans. Despite clear danger, you are only concerned with domestic politics rather than addressing security challenges professionally.

You are implementing sheer head in the sand approach policy to the scale of the problem the country are facing. The nature of security challenge is changing and morphing. It is showing a growing sophistication.

Rather than seeing it that way and tackling it with professional strategy you keep on linking it to politics and religion. The bitter truth is, the institutions you are heading are so corrupt. There is no value for the large funds allocated over the years to security organs. It will not be farfetched to concluded the funds are just squandered. Kenyans are being effectively swindled twice: their taxes stolen while their security is worst leaving them exposed to violent criminality.

As a matter of upholding Constitution, principle and political accountability, you ought not to be holding public office by now.

Dr. Job

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Jan 22, 2013
Meanwhile teachers are waiting to be airlifted out of Mandera. They have had enough and nothing guarantees their security. cant blame for leaving!


MP, lobby groups pleads with unions over call for workers to leave clash-torn northern Kenya

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion with union chairman Mudzo Nzili at a press briefing outside Chiromo Mortuary on November 23, 2014. PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


In Summary

  • The groups asked why the same approach was not applied during massacres witnessed in Samburu, Mpeketoni and Kapedo.
  • Wajir North MP said if the workers heed the unions' call and abandon the north-eastern region, it would radicalise and alienate the communities there.
  • He urged the State to guarantee the security of its citizens and workers in the region to be given incentives such as hardship allowances.

Wajir North MP Ibrahim Abdi Saney and two lobby groups have pleaded with workers' unions not to abandon them at their hour of need.

The groups asked the unions to rescind the decision to instruct workers to leave the clash-torn north-eastern region of Kenya, calling it catastrophic.

(Read: Workers flee homes after Mandera attack - PHOTOS)

They said the unions' advice is "discriminatory, unfortunate, unfair, and based on culture and religion".

Speaking to the Nation by phone, Mr Saney, Haki Africa executive director Hussein Khalid and Muslim for Human Rights' rapid response officer Fahad Changi instead urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, to crack the whip on the top security chiefs, who they said were sleeping on the job.

"We regret what has befallen our brothers; Al-Shabaab should be whipped out and dealt with mercilessly. They want to put a wedge between Kenyan communities along religions lines," said the MP.


He asked why the same approach was not applied during massacres witnessed in Samburu, Mpeketoni and Kapedo.

"Kenyans should be free to travel anywhere within its territory. Unions are not helping in any way; until we manage our borders and stop arms from coming into the country we will never enjoy homeland security. We need sufficient surveillance in our borders and there should be enough manpower and aerial survey," added Mr Saney.

The MP said if the workers heed the unions' call and abandon the north-eastern region, it would radicalise and alienate the communities there.

He noted that the region suffers a huge shortage of health workers and if they leave, the residents there would suffer.

"They will brand us a terrorist community yet we have suffered immensely. When the rest of Kenyans abandon us, it will be unfair; we should all fight terrorists," said Mr Saney.


He urged the State to guarantee the security of its citizens and workers in the region to be given incentives such as hardship allowances.

"It is ill-advised to ask members to leave the region. It is like giving travel advisories within the country. Let us focus on whipping terrorists." he added.

Mr Khalid warned workers' unions against recalling their members, saying the region would continue to be marginalised.

"Everyone is a Kenyan and everyone's safety must be guaranteed. If every worker leaves, the residents will not benefit from devolution," he added.

"The people of (the) north-eastern region pay taxes and are eligible to benefit from everything that all Kenyans benefit from.

"The Constitution gives them the right to be educated, access health-care services and all other basic human needs," said Mr Changi.

He further added that it is horrifying for the trade unions to think that north-eastern Kenya cannot benefit from all constitutionally mandated benefits.

"We call upon all the unions to rescind their decision. Let's come to the drawing board and let the government deal with insecurity. The government must give all Kenyans security, unions are going against the Constitution," added Mr Changi.

"It is sad, if we are not careful as a country we will be divided along religious lines. We should consider investing in security surveillance equipment's like CCTV cameras," said Mvita MP Abdullswamad Nassir.

Dr. Job

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Jan 22, 2013
Everything is NOT Under Control in Kenya, #OccupyHarambeeAve

By Simon Njoroge

"I have no time to waste. " Say Paul Kagame in an interview by François Soudan of Jeune Afrique l'Intelligent. He continues the agenda on his Facebook page "Rwanda cannot afford to waste any time. Our past should teach us this lesson and motivate us to work harder to achieve."

I'm writing this from my Hotel room in Kigali Rwanda. I have been here for around 2 weeks and seen development at its best, not to mention the peaceful environment around the country. Kagame has really put in the work from all angles. I landed at around 10 PM at Kigali International Airport. Along with my bags, I had bought a laptop from Nairobi that was obviously covered with a nylon paper. I was not allowed to carry along with me any plastic bags(nylon) into the country even the tiny ‘Tuskys' paper bag I had. The security officers asked me to buy eco-friendly bags from the airport canteen. Well, I got a cab and was driven to the Hotel Im staying.

See, the traffic lights that Nairobi recently got(The countdown thingys) have apparently been in Kigali for ages. The roads don't have a single pot hole and the reflectors along the road and next to bumps are electronic; There's no chance of you missing a bump like Ngong' Road. "Tighten you seat belt brother, welcome to Kigali" says the cab driver. He continues "Driving without the belts on is a serious crime here. Unlike your country, bribing the police here is an equally big crime as robbery". See, even a cab driver a thousand Kilometers away knows about the corruption level in Nairobi. Rwanda is a great country for Kenya to learn from in terms of the fight on corruption, infrastructure and most importantly good leadership(which translates to good security).

Like a month ago, a couple of traffic cops were arrested along the Nakuru- Nairobi highway on a corruption case aired on TV. The following week, I used a public Service Vehicle from Nakuru to Nairobi and took the seat next to the driver. As we approached any police check, the driver kept some 50 shillings between his driving license. He would then hand the license to the cop who'd pretend to go check the insurance details at the front of the vehicle and pull out the money. So as we proceed, I go ahead and ask the driver, "So, does everyone pay this fee regardless of your car condition? what if you refused to pay? " . He responds, "A traffic police can always find a mistake on your car regardless. The fee is to avoid a lot of drama. My car is just a month old, there's no possible fault with the car but I have to pay since its the system in place. Utashinda na serikali?"

We passed yet another police check and the driver was quite ‘friendly' with this cops. He jokingly says to them in Kikuyu, "I see today you decided to carry guns." then they laugh together as one of the cops responds "Lets now wait for someone to arrest us. The anti-corruption guys were here this morning, we asked them "Iko Shida?" then they left scared." They laugh and we continue with the road trip. The driver says, "See, this system starts at the top. The traffic police boss asks this guys to collect money from the matatus, so arresting 5 traffic police doesn't change anything. They are now strictly armed and arresting them would be easy henceforth. This guys have to take some percentage to their bosses everyday, inaitwa sadaka". Fast forward to yesterday, DJ MO of NTV's Crossover101 got arrested by the same guys along Naivasha-Nairobi Highway for not bribing the officers. His crime was driving a tinted car. Seriously? Aren't this guns they are carrying supposed to be for the sole purpose of protecting Kenyans?

Dear Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, I'm a PR specialist and can tell you for sure that, your PR is good. Your team is full of strategists who are doing quite a great job in making you look good. But honestly right now, the country doesnt need a brand as a president, we need a leader. We need you to focus on the key issues affecting the country. We need you to reshuffle the security leadership and if possible fire most of them. We need corruption cases taken seriously especially on the transport industry that is taking investors on huge loses. This is not the time to tell us "Everything is under control". It really isn't! Rest in Peace to our fellow Kenyans lost in Kapedo & Marsabit

Kahawa Tungu - Everything is NOT Under Control in Kenya, #OccupyHarambeeAve -

Abdul Mohammed

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May 26, 2013
Dr. Job Poleni sana, ila kazi tunayo Kenya Uhuru, Tanzania Professor feki wa kichina Mr Kikwete. Uhuru ameanza na sasa anafurahia safari za nje kama waziri wetu wa mambo ya nje na Rahisi Professor feki wa kichana Mr. Kikwete. Tukiambia tuchagueni wapiga kazi sisi tunachagua sura. Nafikiri Uhuru yupo kama Kikwete kwa kupenda kusafiri kuliko kazi mliompa ya kuilinda na kuingoza Kenya. Maana huyu wetu kwa safari noma, ameingizwa kwenye Guinness book, bado wenu. Dr. Job msisahau kumuongezea Uhuru na Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje kama Kikwente alivyojiongezea Wizara ya Mambo ya nje.

Mmechagua sura kama Tanzania walivyochagua sura 2005-2015


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Mar 15, 2012
I wholeheartedly support those who want out of North eastern province. What use is working in a place where you have to keep on looking behind your back to check on who is against what. If there is something Uhuru has failed flat out it is in sacking his people on the ground. We cannot have a situation where the intel of possible attack on Mpeketoni is reported but someone sleeps on it, intel on suspicious and heavily armed people are reported seen in Mandera and someone sleeps on it.

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